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RUSH: “Just 87 votes at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee separated the United Auto Workers union from what would have been its first successful organization of workers at a foreign automaker in the South.” Now, in brief, the United Auto Workers had everything stacked in their favor. Volkswagen allowed the union reps to push for unionization right on the floor of the plant.

“The UAW spent $1.7 million trying to unionize this VW plant, but they still lost 53-47%. So, naturally, the United Auto Workers are now gonna claim interference so they can take this to the NLRB, which is Obama stacked and backed. These people, they don’t ever accept defeat, folks. We lose an election, and we say, “Okay, you won. You want your judges, go name ’em. You want to pack the courts, go do it. You won, we lost.” They never accept defeat. Particularly on a vote.

I guarantee you, the unions are just like the left, they will never accept defeat, and they know that the NLRB will do whatever the unions want here. But the only person that really interfered was Obama. He announced right before the day of the vote that he wanted VW unionized, which that was unprecedented, too.

So Obama, the day before the vote goes out and talks about how important it is, and the workers shot him down. You have to wonder what would have happened — they probably would have gone down in defeat anyway, but if Obama hadn’t said anything, would it have been closer? I don’t care. The fact is, Obama went out there, he announced right before the day of the vote that he wanted VW unionized, and the workers at the VW plant in Tennessee said (raspberry), and they sent the union packing 53 to 47.

Now, the AP, when I printed this out, the page was wet from tears. I think AP made sure that their tears ended up everybody’s paper that printed this. Look at this headline: “UAW Falls 87 Votes Short of Major Victory in South.” Now, if you’re a low-information voter reading Yahoo News and you see that headline, “UAW Falls 87 Votes Short of Major Victory in South.” Oh, wow. I mean, major victory, UAW. The unions and their media minions are trying to make this sound like a squeaker. That headline: 87 votes short. It was 53 to 47. It was a six-point spread.

After the last election, Obama and his media minions claim it’s an overwhelming mandate when he gets 53%. When Obama gets 53%, it’s a landslide, it’s an overwhelming mandate. When the workers vote by 53% to send him and the unions packing, it’s a squeaker.

Now, we have audio sound bites here. This is on Fox & Friends this morning. Steve Doocy interviewed Volkswagen team member Mike Jarvis and they are talking about the Chattanooga, Tennessee, Volkswagen employees voting not to unionize. Doocy said, “Had the United Auto Workers come in and unionized your shop, what kind of pay cut would you guys have taken?”

JARVIS: I would have took about a three dollar an hour pay cut at where I’m at in the game right now. I mean, why do we work? We work to make a living to provide for our families. And I want to go to work and progress and make more and help my company be profitable. I don’t want to go to work and make less and cost my company more money to produce a product. By the way, the product that we produce is an award-winning product. Ten awards.

RUSH: Holy cow, when’s the last time you heard an employee talk about his desire for his company to do well. No. I take it back. That’s the wrong question to ask, because it actually happens a lot. But you don’t hear it in the auto industry. In the auto industry, you normally hear what a bunch of cheating lying robbers management is and how we gotta stick it to ’em. And here’s this guy, “I don’t want the union in here. I want to go to work.” Meaning, “I don’t want to go on strike every six months. I want to work. I want to help my company be profitable.” Wait ’til Richard Trumka hears about that. Those are fighting words to the AFL-CIO. A company making a profit? That’s capitalism. We can’t have that. So then Doocy said, “You’ve been in three different unions. You don’t like ’em. Why?”

JARVIS: Chattanooga is full of unions. They’ve been around all my working career. But unfortunately, unions have buddy-buddy plans. They have back room deals. You’ve got to be in the know to progress with them. I actually got a phone call last night from an unknown union member that I didn’t like his tone. He wouldn’t give me his name or number and I didn’t like what he said to me. I’ll keep that private right now. It was about my stance against the union.

RUSH: What that means is that a thug called this guy up and threatened him. He got an intimidating call from a union thug, and it still didn’t intimidate him. Obama, the day before the vote, asked for this plant to be unionized. It didn’t work. I don’t care how they spin this, this is not close. It’s 53 to 47. It’s not close. There’s nothing positive about this, and this guy’s attitude?

You’ve gotta love it. His name is Mike Jarvis. “I want my company to be profitable.” (Gasp!) In essence, this guy is saying, “If we unionize, that’s the end of my company.” That’s what he’s saying. “If we unionize, there goes profit. There goes this, there goes that, there goes my job. If we unionize, it’s gonna cost me $3 an hour.” Why would that be? Dues, maybe?


RUSH: By the way, there’s another AP headline on this UAW vote. Headline: “After UAW Defeat, Can GOP Fulfill Promise of Jobs?” Now, you put that one on Yahoo News where the low-information crowd gathers. So the union is defeated at Volkswagen in Chattanooga, and now it’s up to the Republicans to create jobs. “Oh, no! So the union was voted out? Oh, no! Oh, God! Now it’s the Republicans’ fault, and can the Republicans make up for these job losses?”

It’s just absurd.

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