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RUSH: Here’s Emily in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She’s 11 years old. Oh, another young crumb cruncher. How are you?

CALLER: Pretty good. How about you?

RUSH: I’m never better. I’m so glad to hear from you. What’s up?

CALLER: Well, I’ve been reading your book, and it’s awesome. I love it.

RUSH: Well, thank you. Thank you. Have you read it all the way through?

CALLER: No, I haven’t read it all the way through yet. I’m still reading it, but it’s really good.

RUSH: Have you learned anything?

CALLER: Well, I didn’t know that the Pilgrims wore colorful clothing or that they even boarded the Speedwell before the Mayflower.

RUSH: Oh, really?

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: Yeah, a lot of people were surprised at the Speedwell. They never heard of the Speedwell. I wasn’t taught about the Speedwell, either.

CALLER: Neither was I. I’d never heard of it until that book, until your book.

RUSH: Yeah. I also wasn’t taught about those two rotten kids that were —


RUSH: — always get in trouble, those little… You know, those creeps. It was fun writing about those guys. Yeah, I’m so glad that you enjoy it, because it was so much fun to do.

CALLER: Yeah, thank you for writing it.

RUSH: Oh, it’s my pleasure. You made my day by thanking me. The fact that you like it is icing on the cake, ’cause it was written for people just like you, Emily. It really was. ‘Cause I love the country, and I want you to love it. I want you to know the truth of how it came to be. There’s every reason in the world to be proud of your country, of the United States, and there are too many people telling you that you shouldn’t be, and they’re not telling you the truth about things. So I’m so happy that you got it, and that you enjoy it.


RUSH: Have you heard the audio version?

CALLER: No, I haven’t yet.

RUSH: Well, well, well, well. We can expand your enjoyment even beyond the written page. Because I recorded the audio, and it takes about 4.5 hours straight through to listen to it. So if you’ll hang on, the nice man that answered your call… Was he nice when he answered your call, by the way?


RUSH: Okay. The nice man who answered your call will… (laughing) There was no hesitation, and that’s good. He’ll get your address, and we’ll send you an audio version. It’s on some CDs, and I’m gonna throw in our Ted-Tea Bear.

CALLER: (Gasp!)

RUSH: Oh, yeah, you’ll love that, too, Emily. I guarantee you.

CALLER: Are you kidding me?

RUSH: If you like this book… Are you gonna have a chance to listen to the radio show tomorrow?

CALLER: Probably.

RUSH: Well, don’t miss it. It might be something tomorrow that you might think is pretty cool.


RUSH: Yeah. Just, like, 21 hours from now or so, you’ll find out. So hang on. Don’t hang up so Mr. Snerdley can get the address so we can get the audio version and Ted-Tea Bear sent right out to you.

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