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RUSH: I told you a long time ago to be wary that the Clinton-Lewinsky thing was gonna lead to people thinking it’s cool and all that. Have you heard Beyonce’s latest tune? Oh, oh, oh! Well. Hang on. Grab audio sound bite 6A. This is Beyonce Carter’s website. She released a new song out there, and a video entitled “Partition.”

It’s the limousine partition, I guess. Doesn’t want the driver looking back. Wants the driver to close the partition. In the song she sings a bout going to a club with her husband and not getting there before things got really steamy in the back of the limo. Somebody needs to tell Beyonce that Miley Cyrus has the raunch title pretty much taken. But you need to hear it. This is only six seconds. It’s gonna go by real fast. I may have to translate this for you. Here goes. Three…two…one.

BEYONCE: He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse. He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.

RUSH: Oh, yes, siree bobkin. Did you hear that? Were you able to? Want to hear that again? Here we go. Three…two…one. This is Beyonce.

BEYONCE: He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse. He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.

RUSH: You got it? “He Monica Lewinsky’d all over my gown.” Is that not something?


RUSH: That’s right. That’s exactly right. Exactly right. Your kids are gonna be driving around, they’re gonna be listen to Beyonce. (interruption) Blue Ivy will be listening? Oh, I’m sure Blue Ivy was at the recording session. Blue Ivy, yeah. I guess… You want to hear this one more time? There seems to be a natural craving for this, so here it is.

BEYONCE: He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse. He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.

RUSH: It’s entered the pop culture. “He Monica Lewinsky’d all over my gown.” It’s a love song, folks. I mean, she’s not upset at any of this. You wonder why Democrats embrace Clinton? Why the pop culture is Clinton? I told you, I warned you, this was gonna happen way back many, many moons ago.


RUSH: Jonathan, San Clemente, California. It’s great to have you on the program, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Rush! Great to talk to you.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Bible-loving, cigar-smoking, Missouri-born Rush Baby dittos.

RUSH: Hubba hubba. What kind of cigar?

CALLER: You know, Padron Maduro 3000 I like a lot.

RUSH: Those are excellent. A lot of people love the Padrons. They’re out of Nicaragua.


RUSH: And they love ’em, a lot of people actually love ’em. Good choice.

CALLER: It’s a great cigar. Hey, what is going on? You know, I know I’m on the Left Coast, but I’m being told that global warming is caused by man, that raising the minimum wage is gonna create jobs, and now we got the president’s daughter’s perfect role model, Beyonce, telling us that I guess her husband Monica Lewinsky’d all over her. But that doesn’t make any sense. Last time I checked with sex education, shouldn’t it have been Bill Clinton’d on Monica Lewinsky?

RUSH: Yeah, I thought the same thing. When I heard the Beyonce lyric, I said, “What is this Monica Lewinsky’d all over her?”

CALLER: I mean —

RUSH: Lewinsky didn’t do anything!

CALLER: I would imagine she had the education to know the anatomy and what goes on, but now we’re being told that it’s from the female? I’m kind of blown away.

RUSH: I’ll tell you what it is. If you really want to know the truth, the truth is that Clinton is protected. He’s loved and adored by Beyonce and Jay-Z, these people.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But Lewinsky is perfectly fine to make fun of.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: If I were the feminist movement…. Look, this woman’s life has pretty much been destroyed, mocked, laughed at, made fun of, by who? The hero of the Democrat Party.


RUSH: And they tell us we got a War on Women! Here’s what he’s calling about. Grab sound bite 6A. This is Beyonce Carter, and it’s a music video. She’s in a limo. The title of this is Partition. She wants the driver to close the partition in the limo. She’s singing about going to a club with her husband, the well-known Sean Carter, also known as Jay-Z, and they don’t make it to the club before things get steamy. This is just six seconds. Here we go.

BEYONCE: He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse. He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.

RUSH: “He Monica Lewinsky’d all over my gown,” and your point is, “What do you mean, Monica Lewinsky’d? He Bill Clinton’d all over my gown.”

CALLER: Great role model.

RUSH: That’s your point, right?

CALLER: That’s exactly right.

RUSH: “He Bill Clinton’d all over my gown.”


RUSH: I just received an e-mail that I want to react to. It’s a good e-mail. It chastised me for being an old fuddy-duddy over this Beyonce thing, Monica Lewinsky’d all over her gown. “Rush, you know, sex in music and kids, it’s been around since before we were around. What are you getting so upset?” I know that. Here’s the difference. Here’s the difference. I’ll reach around and pat myself on the back.

I had a fear, and I warned everybody, that because of the way the whole Clinton thing ended up, that rather than any of that being seen as shameful, it was gonna end up being a badge of honor and that kind of behavior, by a president, was gonna be seen as cool someday. The difference is, yeah, we’ve always had kids titillated by stuff like that. That’s not new. What is new is we don’t have any adults setting standards in positions of influential leadership.

We used to have adults who set standards, moral standards, cultural standards, legal standards. They were better than we were. They gave us something to aspire to. They were people that we described as having dignity and character. That’s all gone now, particularly the upper levels of the Democrat Party. There isn’t any of that kind of decency, dignity, character, morality. They have promoted this kind of…

I don’t want to call it “indecency,” because it’s not new. Kids are being titillated by what’s in music. The e-mailer is exactly right. The difference is that there should be a president in it. Not that long ago, Clinton would have been shamed by this. He would not have been able to and wouldn’t have wanted to show his face anyway — and now it’s badge of honor, is the point. That is what’s new here.

The bottom feeders of the entertainment industry were never invited to presidential inaugurations. The bottom feeders of the entertainment were never used as fundraisers for presidents of the United States. They were ignored. There was always a line. They were always there, and they were always who they were, and they always did what they did. The bottom feeders have now become the standard. That’s what’s different.

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