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RUSH: Bob Beckel has confirmed that journalists of all three sexes are sleeping with their sources in Washington and have been for years. The subject has been popularized by the latest season of House of Cards. Have you delved into it yet? Have you watched it on Netflix? (interruption) All right. In the show, journalists and members of Congress routinely sleep with each other, and so it came up on Fox the other day.

It’s come up in other places, since the show is in its second season. Dana Perino, Bush’s Press Secretary, said, “No, no, no. That would never happen. It would never happen!” Beckel said, “Heh, heh, heh. Are you kidding? Let me tell you something. I’ve been in this town 20 years and I’m gonna tell you what: Everybody’s sleeping with everyone. And it’s males and females and sources and journalists. Heh, heh, heh.”

Dana Perino said, “I can’t believe that would actually happen here,” and it is happening.


RUSH: Let’s get to the Bob Beckel business. House of Cards star Robin Wright. Snerdley, you do watch the show, right? (interruption) But you’re wrapping up season one? (interruption) Oh, you’re reviewing the last season, so you remember where it left off so that you’re up to speed when it picks up? (interruption) Well here it says all 13 episodes are up there on Netflix. They’re all one hour. I think the last one might be 63 minutes. They’re all 58, 59 minutes.

If you want, you can speed through the open. The open’s about two minutes but the open doesn’t actually open. You can’t really do that, because the show opens cold with actual content and the open comes up. But whenever the open hits, it’s two minutes. You can speed through it. So he’s catching up with it. Robin Wright plays… What do you think of this, if you watch the show.

Some people think that Kevin Spacey’s character and his wife Robin Wright are actually depictions of Bill and Hillary. They’re not president. He ends up… Well, no, I can’t spoil it. He’s a high-ranking member of Congress. She runs a nonprofit think tank. But the depiction, some people are saying… I don’t know if most people know this, the House of Cards, the original is Brit. It goes way back to the ’90s. It was a four-season extravaganza. (interruption)

Is it on Netflix, the original House of Cards? (interruption) You’ve watched that one twice? (interruption) Now, that one is, that series, that’s not Bill Clinton, and his wife is not Hillary. But this is the adaptation. Some people are saying that. “House of Cards star Robin Wright made waves in Washington this week when she claimed she had it on good authority from an unnamed Obama Regime official that reporters really do sleep with their Capitol Hill sources, just as characters in the hit Netflix drama do on screen. According to … Bob Beckel, it ‘happens all the time.'”

The audio sound bite, this is The Five. Eric Bolling is co-hosting and he mentions what Robin Wright said about sources and journalists sleeping with each other in DC. He’s acting kind of dubious of it, and Beckel weighs in.

BECKEL: Are you kidding me? I was in Washington for 30 years. I can tell you… I don’t have to guess. I can tell you specifically. I know one female reporter from a particular newspaper chain that slept with at least two members of Congress. I know of a lobbyist, a female lobbyist slept with maybe eight members of Congress.


BECKEL: I know, when I was in the administration, uhhh —

TARANTULA: (snickering)

BECKEL: Well, anyway, to answer your question about female, uh, members of Congress, that’s been done. Uh, yes, it happens all the time.

RUSH: Now, it then came up, “Well, wait a minute. Everybody’s assuming that the journalists are all women and female journalists sleeping with their sources,” and Beckel said, “It’s not just women, but I know male journalists sleeping with their sources. It’s not just females.” Now, is any of this shocking to you?

We can watch a White House press conference when Clinton was president and we can name the women who wish they were in bed with him just by watching their attitude. We’ve had female journalists actually offer, in print, Bill Clinton free Lewinskies in gratitude on his support for abortion. Nina Burleigh at Time Magazine offered Clinton, in writing, a free Lewinsky as thanks. You can see it in their eyes.

When the Lewinsky scandal hit, you could see some of the journalists thinking, “Why not me?”

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