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RUSH: There is a CNN poll. This will just get you. This is a CNN poll: Majority of Americans still blame Bush for the economy, just like in the exit polling from the 2012 election.

Now, it’s under 50% for the first time. If the trend line continues, by 2016… Is this not insane? If the current polling trend line continues, by 2016 more people will blame Obama for the economy, after eight years, than will blame Bush. Right now, a majority still blame Bush for the economy, and the theory of the pollsters is, because the formative event in everybody’s mind that caused the economy to go south was the financial crisis in 2008 when Bush was in office.

So Bush caused that, and that caused all of this. And, by 2016, we’ll have eight years of Obama, and at that point, if current trend lines continue, this… (interruption) Well, they remember it ’cause it so dramatically affected everybody. I mean, they lost their house, they lost their mortgage, they lost the toilet paper, they lost everything, and they were threatened with losing the world economy. Pretty big scare tactics were piled on people for a couple of months.

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