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RUSH: Here’s Bonnie in Stanton, Virginia. Hi, Bonnie. It’s great that you waited. I appreciate your patience. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, thank you so much, Rush. I had to wait, because I just had to talk to you. You know, I’ve been listening to you a lot since 1988. I love you. But this one thing kind of gets to me.

RUSH: Uh-oh.

CALLER: I can’t stand it when you call Obama Santa Claus, because I don’t think he’s a Santa Claus. He’s a wrecking ball, and he’s blame shifting and debt raising, and he’s job killing, and he’s double-talking. And the thing is, by him giving all this money to people not to work, that means there have been less jobs in this country, and there’s been less products on the shelves in the stores.

When people go in the stores, they want to buy things, and there’s less things in the stores, believe it or not. There are less services. There are less choices of products. My husband went into manufacturing, lost his job, and the plant closed down. There are higher prices now. You know, the thing that Obama is paying people not to work is not a good thing. So don’t think that by him handing out all this money, it’s good — and of course, we know the way he lives and about his wife getting a $12,000 dress.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You understand what I’m doing when I do this, don’t you?

CALLER: No, because he’s not Santa Claus. He’s a wrecking ball.

RUSH: He is Santa Claus to his base. That’s the point. To practically everybody who votes for him, that’s all he is.

CALLER: But, Rush, when they vote for him and they get what they want… Let’s say they’re getting a subsidy and their unemployment rate goes up. They can stay on unemployment.

RUSH: Yeah. Where’s the wrecking ball for them?

CALLER: They are not working and there are no jobs, less jobs, because they’re not working in the plants. They’re not working in any businesses.

RUSH: Yeah. But they’re still eating. They’re still eating, they’re driving, they are making telephone calls, and they’re watching TV. So where’s the wrecking ball for them?

CALLER: The wrecking ball is when they go to the store, they’re not gonna have as much on the shelf. They’re not gonna have as much products to buy. There’s gonna be higher and higher prices.

RUSH: They’ve got everything they need.

CALLER: Not really, because I can see it on the shelves. There’s less on the shelves. Another thing is, on the wages, when he raised the minimum wage to $10.10? Well, what happens then? Does that mean that the people, when you go out and buy things, pay more? I’m gonna buy hamburger, you know, for $10, because the companies have to raise their prices? So that’s not gonna help anybody in the end, ’cause then they’re gonna take more of your money in higher prices because they gotta pay higher wages.

RUSH: You know that, of course, is all true. But you can’t possibly think I’m advocating that. I’m trying to illustrate. Oh, jeez!

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