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RUSH: Here’s Don in Chicago. Hi, Don. I really appreciate your patience. Thank you for waiting. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks. I was in the Ukraine about 12 years ago, about four years after the communists pulled out and left those people literally high and dry. We were helping build a church in a small town and it was in a collective farming area. They literally left the farm (unintelligible) sitting in the fields. And here we are five years later, and the people were doing nothing, nothing. They were just standing around doing nothing. And we said, “Why aren’t you working?” They said, “We don’t know what to do. There’s no one here to tell us what to do,” and we realized right then and there that the only way this country was gonna come back and demand their freedom and earn it was it was gonna be the next generation. And here we are about 12 years later and those kids that wanted to know all about America, they’d never seen an American, they wanted to know all about it, and we told them what it was like — those will be the ones that will take this country back, and they’re gonna fight for it.

RUSH: Don, you’re exactly right. I’m so glad that you were patient and held on because it’s a brilliant point. Let me tell you, when this happened in the Soviet Union, when the Soviet Union fell apart — I’ll never forget this — the Berlin Wall came down and everybody’s “All right, freedom!” And then the Russian people didn’t know what to do. They were nothing more than animals in the zoo, they’d been fed regularly. They didn’t know how to feed themselves. They didn’t know how to produce. They didn’t know anything, and you know what happened then?

The US media found experts who had traveled to the former Soviet Union, and the media went over there, Tom Brokaw, and you know what they said? They said that freedom is not for everybody. Freedom just isn’t for everybody. Look at these poor people. They’ve got freedom and they’re worse off than ever. Some people are just better off under communism. That’s 1989, 1990, not that long ago when that was happening. And Don here’s exactly right. Same thing happened in Ukraine. They got out from under the sphere and didn’t know what to do. But now this generation doesn’t want any part of slavery and is demanding their freedom. He’s right.

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