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RUSH: Last Friday I had in a sound bite roster a bite from Nancy Pelosi on the Jon Stewart show that I didn’t get to, and I really should have, because, folks, it says everything we need to know about these people. Nancy Pelosi goes on The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart is asking her question after question after question, and she says, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” He can’t believe it. Gotta understand, now, to set this up. Pelosi is a goddess to people on the left, and people on the left look at their leftist politicians as the smartest, the most competent, they know everything, they know more than anybody could possibly know.

When things go wrong, that’s on purpose, that’s how smart they are. They’re doing things wrong on purpose to set up the opposition to fall for tricks and ruses. They have so much blind faith that when they are confronted with the reality of the primarily brain-dead status of your average leftist, they don’t know what to do with it, and that could accurately describe Jon Stewart interviewing Pelosi. It was actually Thursday night on The Daily Show. It’s just one bite here that I want to play to give you an example.

Stewart says (paraphrasing), “Okay, so we’re gonna set up a health care website that is an exchange, and people are gonna come to it. Why is it so hard to get a company to execute that competently? Why can’t you set up a website?” Same question everybody else is asking. You had three years, you have access to the best and brightest, but you don’t need access to the best and brightest because you are the best and brightest. You Democrats, you liberals, you’re the cream of the cream, you’re the creme de la crop, you’re smarter than everyone, why can’t you set up a website that works?

PELOSI: I don’t know. And — the — the — as one —

STEWART: Oh. (laughing)

PELOSI: — who worked very hard — no, no, and that’s my question.

STEWART: Let me get the House minority leader here. I can ask her. Hold on. (laughter) Wait. What do you mean, you don’t know? How do you not know?

PELOSI: Well, it’s not my responsibility.

RUSH: Now, I don’t know why the website doesn’t work. I don’t know why Obamacare isn’t working. It isn’t my responsibility. Former Speaker of the House, current leader of the Democrats in the House. And I think this is a perfect jumping-off point. I think this little sound bite that took all of 14 seconds, that little sound bite is a perfect jumping-off point to illustrate for low-information voters, and everybody, what an incredible overreach the federal government has undertaken here.

Remember, this is the woman, Nancy Pelosi, who, when asked what was in the 2,200 pages of Obamacare, said, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” What is that, we have to pass it to find out what’s in it? That exemplifies the arrogance or the stupidity of tearing apart a system we had, a health care system that insured 85% of the nation, and we tore that apart in order to supposedly insure the 15% that weren’t covered. Thirty million is what the number is, so I’m breaking down the percentages.

We had a system where 85% of the nation had insurance, they were covered, and that was deemed unfair by people like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and every other Democrat out there. That wasn’t fair. That was not good social justice. That was immoral, because there were 15% who were not covered. So we tore up a system that covered 85% of the nation — and let’s not forget that at the ER, everybody is covered.

By law, everybody is covered, illegals to boot. Everybody’s covered at the ER. So we tear up a system, the best system in the world, and in tearing it up we have people like Pelosi joining Obama, promising people, “If you like your doctor, you’re gonna have no problem keeping your doctor! If you like your insurance plan, you’ll be able to keep it.” They were telling us, “Your premiums are gonna come down $2500!”

We had a system that was insuring and taking care of 85% of the nation, but that was unfair, so we tore it apart to cover and be fair to the 15% who weren’t covered. This is a classic example of the supposed Big Idea being jammed through without thinking it through, and then incompetently executing it with a cast of amateurs whose only qualification was their good intentions (supposedly).

Their only qualification was they were “good people.” That was their only qualification, the only reason we should let them do this, because the normal health care system — the doctors, the hospitals and nurses, the insurance companies — they were practically criminals. They were stealing, cheating, lying, the private sector. We couldn’t depend on them! No, they were covering 85%, treating, caring for 85% of the country.

But, no, we couldn’t trust them. We couldn’t rely on them because the private sector, that’s where all the greed and the selfishness and the unfairness is. And so the people who said, “We can fix it,” their only qualification was their supposedly larger hearts, which permitted them to care more, which permitted them to have more compassion, and which gave great weight to their great intentions.

So what we end up with is like every other such plan where these people in the public sector with no practical, real-life experience in the area they seek to fix, get in there. They’re utterly incompetent, with a cast of amateurs not knowing what they’re doing, all the while thinking they know more than everybody else. This is the epitome of Big Government thinking they have all the answers, when most of them have never run anything in their lives except a campaign.

Most of them hire that out to campaign consultants. So what is happening here on the upside to all this is that Americans now seem to recognize it. That’s the polling data if you choose to believe it. Americans now seem to recognize what Reagan articulated decades ago, that government is not the solution; it is the problem. So now Obama’s lies are their only answer whenever there is a, “Why isn’t it working?” ‘Cause none of it is.

Why isn’t the website working?

Why isn’t my data secure?

Why do I have to prove I have insurance? I signed up.

None of it is working.

Four out of five enrollees (we still don’t know the exact number) are being subsidized! I mean, not even the correct demo is signing up for this thing. The only answer we get is Obama’s lies, or Pelosi’s. “I don’t know. It’s not my responsibility.” This little answer of hers is just stunning. They foisted this thing on us! They played dirty politics to foist this thing on us, and they want control of us with this — and now it’s not their responsibility.


RUSH: “I don’t know. It’s not my responsibility.” After all this! And, by the way, when she says that to Jon Stewart, she’s home. I mean, she’s in a place where she’s got a friendly audience. She’s not expecting any confrontation there. I mean, she’s gonna take the night off. “Okay, I’m gonna do an interview with Jon Stewart. Oh, fine. I got a friend! I got a buddy. We’ll be cool. ‘I don’t really know.'”

So she felt totally free to be entirely honest. I don’t know. “It isn’t my responsibility.” I’ll tell you what else that indicates. It indicates this is worse than we know, if it is so bad that Pelosi can’t even manage a sentence that talks about getting it fixed. “Hey, we’re on track. Yeah, we’ve had some problems, but it’s on track.” She couldn’t even do that. It’s got to be worse than we know.

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