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RUSH: Doug in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Glad to be able to talk to you finally.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad you made it, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah, you kind of brought me out of the closet about 20 years ago. I didn’t know I was a conservative until I listened to your show for a while, and it was like, “Huh, I didn’t know.”

RUSH: Really? You didn’t know you were a conservative?

CALLER: Well I —

RUSH: Until you listened?

CALLER: That was a confusing time. (laughing)

RUSH: It always is. It always is. That’s the power of the media. It’s always confusing.


RUSH: Well, welcome home, sir. It’s great to have you back.

CALLER: I’ve got a couple of things I want to comment on. I am really pleased to be a conservative and not a confused liberal.

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. The Brave Pilgrims is wonderful.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I can’t get my hands on it because I have nieces and nephews that are passing it around. They’re enjoying it, and I wanted to read it again. I have a little dyslexia so it takes me a little longer to read it.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you: When we finish here, don’t hang up. Snerdley will get your address and I’ll send you the audio version.

CALLER: Oh, that’d be great.

RUSH: The audio version is for sale, too. They haven’t done a good job marketing it. The audio version, it’s in a different part of the store, but it’s also at Amazon. But I gotta tell you, I did it, it’s good, it’s quality, and I just finished the audio version for the second book, and, if you’ve got dyslexia or if you can’t get the book back, this is the best alternative. So I’ll send you one.

CALLER: The reason I got it is when I heard you read the first chapter on Thanksgiving.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. It’s a tease. That’s exactly why I did it.

CALLER: It worked. The other thing is, on Tuesday you said a little something about preppers that kind of sat wrong with me. They’re not a bunch of crazies that are worried about the climate change man-made or anything like that. You know the earth goes through cycles and things like that, and preppers that I know of believe in almost everything that you do. They’re almost all conservatives, independent voters or Republicans that have a backbone. They prep for disasters that are both nature and DC-made.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh.

CALLER: And, you know, they’re pretty smart folks.

RUSH: You mean the preppers?


RUSH: Well, it’s better to be a prepper, I guess, than a denier.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: The deniers get… I mean, deniers, they catch real hell. The preppers, you know, they’re just thought of as little weird. But the deniers are like Nazis.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. And the thing, too, if you’re prepared, well, you know, if the old stuff doesn’t hit the fan, well, you’re stocked up for a while, don’t have to buy groceries for a while.

RUSH: Well, obviously. Grocery store? What’s a grocery store? What is…? Oh, I know what he means.

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