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RUSH: Look at that. They’re finally admitting it. The Regime is admitting, Biden is out there saying there’s no way, we’re not gonna get to seven million people signing up for Obamacare. That was the drop-dead number. That was the minimum they needed to make it work, right? So Biden’s out there saying (paraphrasing), “Well, yeah, it’s not gonna happen.”

If that’s not gonna happen, then what are they going to do? ‘Cause if that doesn’t happen, they don’t have any funding mechanism. If they don’t get seven million people signed up for this thing — and by the way, do you know in Oregon not one person has enrolled in Cover Oregon? That’s the state exchange, like Covered California, not one in Oregon. In North Carolina they’ve got a net loss. They’ve had something like — I’m rounding numbers — a hundred some odd sign up and 400,000 have lost coverage. They’re down 300 some odd thousand people. Even though they’ve had a hundred and some odd sign up, they’ve also had 4,000 cancellations. It’s an absolute disaster.

Here’s Biden out there saying, “Well, yeah, we’re probably not gonna get to the seven million any time soon.” Well, that’s why this has been delayed, but they’re not gonna give it up. I’m not asking how they’ll fund it. You might be asking. They’ll just write the check. They’ll just borrow it, they’ll just print it, whatever. They’ll raise taxes. They’ll do whatever they’ve gotta do.

What do they want to do? They want to transform the country, right? They want to redistribute wealth. Okay? If their primary effort in doing that is lagging, then they’ll just come up with ways to make it happen outside of health care. Health care was a transfer of wealth. Health care is the redistribution of income. Health care is massive tax increases, so just do that. In fact, they might say we’ve gotta double up and ratchet up our efforts here since we’re lagging behind on enrollees.

We gotta get there. ‘Cause they’re not gonna give up the program.

Do you expect them to say, “Yeah, it’s a nice try, but, you know, we’re gonna broom Obamacare, we’ll come back later and we’ll start from scratch.” You think they’re gonna do that? No way. You know what the media’s saying about this? All they’re saying is, “Vice president lowers expectations of Obamacare.” That’s it. As though it’s a brilliant political move. It was an astute political move for the vice president to go out and lower expectations. By doing that, there can be fewer critics that are taken seriously. ‘Cause if you lower expectations, and if you’re honest about how few people you’re gonna have enrolled by certain date, then it just makes the critics look like a bunch of nattering nabobs. (interruption) No, no, no, no. See, I don’t understand how you can ask me a question like that and then think I’m nuts when I tell you that the media would not object to having monitors.

You have to understand, folks. Bo Snerdley is one of my closest friends and loves me, and there is nobody more loyal. You have to understand that. This is not a suck-up. He actually asked me, “How long is it going to be before somebody in the Regime or the media blames you for the lack of sign-ups because of all the time you’ve spent talking it down and criticizing it and making fun of it?” And I said, “They’re not gonna blame me for this. When it comes to health care, I’m not on their radar.”

He firmly believes that since they blame me for a lot of other things, that they’ll eventually get to blaming me for this. But I do not believe they will do that. (interruption) Yeah, I’ll betcha. What do you want to bet? Yeah, you figure something out. How about a 4K 32-inch display that works for my new Mac Pro?


RUSH: Now, you asked me a moment ago. “Look, if Biden says we’re nowhere near what we need, seven million enrollees, can’t even meet the expectation of Obamacare, then what are we gonna do?” What are they gonna say? I guarantee you — maybe Biden’s already said it. After he said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re not gonna meet our expectation, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re not gonna hit the seven million right now,” but they’re still out there saying, “We’re heading in the right direction. Despite the snags, despite the glitches, despite the bumps in the road, we are closer to our targets than we were yesterday. We’re headed in the right direction. We’re headed there. We’re on the way. We’re gonna get it done. And, besides, we have the stockpile of all the hollow-point bullets now. You can’t find any, can you?”

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