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RUSH: I said I’ve got some sound bites from the Super Bowl and I wanted to get to ’em. Up first is Russell Wilson. Winning quarterback, University of Wisconsin, out of Seattle. Let me tell you a story. Well, I only know his story from the time he was drafted. He was the quarterback at Wisconsin. He gets drafted the same year that the Seahawks sign as a free agent the guy thought to be the greatest backup quarterback in the league, a guy named Matt Flynn. He had backed up Aaron Rodgers for the Packers and he had come close to winning a couple games and just played lights out. He became a free agent after that season, and he was highly sought by a number of teams, the Seahawks made the deal.

So they go to training camp with that guy expected to be their starting quarterback, Matt Flynn. And Russell Wilson shows up as a mid-round draft choice out of Wisconsin and within a couple of weeks gets the starting quarterback job, and Matt Flynn ends up released and out of football. Then he signed with I think the Raiders for a while, didn’t work there, went to Buffalo. He ended up back with the Packers this season. Nothing against him. It’s just that this guy Russell Wilson was drafted the same year. The Seahawks thought they had their quarterback for 10 years and instead he got thrust into the starting job two weeks into training camp. In the postgame last night, the sideline reporter, Pam Oliver, said, “You told your teammates before the game, ‘Why not us? Now, didn’t that echo something your dad once told you, “Russell, why not you?”‘”

WILSON: He’s always telling me, “Russ, why not you?” You know, and what that kinda meant is believe in yourself, believe in the talent God’s given you. Even though you’re five eleven, you can go a long way. And that’s why I decided to play football. And I wanted to go against the odds a little bit.

RUSH: What he was saying there, Russ, his dad chose to mode him that way, “Why not you? All these other guys, why not you, Russell?” The rap on him is he’s too short. Third base, baseball, he couldn’t see over the pitcher’s mound, short, to throw to first base. Too short, can’t throw the ball over the linebackers and the defensive linemen. And of course that’s all been blown to smithereens. But his dad said, “Well, why not you, Russell? You can do it just like anybody else can,” and it stuck with him, and he’s now becoming, it’s his second or third season, he’s become a leader on the team.

RUSH: Here’s Peyton Manning, who got mad in the post-game when a reporter asked him how “embarrassing” it was to have happen last night what happened, after the record season he had.

MANNING: It’s not embarrassing at all. It’s… I would never use that word. There’s a lot of professional football players in that room, in the locker room, that put a lot of hard work and effort into — into being here, into playing in that game — and the word “embarrassing” is an insulting word, to tell you the truth.

RUSH: So he didn’t want to hear about that. “What do you mean embarrassing? We got beat. They played better than we did. We’re not embarrassed.” It’s an insight into the way he thinks, but the average Broncos fan was probably feeling a little embarrassed, or perplexed. I guarantee you your average Broncos fan still hasn’t been told in a satisfying way what the hell happened last night.

He is saying that the Broncos players are not embarrassed. They tried. They showed up. They were prepared. They gave it everything they had. They’re not embarrassed. They might be humiliated, might be angry. They’re not embarrassed. “Peyton Manning doesn’t get embarrassed! He doesn’t want you using that word to describe his team.” That’s what he’s saying.

John Elway, Fox News Sunday, was being interviewed by Chris Wallace, and Wallace said, “Look, Mr. Elway… This is a political question; it’s a political show. I have to ask you a political question. In the course of researching you for this interview, I found out — and I didn’t know, Mr. Elway — that you’re a big Republican, and, in fact, you contributed a lot of money in 2012 to Mitt Romney. Why do you support the GOP?”

ELWAY: I believe that, uh, you know, as a country, that, uh, you know, we’re given the opportunity to succeed or not succeed, and I think that, uh, you know, for us to be able to… I — I don’t believe in safety nets. Obviously we gotta have some kind of safety nets, but I think that the… My philosophy is when you’re given the opportunity, go take advantage of that and I think that’s when you get the best out of people. So my beliefs align best with the GOP.

RUSH: “My beliefs…” (interruption) Why are you smirking in there? (interruption) You are. You are smirking or you’re doing something. (interruption) Why are you smirking? (interruption) Why are you frowning, then? (interruption) They are. They’re frowning in there. (interruption) Would you get over it? (interruption) He said, Peyton Manning is a leader and a motivator and “embarrassed” is something he’s not going to stand for being reported about his team.

I think he’s telling the truth.

I don’t think he was embarrassed.

I think those people have a different mind-set about themselves. Embarrassed, feeling embarrassed? What is embarrassed? (interruption) You feel…? (interruption) No. No. That’s humility. It’s a different thing. “I got beat” is different than “I’m embarrassed.” I’m “embarrassed” is a putdown. These people do not put themselves down. Have you ever heard Tiger Woods say he was embarrassed over the way he played? He never says that. They never say they were embarrassed, and then they get mad when other people assume that they are.

That’s a mental mind-set that the true champions never let in.


RUSH: Has anybody ever asked Hillary Clinton if she is embarrassed as secretary of state about what happened in Benghazi, or anything else? Has anybody ever asked her if she’s embarrassed? (interruption) Well, they should. Exactly right.

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