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RUSH: Now, this Mrs. Clinton business. You know, yesterday we talked about the revival of the Clinton era nineties and how there’s a whole group of young people that don’t know anything about it. They weren’t old enough or weren’t alive during the Lewinsky scandal. We think it was just yesterday, but in terms of voting age, you’ve got some young people that are gonna be voting for the first time in the next couple of years to whom that’s nothing more than something that happened either in their childhood or when they weren’t even born.

And so the question is, what is their impression of Clinton? I mean, their impression of Clinton is Clinton Global Initiative; their impression of Hillary, Secretary of State; they’re great people. People who were not alive or paying attention back then and based only on what’s reported about the Clintons today will have a viewpoint that maybe the Clintons are wonderful people, filled with compassion, they help others, and everybody loves them, Clinton’s popular, he’s everywhere, he’s with all these pop culture guys, he hangs out with Bono, and then they learn about Lewinsky.

What’s going to be the impact? It could go either way. Kathleen Willey was on Megyn Kelly last night. By the way, what prompted me to bring this up is, there’s a bumper sticker. You know, you’ve all seen this before, but they’re being revived. You know, Rand Paul is out there talking about what an absolute disgrace Bill Clinton was, and Kathleen Willey is saying that Hillary Clinton is the War on Women.

There’s a lot of young people — remember, political parties target ’em — that don’t know anything about this. So there’s a bumper sticker. I saw it. “Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife for President.” That’s the bumper sticker. Now, if you don’t know Monica Lewinsky or how she’s even in the news or why she’s in the news, that bumper sticker might not mean anything to you. But if you don’t, what a put-down of Clinton. “Monica Lewinsky’s ex-wife.”

Now, this stuff is starting to resurface, and as you know, the Republicans are scared to death. The Republicans think that if Hillary runs, she’s automatically gonna get the nomination, and she’s automatically gonna be elected, and they have thought that since back in the nineties. I can remember elected officials, party officials (back when they were talking to me) telling me that there was no way we could ever stop Hillary Clinton when it was her time to run.

There was no way.

Of course, Obama came along and did it. But prior to 2008, I can’t tell you the number of people telling me, “Rush, it’s a fait accompli. There’s no stopping her. If she runs, she’s gonna get the nomination, and she’s gonna get elected.” It’s all repeating itself now. You know it and I know it. I mean, you see it out there, people on our side deathly afraid. I’ve always asked, “Why are we? She puts her pants on like every other guy, one leg at a time. What in the world is there to be afraid of?”

But they are.

They are terribly afraid, people on our side.

So I’m just interested in what these youths who don’t know because they weren’t alive or old enough to really know, who are now going to be learning about Clinton and Lewinsky and all the other babes — Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones. So let’s go to Kathleen Willey and see what she has to say about it. She was on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox last night and we got two bites. Megyn Kelly said, “You’ve come out now and said that you believe that former President Clinton’s harassment of you is relevant to any potential run that Hillary might make in 2016. Why do you think that?”

WILLEY: She needs to be exposed for all of the terror campaigns that she raised against women who were in the wrong place at the wrong time with her husband. How can you be a champion of women’s rights and turn around and do what she’s done to women like me? I was reading the article last Monday. The thing that bothered me the most was when she was having the discussion with somebody about how they were gonna handle Gennifer Flowers, and she was trying to find a way to hang a crime on her. She wanted to send that woman to jail, and that’s when I thought, “You know, this isn’t right. This is not right.”

RUSH: Now, folks, she’s right. This is another thing. Hillary Clinton… You can talk about Betsey Wright. Betsey Wright was the titular head of the “bimbo eruptions” unit. Some of you may have forgotten. There was a “bimbo eruptions” unit that Clinton, Carville, and George Stephanopoulos put together 1992 as part of a war room, and Kathleen Willey’s right.

There were all kinds of women all over the country that Clinton had, shall we say, “interacted” with, and the campaign developed a strategery to deal with these people as they came forward. It was Hillary who did the strategery. Hillary created the “bimbo eruptions” unit. They put Betsey Wright, you know, as the titular figure in charge of it. But it was Hillary’s idea, and the idea was, “Whenever one of these women pops up, just destroy her.”

In the process, that was supposed to keep other women from popping up. That was to keep the other women quiet. So you had Paula Jones come forward on sexual harassment, and that’s when James Carville said (impression), “Well, you know, when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park you never know what kind of trash you’re gonna pick up.” All of this was going on, and it was an actual War on Women being run from the Clinton War Room.

It was an actual War on Women. While Bill was being feted as the greatest women’s rights president ever come down the pike — and I recall, of course, Hillary was the greatest feminist and smartest woman ever to come down the pike — they’re out there destroying all these women who could have damaged Clinton. Oh, and the NOW gang was right in there with them. The NAGs were joining them in destroying these women. It didn’t matter who they were, and Kathleen Willey ended up being one of them.

So she’s just saying to Megyn Kelly last night, “I’m reading about what they tried to do to Gennifer Flowers,” and she says Hillary needs to be “exposed for all the terror campaigns that she [ran] against the women who were in the wrong place at the wrong time with her husband,” meaning they happened to be in the room when Clinton walked in and got eyes for ’em. That’s what happened to Kathleen Willey.

Clinton flew into wherever she lived — Virginia, West Virginia, wherever it was — and she’s on the tarmac with a bunch of other Democrats welcoming Clinton as he arrives, and he asked some guy, “Hey, who is that?” “That’s Kathleen Willey.” “Hey, give me her number, will you?” The guy got her number, and Clinton called her, and she claims hit on her, harassed her. Her husband committed suicide not long after. So she’s surfacing now. Here’s the next bite. Megyn Kelly says, “Well, when you look at the Clintons’ approval ratings, both of them, I mean, they’re sky-high, Kathleen.”

WILLEY: The younger women who are looking at, “It’s gonna be really cool to have a first woman president, and I’m gonna vote for her” — and they have no idea about what she stands for, who she is — they’re just gonna vote for her because it’s gonna be cool to elect the first woman president. And I just think women like that should be… They should be educated, because, Megyn, of what happened. And it was terrifying.

RUSH: And she’s not alone. She’s not alone. You hear it. She thinks that a bunch of young women — such as college students at Georgetown who want endless contraception so they can stay in bed all day and night and have the government pay for it, that those women — are gonna think, “Whoa! First woman president? Hillary Clinton? Rah-rah!”

They’re not gonna know any of this stuff. They may not care. So she thinks that the younger generation has a chance here to be totally fooled, and that’s she’s on this campaign to try to alert people who weren’t alive then and do not really know exactly who the Clintons are. Now, that’s been tried all through the nineties. We have to say it didn’t work, right? (interruption)

You think it did work? (interruption) Give me the definition — and I’m not talking about impeachment succeeding. (interruption) Well, that doesn’t… . (interruption) I’m not talking about with Democrats. I’m talking about voters. It hasn’t hurt the Clintons at all. It hasn’t hurt Hillary. I mean, she didn’t lose the nomination because of that. She lost it ’cause media was fascinated with first African-American candidate.


RUSH: I was just asked a question by the Official Program Observer, and that would be Bo Snerdley. Why do we have an Official Program Observer? Think of it as an official archivist, someone that is constantly observing the program so as to know everything that happened. Every major media enterprise that’s worth its salt has at least one observer. Sometimes we slough it off to others when Snerdley gets tired of observing, but he asked me question.

He said, “Hillary is going to have a primary opponent?”

Oh, there’s no question.

If they have to invent one, she will have a primary opponent, and the reason will be that a primary opponent bringing up other issues will take all this Lewinsky stuff off the table in the Democrat primary. In fact, US News & World Report just tweeted: “A primary challenger would allow Hillary Clinton to move past her husband’s affair early on in the campaign,” and they link to this article: “Why Hillary Needs A Primary Challenger,” and the subhead is, “There’s a way to distract from the scandals that engulfed the Clintons in the ’90s.”

So even if there isn’t one, they will invent a challenger, and so forth, for that express purpose.

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