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RUSH: This morning on CNBC Squawk Box, the correspondent, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera interviewed the Netherlands speed skating coach Jillert Anema. His team has won more medals in a single winter Olympics than anyone ever before, and, during the interview, the coach, Jillert Anema, said this about America’s medal count during the Sochi Olympics.

ANEMA: I think that the question about America not winning medals here is more about the system that you have in your country, because you have a lot of attention for a foolish sport like American football and you — you waste a lot of talent, athletic talent in a sport where it’s meant to kill each other, to injure each other.

RUSH: Now, you may be asking, “Rush, what are you playing that for me for? There’s other stuff.” I want to show you the purpose of that but it is to illustrate the worldwide influence that the American left has. How recent has it really been that the American leftist media has been going after football on the basis that it kills? A year? I mean, in the intense fashion that it’s come to be, a year, two years?

Here now is some never-before-heard-of glittering jewel of colossal ignorance who happens to be a speed skating coach in where? The Netherlands! The Netherlands, 95% of America could not find it on a map. The 5% who could find it on a map still wouldn’t know where it is, and the speed skating coach of the Netherlands is now saying that the reason we suck at the Olympics is because we are wasting time on a foolish sport like football, where we are purposely trying to kill people.

Where did this Nimrod get that idea? Now, some of you might be saying, “Oh, he probably thought it all along. He’s a good liberal.” Maybe so. Either way, either way, the attack on the National Football League and the NCAA and organized football is going on all over the world, and now it’s being blamed for the lack of medals at the Sochi Olympics! Although didn’t our ice dancers kick butt?

I think our ice dancers kicked butt, didn’t they? Meryl Davis and Charlie White? Yeah. So I don’t know what the Netherlands skating coach has to say about that, but this gets even better because, you know, Frank Deford… We just played the sound bite, Frank Deford saying that football not only hurts the brain, it damages the soul of people who play it. But we still want Michael Sam to go and play!

Even though it takes your soul away from, and even though it breaks your head, and even though it can maim you — and even though it’s barbaric, and even though people are getting rich by destroying the lives of these athletes — we still want Michael Sam to go out there and play, and even if he does we’ll forget him after the third week, ’cause we’ll be refocused on all the heterosexuals losing their souls and hurting their heads.

From Frank Deford to coach Jillert Anema, the Netherlands. Back now to Squawk Box, because they asked the coach another question. After the coach said the US is not winning medals because we’re killing people in football, Caruso-Cabrera wasn’t quite sure what she had heard, and they continued talking about it.

CARUSO-CABRERA: When you criticize American football —

ANEMA: Ye-es?

CARUSO-CABRERA: — you commit blasphemy.

ANEMA: (chortles)

CARUSO-CABRERA: That’s very injurious and insulting to Americans. We love football.

ANEMA: I… Yeah, exactly. That’s what (sic) I do it, because you’re so narrow-minded — Yeah? — and then you want to compete against the world while you waste a lot of good talent in a sport that sucks.

RUSH: (laughing) Oh ho, yeah. That’s right. This little commie SOB just said that (imitating accent), “Football sucks, and it kills people, and that’s why you’re not winning medals, because it sucks. You’re wasting a lot of good talent playing a sport that sucks.” Look, it serves a purpose. Here it is, the Netherlands now, the anti-football sentiment has spread. I wonder what Coach Jillert Anema thinks of hockey. I think they play hockey in the — (interruption) call him narrow-minded? No, no, no. Well, he said the reporter was narrow-minded — well, no, because he said the American people are narrow-minded.

The interviewer said, “You’re committing blasphemy criticizing football. That’s very injurious, insulting to Americans. We love football.” He said, “Yeah, exactly, that’s correct. I do it because you’re so narrow-minded, yeah, and then you want to compete against the world while you waste a lot of good talent in a sport that sucks.” (sigh) Okay.

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