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RUSH: I’m gonna explain tomorrow that one group of people never, ever on TV, never, ever allowing what they do to be trivialized, sullied, made cartoon of, is judges. And I want you to think what would happen if after every Supreme Court decision, say three or four Supreme Court justices showed up on Fox News to debate Bob Beckel and Juan Williams and whoever. Imagine what we would end up thinking of them.

There’s a much larger point that I want to make with this and that’ll happen, I’ll do that tomorrow. I promise by the end of the week. But I just spent some time thinking about that, where you think I might take it. Teachable moment here. It’s about how everything of importance has just been dumbed down to a formulaic shout fest on television. But the judges do not permit their work to be looked at, they don’t participate in it. They never show up to defend what they do or explain it to anybody.

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