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RUSH: I had no idea that I was gonna start with this ’til 15 minutes ago when I got the audio sound bite roster. Now, I knew that Senator Chuck Schumer had made a speech, and I knew that Senator Schumer — by the why, do you know what the title of this speech would be? “When Does the Bipartisanship Start?” You know, I’m getting a little fed up. We keep hearing, we got Governor Christie talking about it. Boehner last night on the Tonight Show. All these Republicans keep talking about the need for bipartisanship. We gotta work with the other side. We gotta show them that they’re wrong about us. We have to show them that we’re not mean, that we’re not extremists, and that we’re not racists and pigs.

When does the bipartisanship start? It’s always a one-way street. Whenever you hear a Democrat talk, they never talk about themselves being bipartisan. All they do is demand that Republicans be bipartisan. Of course, what that means is that Republicans should just give up everything they believe in. So when does this bipartisanship start? Because Chuck Schumer went out there and he made a speech — and, by the way, now you’ve got de Blasio backing up Cuomo on conservatives ought to leave New York. And you got Schumer out there now, basically he took on the Tea Party. He said the Tea Party’s the greatest threat to this country because they are trying to convince people that government is too big and it’s too powerful and it’s become too necessary, and government needs to be defended, and the Tea Party needs to be shellacked. And, as an aside, there are some Republicans who agree with him, by the way, as you all know.

Now, what I didn’t know, folks, was that I am mentioned five times in this speech by Chuck Schumer. The New York Times in writing about it doesn’t mention that once, and the LA Times didn’t mention it once, and nobody else reporting on the Schumer speech at the Center for American Progress, nobody else mentioned that. Just Fox News and me. Now, having learned that — and we’ve got the audio sound bites of it coming — having learned that, it was yesterday that the New Yorker released further excerpts of their interview with Obama, when Obama blamed me and Fox News for the fact that Republican base voters are not open to Obama’s ideas.

You remember we talked about it yesterday. Obama blamed me for convincing you not to agree with Obama. He blamed me. See, you’re just a bunch of sponges, mind-numbed robots, not able to think on your own. They’re used to people being that way. Their own voters are mind-numbed robots. Their own voters are not curious. They’re not critical or independent thinkers. They just buy it hook, line, and sinker.

You don’t, and the reason you don’t is because of me and Fox News, and Obama’s really bothered by that. What this all means — and we’ve even got a sound bite from a Democrat consultant admitting it. What it all means is that… As the election for the House and the Senate, the midterms gear up in November, what it all means is that if things don’t change, Obama and the Democrats plan on running against me and Fox News.

If they’re going to do that, it means that they’ve got polling data that indicates to them that that energizes their base. Now, it is abundantly clear to Obama and Chuck-U Schumer that you are not gonna abandon me because they criticize me. They’re not gonna pick you up as voters because the rip me, and they’re not gonna pick you up as voters ’cause they rip Fox. (interruption) Well, no. They won’t.

So what are they trying to do? They’re not trying to pick you off; they’re not trying to convert you. They’re trying to rally their base. What that means is they got problems at home. What that means is that Obamacare and a whole bunch of other things have got their own base less than jazzed, less than excited. They’ve got focus group data (I know this is true) showing their base — Democrat voters — hate me.

They have engineered that. They’ve made that happen. They hate me. So when it’s time to energize their base, that’s what they go back to, me and Fox News — and Schumer mentions it five times. I have the sound bites coming up. And then Obama and New Yorker with David Remnick, they released that yesterday. It’s clear that it’s part of the strategery. It isn’t a coincidence here.

It’s not a coincidence that the New Yorker released that Obama quote on me hours before Chuck-U makes this speech. This is another one of those times where I just wish my mom and dad were alive. They wouldn’t believe it, and they’d be fit to be tied to boot. My dad especially. But they wouldn’t believe it. Here’s Schumer out there talking to leftists — committed, hard-core socialist leftists — about how important it is to stop the Tea Party.

That was the focus of his speech. He said, it’s time somebody spoke up for government. He’s tired of government being ripped, criticized, and blamed for things. The Tea Party’s doing that — and, as I said, there are some Republicans who agree with Schumer. You know it and I know it. There are some Republicans who think the Tea Party is a big problem for them for a whole host of reasons, which we’ve discussed.


RUSH: I have to tell you, folks — and I’m being totally honest — I love this.

I absolutely love this. Now, stick with me here. As you know, one of my long-held theories is that the president and the Democrats will always tell us who they fear. That’s what the effort to destroy Sarah Palin is all about. If Palin were actually the dummkopf, the incompetent, the embarrassment that they portray her to be, they would just shut up and let her go and she would defeat herself.

But they don’t do that, do they?

They continually try to destroy her because they’re afraid of her. Don’t doubt me. Do not doubt me on this. They’re coming after me now, and Fox News. Of course, this is not the first time they’ve come after me. Let’s go back, shall we, to the Grooveyard, the archives. I have here for you a story from “The Politico 2010.” What was remarkable about 2010? You remember.

In the 2010 midterms, the Tea Party, that was their first real election as an identifiable group of voters — and the 2010 midterms were one of the biggest shellackings the Democrat Party has had since 1994. The Republicans regained the House of Representatives. It was all about Obamacare. It was all about the mounting debt. The Democrats lost over 700 seats total nationwide.

In the House of Representatives, Senate, all the way down to mayor, governor, town council, you name it. It was a shellacking. You remember that? I have for you now a story from “The Politico 2010.” “Top Democrats believe they have struck political gold by depicting Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party, a full-scale effort first hatched by some of the most familiar names in politics and now being guided in part from inside the White House.

“The strategy took shape after Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville included Limbaugh’s name in an October poll and learned their longtime tormentor was deeply unpopular with many Americans, especially younger voters. Then the conservative talk-radio host emerged as an unapologetic critic of Barack Obama shortly before his [immaculation], when even many Republicans were showering him with praise.

“Soon it clicked: Democrats realized they could roll out a new GOP bogeyman for the post-Bush era by turning to an old one in Limbaugh, a polarizing figure since he rose to prominence in the 1990s.” That’s before the midterm elections. The Democrats in 1990 turned me into the demon. They turned me into the villain. They used me as the face of the mean-spirited, extremist whatever Republican Party — and look what happened.

The Democrats took one of the biggest drubbing in their electoral history in the modern era, certainly since 1994 — and here they are back, gearing up to do it again. Stunning. This is further evidence, folks, that they’re, A, not that smart; B, they are very clear about who they fear. So yesterday the New Yorker releases more pages from their interview with Obama in which Obama blames me and Fox News for the fact that he is not as popular as he used to be.

And then later that same day, Chuck-U Schumer heads out to the Center for American Progress to make a speech, and he mentioned me and Fox News five times. Here’s the first…

SCHUMER: What gives this group such undue power? The power of the message machine led by Fox News, the Drudge Report, and the Rush Limbaughs that can broadcast the same exaggerated and even false messages instantaneously are all means that the Tea Party has used to gain ascendancy.

RUSH: See? They, again, are telegraphing that they think you in this audience and the Tea Party, once again, are incapable of thinking yourselves. You’re incapable of reacting. You’re incapable of consuming news and forming an opinion yourself. You only exist because I am your Svengali, or Fox News is your Svengali, or Drudge or whatever. You only exist because we tell you to be mad, otherwise, you would love Obama.

Otherwise, you would love the Democrats. Otherwise, you would love government. Otherwise, you would love Obamacare. But because I tell you not to, you don’t. That’s what Chuck-U thinks. Now, anybody in politics who wants to be honest with themselves knows that the Tea Party doesn’t have a leader. The Tea Party doesn’t have a singular, titular head that dictates or organizes or leads it.

Everybody in politics who’s honest knows that Tea Party is average Americans outraged and scared by what they had seen in the first two years of Obama, and they simply got involved in politics in a formal way for the first time in their lives. They started going to town hall meetings. They maybe voted, but that was it. They are independent. They came together coincidentally.

There was no driving force.

There was no consultant.

There was no marketing plan.

There was no headquarters.

There was no polling data.

There was no focus group data.

There was none of that.

The Tea Party is just the quintessential American citizen engaging in Citizenship 101. That’s what the Democrats can’t deal with. That’s what they can’t stand. That’s what they just refuse to believe. They think people doing that would automatically want more government, would want Democrats in charge of it, would want more benefits, would want to be taken care of. Instead, if anybody is responsible for the creation of the Tea Party, it’s the president himself and his party and their policies. The Democrat Party and their policies — and their spending and the racking up of more debt, and their economic destruction — brought to life a political movement that was dormant.


RUSH: Back to Chuck-U Schumer. We have three more bites. This is at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. This is John Podesta’s group. He’s upset here because rich, powerful Republicans got the Rush Limbaughs — who are the other Rush Limbaughs, by the way? Mr. Snerdley, who are they? I mean, I know I’m me and I’m here, but is there — (interruption) Well, no, okay, I know what he means. I’m just being a nitpicker here. But he claims that rich, powerful Republicans have got Rush Limbaugh to make government the enemy in the minds of the masses, when really government built the roads and bridges that made ’em rich in the first place. This is the Elizabeth Warren — this is Barack Obama. (imitating Obama) “You didn’t build that. You didn’t make that happen.” So Chuck Schumer joining that bandwagon now.

SCHUMER: The underlying unrest that allowed the movement to ascend can be found in economic as well as cultural and social forces that in combination have greatly unsettled the American psyche. The first and most important phenomena is a phenomena that Democrats have recently begun to address, the decline in middle class incomes. When the Tea Party elite came in and said, “Government is your problem,” we didn’t say, no, it’s part of the solution. The American people became frustrated, sour, and angry, and the Tea Party elites, unchallenged, tapped into that anger with their pied piper solutions.

RUSH: That’s a new one. “The Tea Party elites”? There aren’t any Tea Party “elites,” by definition. The elites are all found in both party establishments. Tea Party elites? He couldn’t name one if he had to. Senator Chuck-U, name one of these Tea Party elites. Name one! He can’t. So, you see here, “The first and most important phenomenon Democrats have recently begun to address is the decline of middle class incomes…”

You’ve caused it! Democrat Party policies have caused the middle class to erode, to calcify, to flatten out. Oh, yes, they have! Look, ladies and gentlemen, it’s mathematics. Forget anything else. If you don’t even want to go the ideological route, the Democrats are simply taking over more and more of the private sector. That’s where the middle class is. They’re simply confiscating it.

They’re raising taxes, and they took over health care, they took over General Motors. The government is shrinking the private sector. That’s where the middle class is! The stagnation is a direct result of Democrat Party policy. Here now is the bite with Chuck-U blaming me for convincing you that government is the enemy, when in fact government is the reason anybody has anything.

SCHUMER: These people are wealthy, hard right, narrow, people who don’t want to pay taxes, people who say, “I created my business all by my myself. How dare your government tell me what to do with it?” Government paved the roads and built the airports so they can ship their products. Government educated the workers that make their companies run and purchase their products. They conveniently ignore these facts. Over the years, they built a powerful and successful message machine that amplified and sold this anti-government theory to their followers. The Rush Limbaughs, the Fox Newses agree with the plutocrats and spread their propaganda to the masses.

RUSH: I don’t even know how much of this he really believes. He’s just… A lot of it… I mean, don’t misunderstand. He’s dyed-in-the-wool, but this is clearly red meat for these rabid beasts that occupy The Center for American Progress. The idea here that government paved the roads and built…? No, the government didn’t. Taxpayers did. Government doesn’t have any money ’til they take the money.

The government “educated the workers”? Really? Government educated the workers? Okay, you want to own that? What is your excuse for how pathetically poor it is? This is what we’re up against. These people are becoming more radical and more leftist with the passage of each day. They’re not just Democrats anymore. They’re really not leftists anymore. They are far, far further left than that.


RUSH: So look what’s happened here. We are in the middle of a-government-run program meltdown, Obamacare. The government is running health care, and it is a disaster. We are beyond theory now; people are living it. They are living insurance being cancelled, they are living their deductibles tripling, they are living their premiums doubling. They are living being cancelled.

They are living not even knowing if they have insurance anymore. They’re living in the middle of government screwing up something that they enjoyed, and so what has to happen? You gotta send the cavalry out there to defend the government. You gotta make sure that all of these people encountering misery and messes and disappointment and anger because of Obamacare, are told that it’s Rush Limbaugh’s fault and Fox News’ fault.

It isn’t the fault of government because the government’s made up of Democrats who are wonderfully great, feeling and compassionate people who built all the roads for everybody, and the Democrats educated everybody, and the Democrats built the schools — and the Democrats, they just do everything! Nobody did anything until the Democrats came along and did it for ’em. Up next, Chuck-U Schumer claims that he was heckled by a Tea Partier using Rush Limbaugh talking points.

SCHUMER: He kept interrupting us all the time using the standard Rush Limbaugh talking points. “Your government is wasting our money.” “What are you doing about Obama phones?” “How are your friends, the trial lawyers?” I asked him, “Do you like Medicare? ” He answered, “Yeah, I like Medicare. I don’t think you should change that.” I explained to him the myth of Obama phones. He said, “I don’t believe you. I’ve read it in the newspapers and heard it on TV.” It was very clear he was just mouthing the Tea Party/Rush Limbaugh talking points.

RUSH: That’s actually really pathetic. That is beneath him. Senator Schumer, you gotta come up with better examples than that. Like, I don’t even believe that happened. (interruption) Well, I know, but I don’t talk about the Obama phones. I don’t have an Obama phone talking point that people pick up on. If people were gonna heckle Chuck Schumer and quote me, it wouldn’t be about Obama phones!

It wouldn’t be about Medicare. It wouldn’t be about government wasting money. It would be about Schumer! Anyway, I’m just the name that the focus group data has told them to use because those people in the audience hate me. That’s all that’s going on here. He could tell ’em anything that I said. It doesn’t matter. Just use my name and this audience is seething out there. I’m really proud of this, folks, you have to understand.

It hasn’t been easy making half the country hate me!


RUSH: This is Mary Anne Marsh. This is this morning on the Fox News Channel America’s Newsroom, and Martha MacCallum is speaking with the Democrat strategerist from Boston, Mary Anne Marsh, about Obama blaming Fox News and me for the fact that Republican voters don’t like Obama.

Martha MacCallum said, “I wonder if it doesn’t go back to health care, to minimize it and say, ‘My plan is better for everyone out there, if only these folks at Fox News and Rush Limbaugh would stop clouding my message! They would understand that my plan was better for them, if it weren’t for Rush and for Fox.’ It’s a bit condescending, don’t you think, Mary Anne?”

MARSH: The more Republicans don’t work with him, the more opportunity he has to take executive orders, to go out there and say, “Republicans aren’t working with me. When they’re not, I’m gonna take action.

MACCALLUM: Yeah, but —

MARSH: We’re already in the election, right? It’s the midterm election. The president is gonna act, when — is gonna act, and both parties are gonna try to get their bases up. When you look at the composition of a midterm election, lower turnout, the Republicans turn out more; Democrats are gonna try to drive their turnout better to get more seats in the 2014 election.

RUSH: Okay, what Mary Anne Marsh just did here was give up the game. You heard what she said. The game is the Republicans aren’t cooperating, and so the president has to go the executive order route. The more the Republicans don’t work with him, the more opportunity he has to take executive orders. So you set the Republicans up as obstructionists — and, of course, they are obstructionists because of me and Fox News!

Somehow this, then, justifies Obama violating the Constitution.

You see, it’s incumbent upon the Republicans to agree with him. It is incumbent, it’s required, it’s mandated the Republicans move in Obama’s direction, not that Obama should move in theirs. What happened to all this bipartisanship I’ve been hearing about? Governor Christie’s demanding that we be bipartisan and that we work together — and practically every other Republican is, too.

They sound like a broken record.

“Cross the aisle! Work together! Be bipartisan!”

Well, the only problem with it is Democrats don’t get the message. This bipartisan is and always has been a one-way street, and bipartisanship does not mean compromise. It does not mean agreement, does not mean cooperation. “Bipartisanship” means “Republicans cave and give up everything they believe in, and let the Democrats have what they want, and then we’ll praise you and then we’ll call you ‘bipartisan,’ and we’ll praise you for being cooperative.”

This, Governor Christie, is why people don’t want to hear you talk about it because they think all it means is you’re gonna cave and you’re keep walking the beach with your arm around Obama, and that’s not what Republican voters want. So here it is. She just gave it up. Republicans must be obstructionists because of Fox News and Limbaugh, and this, then, leaves our poor young president with no choice but than to violate the Constitution, Martha, by doing his executive orders.

Now we move earlier in the day on Fox & Friends. Brian Kilmeade was speaking with Steve Doocy about this. Kilmeade said, “He says, according to the New Yorker, ‘The issue has been the inability…'” This is Obama he’s quoting. “The inability of my message to penetrate the Republican base so that they feel persuaded that I’m not the caricature you see on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, but I’m somebody who’s interested in solving problems and is pretty practical…” and Doocy responded.

DOOCY: It’s… You know what? The statute of limitations ran out on blaming Bush, so the president needs to blame somebody for his falling polling numbers, and so he blames Fox.

RUSH: It’s not just falling poll numbers, it’s Obamacare in tatters as well, and that’s another reason why Chuck Schumer is out trying to resurrect the notion of giant, all-encompassing government doing wonderful and magnificent things. Because Big Government is failing people left and right in their daily lives that they are living.

It’s beyond theory now; now it’s reality. Big Government can’t do health care. They’re making a total mess of it — which, by the way, is by design, but it’s another story — and, as such, Schumer’s out there saying we’ve gotta resurrect this reputation of Big Government. Kilmeade, still talking to Doocy, says that the very first thing that Obama did was to go out and attack me again.

DOOCY: You know, if the president is frustrated in getting through to the other side, the problem is not the messaging. The problem is the message. Simply a lot of people in this country don’t like the direction things have taken.

KILMEADE: And remember, the first thing the president did is say Rush Limbaugh is the face of the Republican Party and seem to have a problem with him and it’s also written up in a few biographies that are already out on the president and his first administration.

RUSH: What Kilmeade’s referring to there is that there was a meeting that Obama called in the White House two weeks in, two weeks after he was immaculated, and he has a congressional leadership up there. You got Boehner and Cantor and — well, whoever, from the Senate, Mitch McConnell, got a bunch of 16 or 18 of them in there. And he said to ’em (paraphrasing), “You guys have got to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. That’s not how things get done in Washington.” That was 2009. And that’s what Kilmeade’s talking about. So they keep going back to it, obviously because of their focus group and polling data. (interruption) Well, okay. Snerdley is asking me about the specific Obama quote from the New Yorker, and this is what Obama’s quoted as saying, and this is what they released yesterday.

“The issue has been the inability of my message to penetrate the Republican base so that they feel persuaded that I’m not the caricature that you see on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, but I’m somebody who is interested in solving problems and is pretty practical.”

Snerdley’s saying, “What president cares about getting the base of the other party? They never do that.” Now, I understand the question. Why is Obama worried about the Republican base? Well, who is Obama? What is he after? He’s got this messianic complex. Remember what they said about Bill Clinton? People that knew him well said if he walks into a room of a hundred people and 99 love him, he’ll spend time with the one who doesn’t, trying to convert them. I don’t know if the same dynamic is at work here with Obama.

Remember the premise here. The premise of this interview — we’ve shared with you excerpts — the premise of the interview is Obama is the greatest thing that’s ever happened. Obama’s got 44 consecutive months of job growth. There’s been an economic rescue. We have saved the day. We got us out of Iraq. I mean, this country was a mess because of Bush, and Obama saved it. But still, despite all of these wonderful, just unprecedentedly great things, these Republicans still don’t like him, and they should because he’s such a great guy, and he’s such a smart guy, and he’s done such great things for people. He’s saved their health care, saved their jobs, saved their economy, got this country out of war in Iraq and is getting us out of Afghanistan.

Everybody ought to love the guy. Why don’t the Republicans? Limbaugh, Fox News, that’s why. So that’s the premise. Snerdley is sitting there saying, “What president ever ends up being loved by the base of the other party?” None. Well, actually, yeah, Reagan. You might make the case that Reagan did pull that off, 49-state landslides, and the so-called Reagan Democrat, but the Democrat base hated his guts always, forever hated his guts. Look, I don’t want to get into any more psychoanalysis of Obama. Better things to do with our time.

Dr. Krauthammer also has thoughts on this. Let’s see. This would be last night on The Kelly File. That would be Megyn Kelly. She spoke with Dr. Krauthammer about Obama’s New Yorker magazine interview, and she said, “Earlier this week we heard him blame sinking poll numbers in part on race, and now we find out that he’s blaming the gridlock in Washington on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.”

KRAUTHAMMER: It’s rather unseemly if you are the commander-in-chief, the leader of the free world and the most powerful man on earth who could reduce pieces of the planet to a cinder on his command, to get so whiny. You’ve got ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, of course MSNBC. You’ve got Hollywood that’s sympathetic. You’ve got the major newspapers. What do you have on the other side? Fox News and talk radio, and you’ve got a president of the United States complaining that that explains the failures of his administration.

RUSH: So Dr. Krauthammer is also puzzled over why would Obama — like David Brooks is probably curious, too. This guy’s got the sharpest crease in his pants that we’ve ever seen. Why is he worried about Fox News and Rush Limbaugh? Of course the answer, the answer one more time, it’s the 2014 midterms, and they’re running against Fox News. They’ve got trouble with their base. He may be able to reduce some country to cinders, but he hasn’t been able to do it to America yet. They are salivating over winning the House this year, folks. That is task number one. They need their base turning out. Their base.

Obama’s own party has lots of people in it that are disillusioned because of Obamacare, because they don’t think he’s gone far enough. They don’t think he’s gotten us out of Gitmo. They don’t think that he’s punished the rich enough. There’s all kinds of things that they are unhappy with him. The NSA, spying on people. There’s all kinds of people on the left that are upset with him, and they’ve gotta get those people to turn out in November. And so that’s what Fox News and Rush Limbaugh do, is gin up vote turnout of the Democrat base.

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