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RUSH: Now, folks, Chuck Barkley of the NBA and TNT was granted an interview with The One. Chuck Barkley interviewed Obama. It was last night. Was it the NBA All-Star weekend? Is that what was going on? (interruption) Yeah, the NBA All-Star Game was last night and prior to that, it’s like before the Super Bowl. Whatever network is televising the Super Bowl does an interview with the president. So TNT does the NBA, so they sent Chuck Barkley in there.

He’s the closest thing they’ve got to a journalist. No, he’s not. They don’t have anybody close to being a journalist. Anyway, they sent Chuck over there, ’cause Obama loves the hoops. They sent Milk Dud Head in there, and asked him a couple of questions, and one of the things that Chuck Barkley… His friends call him “Chuck.” Chuck used to like me, ’til Obama became president, then it changed. Anyway, Chuck said to Obama, “What do you think of the term ‘Obamacare’?”

OBAMA: I like it. I don’t mind. And I tell you, five years from now when everybody’s saying, “Man, I’m sure glad we got health care!” They are gonna be a whole bunch of people who don’t call it Obamacare anymore ’cause they don’t want me to get the credit. We’d like to encourage more young people to sign up partly because, since they’re healthier, their premiums are actually generally gonna be fairly cheap.

RUSH: That’s bull.

OBAMA: They can find good options for less than the cable bill, less than their cell phone bill —

RUSH: That’s bull.

OBAMA: — and it’s just part of growing up, is making sure that you’re taking care of your body, taking care of your health.

RUSH: It’s just part of growing up? Signing up for Obamacare is just part of growing up? Your premiums are gonna be cheaper? Your premiums are gonna be through the roof. Everybody’s premiums are gonna be through the roof. “We want to encourage more young people to sign up, partly because since they’re healthier, their premiums are gonna generally gonna be cheap.” Wrongo! You young people, the reason he wants you to sign up is they’re overcharging you for two reasons.

A, they think you’re working and can afford it. B, you are healthy and you’re not gonna be making any claims. So you’re gonna be spending… I don’t know. Just pick a number for the sake of discussion here. You’re gonna be spending $12,000 a year on health care, but you’re not gonna be making any claims, so you’re not gonna cost them any money. But they want your 12 grand, and everybody else in your age-group’s 12 grand, so that they can fund health care for Nanaw and Grandpa and Aunt Eustace.

That’s what you’re supposed to pay for. You’re suckers. The cheapest way… I’m gonna tell you why. I’ll be honest. You young people, the best way for you to go is to go the penalty route. Pay the fine. What would you rather do, pay $10,000 for health insurance that you don’t even want and don’t need, or pay a fine of about 1200 bucks and still be legal? You can get away with paying the fine for two or three years.

Eventually the fine’s gonna be more expensive than the policy — and that’s all by design, too. They want people roped in thinking this is gonna be cheaper, and then after you’re in and there’s nothing else for you to do but go to the government to get your health care, then you get whacked with big premiums. But this is absurd to say that your premiums are cheaper because you’re younger. You people are paying the freight. You people, you young people, you’re the guinea pigs. I’m telling you, pay the fine. (interruption)

I don’t care that that’s out there. Do a headline: “Limbaugh Encourages Millennials to Pay Fine Rather Than Buy Obamacare.” Sure. The next two or three years, it makes all the economic sense in the world. (interruption) “Well, what if they get sick?” Emergency room. They’re not gonna get sick, the odds are. They’re young people. You know, roll the dice. It’s all rolling the dice anyway. That’s all insurance is.

You’re betting you’re gonna get sick. The insurance company’s betting you’re not. And not only is your premium gonna skyrocket, your copays and your deductibles are gonna be through the roof. You’re gonna be paying, in my arbitrary number, 10 grand for your premium per year, and then your deductible’s gonna be three times what it is now. And it’s all being done because they don’t think you’re gonna be in that cost because you are healthy so you’re not gonna be making any claims.

Now, the auto insurance people look at you just the opposite.

The auto insurance people charge you through the roof because they know you’re gonna wreck the car. Young people do. It’s part of growing up, as Obama says here. Wrecking the family car is part of growing up. The insurance companies know it; your parents know it. That’s why your insurance rates are through the roof. But with Obamacare, it’s just the opposite. You’re not going to wreck the car; you’re not going to get sick. The actuarial tables tell ’em that. It’s outrageous to tell these people they’re premiums are gonna be cheap ’cause they’re healthy. Their premiums are higher than anybody else because they’re healthy. But then there’s other things, other diamonds in the rough here.

(imitating Obama) “I don’t mind, Chuck, that they call it Obamacare. I tell you, five years from now when everybody’s saying, ‘Man, I’m sure glad we got health care.'” Let me tell you folks something. Before we did this, 85% of the population had health care. Eighty-five percent. We did all of this. We totally turned upside down the American health care system because 15% of the people didn’t have insurance. Obamacare came along and said we’re gonna insure everybody, and that’s why this is now a total disaster. Five years from now there isn’t any guarantee everybody’s gonna have insurance. Five years from now, nobody wants to think about it, it’s so scary what five years from now could be.

See, this is proof to me he doesn’t care about all of the minutia that’s going on now, all these little problems here with the website. Big problems to everybody else, but all this other stuff he doesn’t care because five years from now, 10 years from now, when we have socialized medicine, then everybody’s gonna be running around thinking, thank God we’ve got socialized medicine. That’s what he means. Five years from now when everybody’s saying, “Man, I’m sure glad we got health care.” He may as well admit that this is a mess and it’s gonna stay a mess for a long time.

And, you know, it’s just part of growing up, making sure you get Obamacare. Just part of growing up. That’s the way you youngsters need to look at it. Having Obamacare is just like growing up, just like getting your first car. Getting Obamacare is just like growing up. Just one of those things that when you grow up, you have to do. You have to get Obamacare. So then Chuck said to Obama, “Michael Sam came out this week. I saw the first lady called his decision courageous. What do you think about that?”

OBAMA: You think about what the NBA was before African-Americans were allowed to play on an equal footing.

RUSH: Yeah?

OBAMA: You know, you think about some of the stories that even folks like Oscar Robertson tell what they went through. You think about what Jackie Robinson ended up meaning, not just to baseball, but to the entire society. I wouldn’t be sitting here if it weren’t for him. I think America’s stronger where everybody’s being treated, you know, with respect and dignity.

RUSH: Did he make that about himself? Did I just hear him make that — without Jackie Robinson, he wouldn’t be here. So Michael Sam is Jackie Robinson? Or is Oscar Robertson Jackie Robinson? Is Obama Jackie Robinson? They’re all Jackie Robinson. Oh, yeah, we can’t treat conservatives with respect and dignity. They don’t deserve it. Everybody knows that. Sick the IRS on the Tea Party and conservatives. Let’s sick the IRS on ’em and whatever other agency we need to sick on ’em. “I saw the first lady call the decision courageous. What did you think about that?” I thought he was asking what he thought of the first lady’s decision, but no.


RUSH: I just wondered. Obama said when talking to Milk Dud Head, that everybody five years from now will be thanking God or whatever, “I’ll tell you, five years from now when everybody’s saying, ‘Man, I’m sure glad we got health care.'” The CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, said a couple of weeks ago that 10 years from now there will still be 30 million people without health insurance, which is the same number of people that have not got insurance now, today. Ten years from now there’s still gonna be 30 million people without health insurance. And, by the way, the CBO’s projections are always a bit too rosy. That 30 million that won’t have it probably is 35 or 40 million. What an absolute crock this is.


RUSH: One other thing. Didn’t Obama say that he wouldn’t let his son, Trayvon Martin, play football in the NFL? So why is he all supportive of Michael Sam playing in the NFL? Well, Sam comes out, announces that he is gay, loves men, and is gonna play in the NFL, and it’s all, “Right on! Right on! That’s what we need, more of that.” But he wouldn’t let his own son play in the NFL. What does that say?

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