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RUSH: Let’s go to Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson’s home. This is Obama and the French President Hollande. By the way, Obama butchered the poor guy’s name. There’s a joint presser going on right now. By the way, did you ever think that you would see a state press conference where the president, prime minister, whatever, of France is to the right of our president? Did you ever think you would see a press conference where the president of the United States is a bigger socialist than the head honcho of France? Anyway, Obama butchered his name, the French President Francois Hollande.

Hey, did you know there’s a state dinner tonight? I’m serious. State dinner. The overnight low in Washington tonight is forecast to be I think 17 degrees. I’ll double-check that here in a second. I think last I saw wind chill at four degrees, and this thing’s outside in a tent, and they’re going to have to use a tram to escort women and the guests from the White House grounds where they arrive to the tent. They’re gonna heat a tent in 17-degree weather? I guess they got more people than the state dining room can comfortably legally hold. But, man, outside in a tent.

Anyway, here’s Obama with the French President Hollande, visiting Monticello. He took a moment to look at the landscape, and here’s Obama talking to the president of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Leslie Greene Bowman.

OBAMA: We’re breaking protocol here.

BOWMAN: You’re with good friends.

OBAMA: ThatÂ’s all right. That’s the good thing about being President — I can do whatever I want.

RUSH: “That’s the good thing about being president — I can do whatever I want.” People are laughing at it. It’s a throwaway line. And I agree he may be practicing a little taunting there, but there’s always an element of truth, and I guarantee you he looks at the job that way.

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