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RUSH: I didn’t see this, but I have been told that Mark Halperin… I guess he’s a political writer at TIME Magazine. He writes all these books now. Halperin used to be a political director at ABC. He’s one of the things guys that writes books during the campaign, learns all kinds of stuff that could affect the election, and holds it. He doesn’t report it. He saves it for a book that he writes after it’s all done and said. He writes and his partner is John Heilemann.

Apparently on Morning Joe today, Halperin said, “Look, Reagan never had anywhere near as tough a Soviet leader as Putin,” implying that Reagan had it easy compared to what Obama’s dealing with. Well, let’s play a little game here. Let’s list the names of the Soviet leaders that Reagan had to deal with.

First off was Leonid Brezhnev. I’ll bet you’ll never get the next one. (interruption) You’re thinking of Yuri Andropov.

There was another one before Andropov. (interruption) Yeah, Konstantin Chernenko. After Konstantin Chernenko was assassinated by the KGB for ineffectiveness or whatever… (interruption) Well, we don’t really know, but when those guys died, it was always under a cloud. After Chernenko, it was Yuri Andropov — and Andropov, let me tell you something. Andropov was right out…

I attended a lecture by Jeane Kirkpatrick. She was speaking at the University of California-Davis, which was right down the road from my adopted hometown of Sacramento. This would have been… Well, it was during perestroika, glasnost, Gorbachev. Gorbachev was loved and adored by every college student in America, and Gorbachev was loved and adored by everybody in the media because at the time Reagan was the danger.

Reagan was the cowboy. Reagan had called ’em “the Evil Empire,” and Reagan in doing his Saturday morning radio address had joked about “the bombing starts in five minutes.” He was gonna hit the button. He was just razzing ’em because they always thought that Reagan was gonna be the problem, and I will I’ll never forget when Gorbachev arrived for the first summit in Washington.

Well, that’s where we invented the term “Gorbasm,” ’cause that’s exactly what happened out there on the tarmac when Gorbachev’s plane (an Ilyushin Il-62) taxied up. I mean, it was a public orgasm on the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base, where all these officials assembled, ’cause they really thought the savior of the world had landed. I’m not making it up. At the time, I thought, “Oh, these people are just acting.” I’ve come down realize, they believed it.

They believed Reagan was the danger and that Gorbachev was the savior and salvation. They really believed it! At the time I was naive and thought they were just saying it because it was their partisan nature. They really believed it. All of this inane stupid stuff that we’ve been laughing at for 25 years, they believed it, and we believe it all. Anyway, Jeane Kirkpatrick is lecturing, and she starts off by saying:

“The only difference between Mikhail Gorbachev and previous Soviet leaders is that he is alive.” You should have seen the students! They just erupted, and they stood up and started pointing fingers at her and they snickered and they laughed and they booed — and she was great. She was totally unaffected, and she just kept going and ramming it down their throats. When it was over, she stayed and went to an anteroom off of the lecture hall.

They had a reception, beverages and marijuana or whatever the students were doing, and she sat around and talked to any of them that wanted to talk to her. She was just reading ’em the Riot Act, and everything she was telling them was the exact opposite of what they were hearing in class. It was so great to hear. Jeane Kirkpatrick was the former US ambassador to the United Nations under Reagan.

She invented the term “San Francisco Democrats” to describe them after their convention in San Francisco 1984, which I, El Rushbo (chuckling) attended. Any rate, it’s amazing what these people do to prop up our young president. “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Reagan never had anywhere near as tough a Soviet leader as Putin.” Putin was there. He was the KGB. The KGB was always in charge. It didn’t matter who the “leader” was. I marvel at some of the things these people say and think.


RUSH: These Soviet leaders, I’m still struck by Mark Halperin (imitating Halperin), “Oh, yeah, yeah, Reagan, he never faced anybody nearly as tough as Putin. Oh, no, no, no.” Leonid Brezhnev is who put out the contract on Pope John Paul II. Brezhnev tried to wipe out Pope John Paul II. Brezhnev deposed Khrushchev ’cause he despised him. Brezhnev was no walk in the park. In fact, Brezhnev was tougher than Putin. Brezhnev ordered Castro to send troops to Angola. Anyway, these guys, none of them were slouches. That’s the point.

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