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RUSH: I want to reiterate something I said yesterday. I really do believe that the Democrats know to a certain extent what’s gonna hit them in November. You know, Henry Waxman retiring, a number of other Democrats announcing retirement? George Miller? Gee, those two guys alone quitting is one of the biggest telegraphed messages of where the Democrats think they are.

Those guys don’t have anything else to do.

Being in politics and running other people’s business and lives is their life. Henry Waxman telling everybody what they can and can’t do is his adrenaline. He doesn’t play golf. He doesn’t play shuffleboard. He doesn’t pursue sybaritic delights. All he knows is being the chairman of A congressional committee that can make life miserable for people. But if he can’t be chairman, he doesn’t want to be there.

He doesn’t want to be in Congress then, and neither does George Miller. So they’ve announced that they’re retiring, not just resigning. I think if the election in November were today, it would be a wave election that would make 2010 look small. I think the American people are engaged. The polling data is all there. There isn’t any majority of people, other than subsets of Democrats, who support anything Obama’s doing.

In national poll after national poll, a majority of Americans oppose everything Obama’s doing. A Fox News poll came out yesterday, and a huge number of people do not like Obama ignoring the Constitution. A huge percentage is very opposed to this lawless behavior of his. There’s another factor that is gonna lead to a wave election — I mean, massive Democrat defeats, massive Democrat losses in November.

Another contributing factor is, there won’t be a Republican establishment candidate on the ballot to tick people off. There will not be a Republican establishment candidate anywhere that will keep conservative or Republican voters at home, like there will be in 2016 if the party nominates another goofball. If the party nominates another moderate, Northeastern liberal, you’re gonna have a bunch of Republicans sit home again like they did in 2012.

But in these midterms, they’re gonna show up in droves just to get rid of what’s happening.

This is shaping up to be, I think, bigger than 2010, huge wave election. All the signs are there. That’s why I want to emphasize this again to counter whatever you might have assumed was fatalism yesterday. ‘Cause I also mentioned to you, this sounds panacea, and I can’t back it up with anything. This is just my instinct, and I’ll admit it’s tempered with a lot of desire. But I really think that we’re gonna beat this back. Well, let me put it this way. I think the country as you and I know and love it, is gonna survive. We’re gonna get through this. I don’t know when or how. I can’t give you any details or answers, and I’m not just saying it to keep you here. I really think it.

If I didn’t think it, I wouldn’t be here, folks. If I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t be writing these books for kids, I wouldn’t be doing anything like that. I really think what’s happening offends and angers a vast majority of the American people. I think they are beside themselves with pent-up rage and anger, and they have no outlet for it, and they do not have any daily political representation, elected political representation in Washington. They do have a couple. Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, when they pop up the establishment tries to chop ’em right back down, and it’s happening again over this debt thing, and I’ll show you what I mean in sound bites coming up.

You’ll see, these midterms are gonna be big, and guys like Waxman and George Miller are getting out of there. Now, you always need the caveat. Anything can happen in politics overnight that nobody can foresee. That’s why I say if the election were today, it’d be big. And I still think it’s gonna be. Here’s Joe Trippi. He is a former Democrat consultant, Howard Dean, I think he ran one of his campaigns. Yeah, he did. He ran Dean’s, what was it, 2004, or 2000, whenever? Trippi quit when Dean lost the Hawkeye Cauci and then went “Aaarrrgggh!” Trippi said, okay, I’m out. He left. He’s been commentating at Fox. He also was on The Kelly File last night, and she said, “Look, Joe, we’re seeing more and more Democrats trying to distance themselves from the president. There was a quote today in one of the articles. The quote was that most Democrats consider Obama an albatross saying that he’s done irreversible damage to his own reputation.”

TRIPPI: He’s hurting the Democratic brand right now, the Obamacare snafus, all this stuff is hurting, and his approval rating’s declining, and his credibility problems all drag the Democratic brand down. I mean, in a midterm election, the popularity of the sitting president has more to do with who’s up and who’s down regardless of what party that president’s in.

RUSH: Doing damage to himself, to his brand, to the Democrat brand. This is the kind of stuff that they don’t say in public. They say it to themselves behind closed doors or between the sheets, but they don’t say it in public. They don’t come out like this, I’m telling you.

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