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RUSH: You know, I did hit this pretty hard an hour ago. And I want to hit this again, because a lot of people are glossing over this, as I think a lot of people are glossing over a lot of big stuff, which may be understandable in the sense that most people feel powerless to do anything about it. But, when among the people feeling powerless to do anything about it is the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, to me, that’s big.

Now, the specific comment that John Boehner made regarding immigration reform, his announcement yesterday that it’s dead for this year — which nothing ever is there. Anything can happen on a dime, reversals of fortunes take place, but for all intents and purposes, what he said was, “Look, I just don’t have the votes. We’re not gonna get the votes.” The Wall Street Journal picked up the refrain we shared with you, blaming talk radio primarily.

They gave a little bit of blame to the Heritage Foundation and Jeff Sessions, but primarily blaming talk radio, and actually blaming House leadership for being afraid of talk radio, was the Wall Street Journal. What did Boehner say? Boehner said that the primary reason we’re not going to proceed with immigration reform is “widespread doubt that the administration can be trusted to enforce our laws.” People said, “Oh. Oh, okay. Ho-hum.” Now, that’s not a ho-hummer to me.

That is major.

If the chartered body in our government that makes the law decides not to because they don’t think that it’ll matter because the executive branch will just ignore it, I mean that’s a breach of serious proportion. That is a constitutional challenge and crisis that is very real, that nobody apparently has the courage to do anything about, because of the president’s race. If the Speaker of the House really believes that, if members of Congress — and, by the way, there’s every reason to believe it.

The president does behave outside the Constitution. I mean, Sheila Jackson Lee, in the House of Representatives, is saying that their job now is to write executive orders for Obama to sign. Not laws, but write executive orders! During his State of the Coup speech, when Obama announced that if they didn’t do what he wanted, he’s gonna go do it anyway, the Democrats stood up and cheered.

He in effect told members of Congress, “Screw you,” and they gave him a standing ovation! They are totally willing to grant dictatorial power to one of their own, and they gave that premise a standing ovation. So Boehner then says (paraphrased), “Well, I mean, why even do it? He’s not gonna obey whatever we come up with. He’s not obeying the laws we have now. He’s not obeying his own law.

“He sued the state of Arizona for coming up with the state law that mirrored federal law on immigration!” What’s the next logical step in a case like this? Whatever happened to be concerned with gridlock? This is gridlock on steroids. This is not even gridlock. This is the president of the United States effectively nullifying the legislative branch of government, basically saying, “You know what?” and he has in practically these words and said this.

“You know what? I got a pen and I got a phone, and if they don’t do what I want, I’m gonna do it anyway.” But you can’t impeach the first black president, no matter how corrupt or how lawless. So, what’d Dr. King say? He dreamt of the day when we’d judge men by the content of their character instead of the skin color — and skin color is everything now, and it is acting as a paralyzing agent.

So we can expect more executive orders, and on tap, right on schedule, the president announced that he wants to extend lawlessness for three more years, the lawlessness that would allow you to keep your current insurance plan, which is in violation of Obamacare. It is against the law. Aspects of Obamacare make your current plan illegal. But, remember, Obama’s given you a waiver. He’s not going to punish you for having an illegal policy.

He’s not going to have the authority pursue you, but you are still in illustration avow of the law, and he wants to allow you to continue to break the law for three years, because they don’t have anything better. Now, Obamacare was supposed to be the panacea, the be-all, end-all. It’d fix everything. It’s done nothing but made things worse — and so, to get past the 2014 midterms and the 2016 presidential, we’ll just delay Obamacare for three more years.

We’ll just delay the fundamental aspects of Obamacare. The president has decided, “You know what? Let’s just delay it so that we don’t make it any bigger of a target,” and the Republicans are saying, “Well, we can’t do immigration reform or anything else because it doesn’t matter. The president won’t enforce the laws that we pass anyway if he doesn’t like them,” and there’s nothing anybody is willing to do about it.

In the midst of all this, the Wall Street Journal is editorializing against me.

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