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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I find myself here in a bit of a quandary, because, frankly, I don’t care right now about whatever has been produced or learned or reported about Hillary Clinton. If there have ever been two people that my reservoir is overflowing with, it’s the Clintons. I don’t even… I’m not even sure I believe this latest so-called treasure trove. One of her closest friends… Janet Blair, was that her first name?

Janet, wife of Jim Blair? Those are Whitewater-era figures. Janet Blair is now dead. No. Janet Blair passed away I think in 2000. I don’t know. She kept a journal, apparently, of the years that the Clintons were in Arkansas and then moved to Washington and it’s got some things that are supposedly embarrassing to Hillary in there. I read a little bit of it, and, frankly, I didn’t see anything in there that’s earth shattering.

Do they actually expect me to believe that when the Lewinsky thing happened, that Hillary was blaming herself for not being a good enough wife? ‘Cause that’s what this thing says. This Janet Blair’s journal said Hillary told her… (interruption) Diane Blair. Sorry. See, I couldn’t remember her name. Diane Blair. Remember, the Clintons had people that worked for ’em that lied to their own diaries.

What was that clown that had to testify? (interruption) Josh Steiner. Right. Tom Lantos, congressman, was doing the interrogation. This guy admitted lying to his diary. So here we got Diane Blair who says that Hillary was just beside herself, because Bill was so overworked, and nobody saw it, and nobody recognized the pressure. His mom died and his gerbil died and a bunch of things died and then Lewinsky came along, and Hillary said, “You know what? I just wasn’t being a good enough wife at the time!”

Do they really think, folks, that we are that stupid?

They must.

And then, what is the characterization of Lewinsky as a Looney Toon? (interruption) Yeah, but… (sigh) I wish I could remember the exact term, but it was… (interruption) Right, it was a “narcissistic Looney Toon.” That’s, I guess, “Let’s go trash the women again,” and that’s Hillary with the “bimbo eruption” reaction. Basically Hillary was saying that she was a groupie, okay, and it was all Hillary’s fault. Now, I’m sorry, folks. I’ve been to the rodeo. (laughing) I just…

(interruption) What was my first reaction, to which? Just the existence of this thing, or to Monica Lewinsky being called “a narcissistic Looney Toon”? My first reaction was, “What an absolutely horrible cover-up. That’s not what Hillary really thought!” That can’t be what Hillary really thought. What Hillary’s first thought had to be is: “Bill, you idiot! The deal was you don’t get caught! Bill, you idiot, what are you doing in the Oval Office? Why are you doing it there?”

The idea that she didn’t know this stuff was going on? I’m sorry, I’m not buying it. Not with the Gennifer Flowers history and all that. And then Hillary going out, blaming the vast right-wing conspiracy out to get her husband. But she admits in this thing it was her fault because she wasn’t being good enough wife? Come on. I can’t even swallow after saying that. I’m sorry, I just can’t. So this whole thing to me… I’ll tell you what’s interesting. I think, you know, what Rand Paul…

Rand Paul’s out there, and I’m beginning to wonder if he knew that these diary or these papers existed, because Rand Paul has been on a tear for the past couple of weeks constantly referring to Bill Clinton as a “sexual predator,” and there’s no question in my mind that Rand Paul is bringing up Bill Clinton’s past as a means of associating it with Hillary here at the early stages, the outset of her apparent presidential campaign. The fact is that Clinton was a predator and everybody working closely with him knew it.

That’s why there was the bimbo eruptions team! Everybody knew this. It was called “sex addiction” back in the day. But now we’ve got this psychoanalysis that Bill Clinton had competing mother figures in his life and couldn’t please either one and that’s why he engaged in infidelity. But if Monica Lewinsky’s “a narcissistic Looney Toon,” then how is it a “vast right-wing conspiracy”?

But beyond that, here’s the thing about this that still… I don’t, not offends, but Monica Lewinsky was 19 years old, and I don’t care whether she’s a “narcissistic Looney Toon” or a groupie or whatever. She was there. She was an intern, and she taken advantage of. Now, Hillary makes a big point in these papers that (paraphrased) “Oh, the sex? It was not laying down or standing up, or it wasn’t real sex, not in the conventional way we describe real sex.” Now, isn’t that convenient?

Yeah, we heard that back in the day when Clinton himself said (imitating Clinton), “I never had sex with that woman. It was only…” And so we got oral sex isn’t really sex. Right? I didn’t inhale and she didn’t swallow, so it wasn’t real sex. And Hillary confirms that. It wasn’t real sex. She wasn’t worried about it. It wasn’t a real affair. It wasn’t real sex. A woman! They destroyed the woman’s life. Can we at least — whatever you think of Monica Lewinsky, she’s 19. She’s seduced by power. Hillary makes a big point that Bill did not use power, did not demand anything, did not threaten to punish her if she didn’t — there was none of that going on.

Hillary makes the point in the Diane Blair papers it was consensual. I don’t know about Hillary and the blue dress. Monica Lewinsky, ever since this happened, has been… All I know is the Republicans are accused of conducting a War on Women and the body count’s all on the Democrat side. Rand Paul said this guy is a sexual predator and he’s ruined this young girl’s life. Any responsible person would have recognized, “Okay, she’s a groupie. Okay, she’s a narcissistic Looney Toon. Do not do what he did. It’s totally a selfish, taking advantage,” what have you.

And even in the midst of this latest revelation of the so-called treasure trove, the proper reaction to what happened still remains invisible. They’re still looking at this and trying to analyze it within the construct of, “Well, it wasn’t really sex, and she, of course, was an absolute groupie, Looney Toon, and I could have done a better job being a wife.” That’s the one that, I’m sorry, folks, I just can’t.


RUSH: Yeah, I know. I don’t know why. Everybody is saying, “Why are they releasing this Hillary stuff now?” Why are they releasing it ever? Nobody would have ever known if this hadn’t been released. Now it’s out there, people are talking about it. I don’t have a guess. But I do know that Rand Paul is making a big, big deal outta Bill Clinton and his sexual predator behavior here on the early eve of a potential Hillary presidential run. I don’t think that’s coincidental.

But this release of The Hillary Papers by Diane Blair, this thing prints to 27 pages. I had to guess at the page I wanted to print. Let’s see if I got it. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Fortunately I did. Here we go.

“When Clinton finally admitted to the relationship after repeated denials –” (imitating Clinton) “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time.” Remember all that? “– Hillary Clinton defended her husband in a phone call with Blair. She said her husband had made a mistake by fooling around with the ‘narcissistic loony toon’ Lewinsky, but was driven to it in part by his political adversaries, the loneliness of the presidency –” He was never lonely! What in the world are they asking us to believe here? “– and her own failures as a wife.” Now, we’re all supposed to know what that means, and that’s what’s stretching credulity. Sorry.

“She told Blair that the affair did not include sex ‘within any real meaning’ of the term and noted President Clinton ‘tried to manage’ Monica after they broke up but things spiraled ‘beyond control.’ … ‘[Hillary] is not trying to excuse [Bill Clinton]; it was a huge personal lapse. And she is not taking responsibility for it,'” when she says it might have been her own failures. “But, she does say this to put his actions in context. Ever since he took office theyÂ’ve been going thru personal tragedy ([the death of] Vince [Foster], her dad, his mom) and immediately all the ugly forces started making up hateful things about them, pounding on them.”

Sorry, folks. I’m not buying. The only thing I can’t explain is why now. There’s gotta be a reason and I couldn’t begin to tell you what it is now. I mean, the normal line of thinking is, okay, Clinton brings stuff up to get it out of the way. Get it covered, get it talked about way in advance of it being able to do any damage. But this, had it never come out, nobody would ever know. So I don’t know why came out, period. Unless they think it’s bad and they’re trying to massage it. I don’t know.

Despite the last 15 minutes, I don’t care. Oh, yeah, yeah. Me and Matt Drudge. Me and Matt Drudge, we forced Bill Clinton into Monica Lewinsky’s arms, or hands, yeah, whatever. We did it. It says right there, as adversaries, and they’ve made that claim. The vast right-wing conspiracy — we’re the ones that hired Monica, we put her in the Oval Office, and we delivered the pizza. Yeah, it might as well have been my cigar for all I guess.

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