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RUSH: I mentioned yesterday that John Boehner, we played the sound bite, essentially said that immigration reform for this year is done, that it is… Oh! Oh! Folks, by the way, speaking of that, there is a Wall Street Journal… It’s not even an editorial. This thing is a rant, this Wall Street Journal editorial. Two different times in this editorial, they blame talk radio for the death of “immigration reform” this year.

They’re angry at the conservatives and talk radio for intimidating the Republican leadership, and they’re angry at the Republican leadership for being intimidated, and they’ve had it with talk radio having so much influence over this. I didn’t intimidate leadership. Here it is. It’s called “Washington’s Growth Retreat.” Right there. I’m just gonna give you the highlights there of the blame for talk radio.

But conservatives and the GOP are as responsible for the failure on immigration… They give some space here to blaming Obama and the dismal Obamacare, and they note that Boehner said what good would it do to come up with immigration reform when you can’t trust the sitting president to faithfully execute the law. In our view, people just gloss over that. Boehner said that yesterday.

The Journal acknowledges that that’s a factor in immigration reform dying… Can I go back to that for a second here? Do you realize…? That’s a bombshell if you ask me. The Speaker of the House… Forget that it’s Boehner. I don’t care what you think of Boehner. It’s just the Speaker of the House says that it is pointless to pass any legislation because this administration can’t be trusted to enforce the law. Now, you and I know this is true.

Obama abandons the Constitution, rewrites his own health care law, seemingly daily. Now he wants a three-year extension on you being able to keep the plan that you like that was taken away from you for a couple of weeks and then they let you keep it. He wants a three-year extension on this, which conveniently would take us past 2016. A three-year extension. You keeping your current plan is a violation of Obamacare.

They’re just not punishing you.

They’re not gonna enforce the law.

That’s what Obama said.

Your plan that you liked that was taken away from you, that you were promised you could keep, is illegal, according to that law. They’re just not gonna pursue it. They’re not gonna enforce it on you, and now they want to tell you that they’re gonna allow you to be illegal for another three years. Oh, this is what Boehner’s talking about. This willy-nilly application or ignoring of the law. Why pass anything? If Obama doesn’t like it, he’s not gonna enforce it anyway.

Stop and think of that.

At any other time in this nation’s history, that alone would be grounds for impeachment, because that is a direct violation of the presidential oath, which is essentially a promise to defend and protect the United States and the Constitution and its laws, and we have a president who is willing to openly operate and behave outside of it, and everybody knows it, and the Speaker of the House is saying, “Ah, no need to do immigration reform anyway because president won’t enforce the law if he doesn’t like it.”

That, to me, is bombshell profound. The next logical step: Impeachment proceedings. Except! Except, we will never do that. We will never. That will never happen to the first black president of the United States, no matter how lawless, no matter how corrupt, it isn’t gonna happen. Which everybody knows. So in effect, the people who make the laws in Washington have thrown up their hands.

The Democrats, as epitomized by Sheila Jackson Lee, are saying that their job is to write executive orders for Obama to sign. The Speaker of the House, the leader of the Republicans says doesn’t matter what we pass; he’s not gonna obey it anyway. What a mess. What a dangerous mess. What a crisis, if you ask me. Seriously. Of course, the big thing on people’s mind is how in the world did Bieber get away with smoking so much pot that his pilots had to wear gas masks and he didn’t get charged with anything.

That’s what everybody wants to know, and it is kind of curious. (laughing) But, I digress. You think I lost my place, don’t you? Wall Street Journal. They allude to the real reason Boehner’s not doing it is ’cause Obama won’t obey it. Then they say, “But conservatives and the GOP are as responsible for the failure on immigration” as Obama is. “The populist wing of the party has talked itself into believing the zero-sum economics that immigrants steal jobs from US citizens and reduce American living standards.

“Neither claim is true, but Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and the Heritage Foundation might as well share research staffs with the AFL-CIO.” So the Journal is accusing Sessions and the Heritage Foundation of being in bed with Trumka. “So great,” rants the Journal, “is the House GOP fear of a talk-radio backlash that it won’t even pass smaller bills that 75% of Republicans agree on,” and then at the end of the ranting editorial:

“So here stand Mr. Obama’s two main pro-growth priorities: Freer trade looks like it will die at the hands of Democrats beholden to Big Labor, while immigration reform is strangled by Republicans dancing to talk radio. What a display of American economic leadership.” Ladies and gentlemen… Snerdley walked in and said, “You killed it again! You killed it!”

“I didn’t, Snerdley,” I said. “Obama killed it. Obama killed it. Boehner said so!”

But he argued, “Nope, you killed it. You killed it 2005; you killed it this year. It says right there in the Wall Street Journal: ‘Talk radio.’ Who’s talk radio? You. You did it.”


RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Grab number seven. John Boehner, who, in addition to saying yesterday that we’re not gonna do immigration reform because, hell, the president won’t implement it anyway. He’s not obeying the law, abiding by it, so why should we do it? At his press briefing yesterday, in the Q&A, a reporter said to Boehner, “There have been reports that you offered to try and put forward the approval of the Keystone Pipeline to extension of the debt limit.

“But you ran into problems with your conference,” meaning Republicans in Congress. “How could that not get 218 in your conference? You put red state Democrats in a very similar position in the Senate. How come you can’t get 218 for Keystone?” You put red state Democrats in a very similar position in the Senate. How come you can’t get 218 in the House for keystone?

BOEHNER: You know, Mother Teresa is a saint now but, you know, if the Congress wanted to make her a saint and attach that to the debt ceiling, we probably couldn’t get 218 Republican votes.

PRESS: (laughter)

RUSH: Now, what do you think that was. That guy must be really under the gun. The House Republicans couldn’t agree to make Mother Teresa a saint? Even after she’d been proclaimed one, the House Republicans wouldn’t agree on that. I guarantee you, within their caucus, there has got to be so much friction, and Boehner is simply acknowledging it here. “I couldn’t get 218 people to agree on anything here. That’s how screwed up we are!”

Of course, that’s all or mostly the fault of — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — talk radio!

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