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RUSH: Meeting and surpassing all audience expectations every day: Rush Limbaugh — trying to stay sane, trying to stay well adjusted, trying to stay grounded, trying to stay rooted just like all of you are — and, folks, I promise you I will. I am gonna be the last person to cave. I can’t ever imagine myself caving, not like I see happening. I see people falling by the wayside and it’s not just people on my side. I see people everywhere. Despite polling data! I mean, this is the most confounding thing.

Look here. We got a new poll from New York Times/CBS. It’s dire news for the Democrats. Obama’s job approval is back down to 41%, a five point drop. This ties his lowest ever rating in this category, this poll. Public esteem for the president’s party is down to 42%. That level hasn’t been seen since … 2010. You guessed it! Not since the last midterms that we had. Planned Parenthood said they’re going to dump $16 million into the midterm races.

“Most Americans Disappointed in the Obama Presidency,” a poll says. This is… It didn’t print the source, but it’s big. It’s not some fly-by-night website here. Amid continued pessimism about the economy and direction of the country, 59% of Americans say they are disappointed in Mr. ObamaÂ’s presidency (including 37% who are very disappointed); 40% are satisfied. Much of this discontent comes from Republicans and independents, but” it is growing.

“More specifically, Mr. Obama gets low marks for his handling of both foreign policy and the economy. …

“The president gets low marks for his handling of both foreign policy and the economy. … By a wide margin, more continue to think the country is off on the wrong track [63%] rather than headed in the right direction.” No matter where you look, there’s opposition to this, but there’s no action behind it! Wherever you look, the president is held in disfavor. Presidential approval, policy by policy. There’s universal opposition, and yet there’s no push-back to any of it.

There’s abject fear of pushing back. This is one of the most amazing things. We’ve got people caving left and right. There’s no desire to stop this and fight back against it, despite the polling data. I held a story from yesterday, in yesterday’s Stack. Daniel Horowitz wrote a piece about something I’ve been saying since the 2010 midterms. The sum hotel of his piece was you had this massive landslide defeat for the Democrats.

They lost over 760 seats nationwide! It was huge. Tea Party. The Republicans were the sole beneficiaries of this, and it was about the debt and it was about Obamacare. Mr. Horowitz says (summarized), “Can you imagine what would have happened if the Republican Party and the Tea Party, if these forces had unified? Can you imagine the powerful coalition and force opposing the Democrat Party? Can you imagine what it would be?”

Instead, the Tea Party was ostracized by the Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans wanted no part of the Tea Party, and Republican establishment types started doing everything they could to deemphasize, to beat, humiliate, and basically render irrelevant the Tea Party. Can you imagine what would have happened? This was my point. Here you have this massive majority of people opposing Obamacare! It’s a built-in constituency just waiting to be connected with politically.

It’s made to order for the Republican Party, something they oppose anyway, Obamacare. (Or did they? That remained the big question.) Now we’re the same circumstance here. I have predicted that this is gonna be a huge landslide defeat for the Democrats again. But that doesn’t mean much if there isn’t any opposition, if there isn’t any push-back. Okay, the Democrats lose — and we know that wouldn’t think they’re going to, if you look at the retirements.

John Dingell, although that seat is set to stay in the family with his wife, Debbie. But, anyway, he’s getting out. He doesn’t want to be part of minority. Neither does Waxman, neither does George Miller. A bunch of ’em are saying, “So long, we’re outta here. It’s no fun.” They don’t think they’re gonna win. In fact, they probably think gonna lose big. So they have no desire to be there. On the one hand you’ve got that; then you’ve got the Republicans, who, once again, are gonna be the beneficiaries of this.

But that doesn’t mean much unless there is an actual agenda that is rooted in the opposition, that is rooted in opposing Obama and the Democrats. It really… When you look at it that way, it can make you cry, the opportunity that has been squandered — a number of times, not just 2010. There have been any number of other occasions where had the Tea Party been embraced by the Republican Party… It was a natural coalition; it was a natural mix.

Now we’re in a circumstance where no matter where you go in the country (except in little enclaves of Democrats), everything happen is universally opposed. We are genuinely being governed by a smaller and smaller minority, which somehow is able to bully everybody in the majority into shutting up. They’re able to bully people into not only shutting up, but caving.

It seems like every day or every week we get another example of somebody on the Republican side giving up the fight, and whenever a Republican stands up and wants to carry the fight, the forces of opposition to that descend and try to destroy that guy — Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, are two names that come to mind, Rand Paul and others. It’s just amazing to me. So you got most Americans disappointed in Obama’s presidency, opposing Obamacare and want no part of it.

There’s another little blurb here. This is one line story. It’s so small, I wonder where I put it. Something like 6% of people support Obamacare. Here it is. New York Times, CBS poll: 6% say Obamacare is working well and should be kept in place. Six percent! In terms of the will of the people, in terms of public opinion, in terms of what the people this country want, what’s happening isn’t it. I’ve never seen this before, and I mean that.

I have never seen circumstance where two of the three bodies of government lay down and allow themselves to literally be trampled and have their power taken from them. I’ve never seen this kind of docile, lackadaisical, uncaring attitude about this, and I’m here to assure you: I don’t care what happens, I am never gonna be in that group. I can’t foresee a circumstance. I literally cannot foresee the day where I come to this program behind this microphone and begin speaking to you in a manner that would indicate I have given up what I believe.

I just can’t see it. I don’t understand how others can do it. But it’s happening. It’s undeniable. A genuinely small minority of people are bullying their way through the Constitution, the culture, and they are bending and shaping public opinion in their way. I know, “media this.” I’m not gonna sound like a broken record. We all know the reasons why. But it shouldn’t be this easy.

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