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RUSH: Here’s Kevin in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m gonna thank you. Because of you, I have learned to develop my conservative brain.

RUSH: I appreciate that. We need more people doing that.

CALLER: Yeah. I live next to the ultimate laboratory for liberalism, which is known as Detroit. The other day I was watching the new mayor, Mike Duggan, on TV, and he was talking about the high car insurance rates in Detroit. Well, in Detroit people print up false certificates of car insurance, and they go to their friends at Secretary of State (sic) where they’re able to get, you know, their licenses, and the other thing is there’s also a high theft rate for cars in Detroit. A lot of cars get stolen, so of course the rates have been driven up. As soon as he started talking about that, I wanted to hear what his solution was for that.

RUSH: Wait a minute. You’re telling me that people are forging insurance policies, proof of insurance in order to be able to get a driver’s license or something?

CALLER: Well, yeah. I mean, anything goes in Detroit.

RUSH: You said they’re printing up insurance policies.

CALLER: Yeah. Mmm-hmm. Yeah. I talked to my sister, who is a bus driver, and he told me a friend of hers was in Detroit and she was able to get a falsified certificate of insurance because you can’t get your license renewed in Michigan if you don’t have a valid proof of car insurance.

RUSH: Okay. So they’re forging insurance certificates, and then you say that there’s a theft problem?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, a lot cars get stolen in Detroit. That’s really no secret around here. (laughin) I’m 20 miles away from Detroit, you know? I try to live as far away from Detroit as I can, but I grew up in this area. Of course all the auto insurance rates are high, and Mayor Duggan’s answer for that — I almost fell off of the couch when I heard this, Rush — is he wants Detroit to create its own car insurance company, and he’s going to call it “D Insurance,” and I just started laughing. I thought, “This is unrealistic.”

RUSH: You’re looking at this the wrong way. You’re looking at it all the wrong way be opinion you need to look at this as a positive. You need to turn this into a positive. You need to look that there are enough cars being made in Detroit to steal. Rather than being upset at the theft, you gotta turn and be able to look at the positive in everything. That’s wait we’re gonna fix Detroit. Say, “Wow, there are enough cars there that there’s a theft problem? We’re making progress.” (Ahem) It’s that simple.

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