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RUSH: Well, well, well, well. Look. I know that Obama has done another — in fact, we mentioned yesterday he was gonna do it, this three-year extension on the employer mandate, three years. Folks, this plan is never gonna work. It is impossible to implement. That is what this means. It really isn’t complicated at all. The only reason Obama’s doing this is to make sure this law does not harm him and his party politically, period, that’s it. It is proof positive this thing is a disaster, it is an albatross, it isn’t going to do what everybody supporting it promised it would do. It is not going to guarantee the uninsured have insurance. It isn’t gonna lower costs. It isn’t gonna promote jobs. It isn’t gonna lower the deficit.

It is nothing more than an albatross around the neck of the whole country. And the very fact that it cannot be implemented, period, it won’t work if it’s implemented. It will harm the political prospects of the Democrat Party if it’s fully implemented. That’s all you need to know about it and that means it isn’t going to work. If this thing were the panacea it was promoted to be, they couldn’t wait to implement this thing front to back, top to bottom, side to side, as quickly as possible because everybody would love it then and everybody would vote for Democrats and we’d be finished.

But instead they’re having to delay the implementation, which means delay the effect, which means delay the impact — and no, the bloom is off the rose. All across the political spectrum in Washington, everywhere, they all know now — and this is where (big sigh) I start getting frustrated if I start thinking about this. They’re all now finally realizing — Republicans, Democrats, media, whatever — this is all political, and that’s all it has ever been from the get-go. I guess we’ll take it whenever we can get it. But this really doesn’t need any analysis.

Ron Fournier, who tweeted recently that he thinks my head’s about to explode which each new post that he puts out, Ron Fournier’s latest is (paraphrasing), “I’m tired, I can’t defend it anymore, I just can’t.” I’ve got the story, we’ll get to it in a minute. But he’s actually wringing his hands and crying, “Oh, I want it to work so bad, because I want the uninsured to be insured. I just want it to work so bad, but obviously it isn’t gonna work.” It can’t work and everybody should have known this before it was voted on. It’s not possible for this to work. It has never been possible. It was never going to work. And with each election the Regime itself has confirmed that by delaying it, by preventing it, by making sure that it doesn’t get implemented, by making sure that it doesn’t happen.

Now they’re delaying the thing until after Obama’s gone, although what evidence do we have that Obama’s leaving? “Well, Rush, I mean the Constitution says…” Yeah? And the Constitution also says he can’t do what he’s doing here. The text of Obamacare specifically prohibits what Obama is doing. But very few people are even talking about that. They’re just saying what I said. “Well, the implications here are that clearly it doesn’t work and Obama’s merely making political maneuvers.” He’s making illegal maneuvers! This is not legal. This isn’t permitted. That’s a ho-hummer to most people. That train left the station last year. I don’t know if the train ever got to the station, actually.

So when you make jokes about Obama having to leave office in 2016, why? If he can willy-nilly change the Constitution, and he said to this French socialist guy (paraphrasing), “The great thing about being president, I can do whatever I want.” He said that up at Monticello. At least he knew where he was. Gore didn’t even know where he was when he went to Monticello. Remember that? Algore is in there, some foreign dignitary, Algore and Clinton are in there and they’re taking a tour of Monticello, and Gore’s trying to act smart and everything, and he points to a bust, a figurine bust up on a shelf, and asks the curator very intelligently (imitating Gore), “And who is that?”

“Oh, that’s Benjamin Franklin.”

“Oh, yes, yes, I recognize the long hippie hair. Yeah, Benjamin Franklin.” Or was it Thomas Jefferson? He didn’t know Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Whatever, he didn’t know one of the Founding Fathers, didn’t recognize him. He should have offered as his excuse the NFL Hall of Fame. “Well, hell, you can’t identify any of those guys by their busts, either, so cut me some slack.”


RUSH: Now, get this. Got more on the Obamacare business here, sound bites and everything, too, but every day there’s just more and more confirmation that everything — folks, forgive me on this, but everything that I told you and a lot of people on our side, everything we told you about this is true, everything has come true, and we knew it before it happened. We knew what was gonna happen because we know who these people are.

And I still marvel, some conservative media types, highly acclaimed, highly touted, acting like their shocked and stunned, guy this talented, this eloquent, blah, blah, blah, blah. How could you not know who the guy was, get fooled by the crease in his pants, get fooled by his eloquence, how well he makes a speech. What about who he is? Don’t tell me you didn’t know who he is. Anybody who wanted to could have known who Obama is, and that would have told you what he was gonna do. That would have told you why he was gonna do what he did. None of this, my point, is a mystery. There are no surprises here. Nothing that’s happened with Obamacare, there’s not a single surprise. It’s the best thing I could say.

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