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RUSH: We need to add a new location, folks, to Port St. Lucie.

Remember Port St. Lucie? Someone walked into McDonald’s, there were no McNuggets, and they called 911. There have been a couple of other examples. Here is another, from the great liberal Northwest, in Washington County, Oregon. It’s an emergency services dispatch website, a Facebook page. It’s a 911 call. A guy called 911 because his wife’s zipper was stuck, and he was doing the only thing behind her back he ever did or does, and that was zip her up. The zipper got stuck, and the guy called 911.

911 OPERATOR: 911, police-fire-medical.

MAN: Yeah, we have a problem here. My wife is struggling in her jacket, can’t get it off.

911 OPERATOR: She’s struggling in her jacket?

MAN: In her jacket. I want 911 up here immediately.

911 OPERATOR: Okay, what? Is she not breathing, or —

MAN: She’s all right. She just can’t get her (bleep)ing jacket off!

RUSH: “She fine. She just can’t get her blank-blank jacket off, and I want 911 here. My wife’s zipper is stuck!” It’s things like this that make me rethink my overall optimism about the future of the country, folks.


RUSH: By the way, the fire department did show up. They did show up, and it says here they rescued the woman from her stuck zipper, and they saved the jacket, too. The fire department shows up. They rescued the woman from the stuck zipper and saved the jacket. Now, what does it say about this lunk-head husband, that it takes the fire department to unzip his wife? It’s just unbelievable.

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