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RUSH: So Tuesday night’s episode of “Justified” featured me. Well, I can’t say it featured me, but I was in it, and what a great episode it was. This episode was so good that I had to go back to last season and watch a couple of episodes from the prior season to bring myself back up to speed on some of the characters being referenced and some of the things that Raylan Givens had supposedly done that I had forgotten. So I watched the Tuesday night episode. I didn’t get to it ’til Wednesday because I wasn’t able to focus and then I went back and watched a couple of previous episodes.

What a fabulous show. The way it worked was, Nick Searcy… Nick Searcy, I wish everybody could meet Nick Searcy. He’s an actor, he’s an accomplished actor, movies, television shows, and you’d love to hang around him, watch a ball game, have a beer, chew the fat. Just a great guy. He’s totally fearless. I mean, you can count ’em on one hand, fearless Hollywood conservatives. He does not hide it, doesn’t use it as an excuse. I don’t think he trumpets it, but he doesn’t hide it. Well, not true to say he doesn’t trumpet it. I mean, he’s very proud of it. He’s great. He plays Sheriff Art Mullen, and Art Mullen is on a stakeout at a diner, looking at some bad guys, and the radio is on in Art Mullen’s US marshal car.

RUSH ARCHIVE HEARD ON “JUSTIFIED”: National Low Income Housing Coalition issued a report. And they found that low-income households can only afford $495 a month in rent. (music starts) Nationally, the average two-bedroom apartment rents for $977. (Cell phone ringing SFX) Now the plight of homeless families is not front-page news. There arenÂ’t any crying TV-talk-show hostesses interviewing homeless children.

RUSH: Okay, that will give you the flavor of it. While this was going on, a bad guy is thinking about entering the diner, and Sheriff Art is staking the thing out. As he’s listening — this is a Morning Update, a previously aired Morning Update — he’s kind of frowning, cause he’s on a stakeout, he’s nodding a couple of times. I mean, it was an honor. I just have to tell you, it’s one of my favorite shows. I want to tell him how much I appreciate being included in the thing.

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