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RUSH: This was late yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, KABC-TV Channel 7 Eyeball News in LA, and what we have here is a portion of the bureau chief in Orange County, Eileen Frere, and she’s reporting about the University of California at Irvine’s efforts to get President Obama to be the commencement speaker this spring. Again, this is the Orange County bureau chief Eileen Frere, and there’s a couple other people. I’m not gonna bother with their names, but they are officials at the school.

FRERE: The vice chancellor for student affairs who references the past to encourage the president to say “yes.”

MAN: Fifty years ago, President Johnson flew Marine One, landed out in these fields here to dedicate the campus. It would be an interesting fulfillment of that circle and that legacy to have the sitting president come in and complete that circle 50 years later.

FRERE: Even if the president does not accept, some students have other people in mind.

MAN: And it’s not Barack Obama. I’d love to see one of the tech giants.

WOMAN: I personally like Rush Limbaugh, so I would think it would be awesome if he came.

RUSH: Whoa! Whoa! Did you people hear that? A female college co-ed at the University California-Irvine, suggested me. Now, this is a demographic that supposedly is afraid of me. Remember that? These women are afraid of me. That’s what the Drive-Bys… Who was it that actually said that? I need to dig deep into the recesses of my fertile memory. Normally, there was this… Oh, I know what it was.

It’s this notion that I scare 24-year-old women because of my passion, and my passion sometimes results in my voice being raised. Yes, that’s what it was. I scare 24-year-old women, they just don’t like it, and here’s a woman obviously very close to age 24 asking or suggesting that I be the commencement speaker. In fact, you know, I have appeared on the campus of Irvine, one of the very first ever Rush to Excellence Tour performances after we got KFI in Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful part of town.

I’m not saying I’d do it, don’t misunderstand. I’m not even lobbying for it. I’m not going there. I just thought it was interesting because I supposedly scare people like that. You hear what she said? “I personally like Rush Limbaugh, so I would think it would be awesome if he came.”

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