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Who Does Huckabee Think He Is? Me?
RUSH: Who does Mike Huckabee think he is? Me? Well, we all know he wanted to be me at one time. (impression) “Who’s that talking about women that way? That my world, that my world. Who he talking about? I’m talking ’bout Huckabee! What are you doing invading my world? I have ownership!” Sorry, folks, this is my Richard Sherman impersonation.

Democrats Use Justice System to Criminalize Opposition
RUSH: The Justice Department, the legal system run by Democrats, look at what’s happening here. Subpoenas of Governor Christie’s staff for traffic jams. Dinesh D’Souza indicted for some sort of campaign finance fraud. Bob McDonnell in Virginia indicted, multiple counts of whatever, $140,000 changing hands or what have you. What else? There’s a couple others that I’m forgetting. Eric Holder’s suing some people. I mean, the justice system as run by Democrats is out trying to criminalize as many Republicans and conservatives as they can.

This indictment of McDonnell, by the way, however it turns out, as I say, the main purpose of this is to help create the image that Republicans are fat cats, rich, cheaters, in bed with rich CEOs. That indictment is simply to spread the new branded image of Republicans. It doesn’t matter. They’d love to convict him, don’t misunderstand. The damage is already done. The success was the indictment. The conviction would be the cherry on the top. So Governor Walker’s out there, just a guiding light, a beacon, being totally ignored.

Christie: NJ Schools Should Serve Dinner
RUSH: Oh, by the way, if you haven’t heard this, Governor Christie — shortly after having been told that his governorship campaign is all subpoenaed for documents relevant to a traffic jam — announced that he thinks that New Jersey schools should start serving dinner.

Elites Hogging California’s Public Electric Car Charging Stations
RUSH: There’s a shortage of charging stations and the elites are hogging ’em. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. But that’s for another time.

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