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RUSH: I’m interviewing someone this afternoon after the program concludes (if we don’t have to cancel because of the rain). I’m interviewing Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. I’ve always wanted to talk to Bill Donohue, and I admire the way he does what he does. I admire what he does, too. But I admire the way he does it. And it reminded me, you really need to read the current interview in the current issue of the Limbaugh Letter, and the Limbaugh Letter is now an app. It’s digitally available via the iTunes store or at RushLimbaugh.com. We have digitized the Limbaugh Letter.

The Limbaugh Letter is a monthly publication that dates back 23 years. It’s been around almost as long as the program has. One of the things that we did and do in the Limbaugh Letter to distinguish it from the radio show is interview people, news makers and whatever ’cause, you know, I really don’t like doing that because I don’t care what most other people think.

But for the Limbaugh Letter, we do it, it’s a marketing thing, to do something in the Limbaugh Letter that is not found regularly on this program. And as it’s gone on, it’s become a monthly publication, it’s become more and more challenging to put unique content in there because of so much material covered here on the radio program and with the daily Morning Update or morning commentary that’s heard on all of our affiliate stations all across the fruited plain.

Well, we work really hard on that, and we achieve that, and it’s tough. You know, you got a news item, and you say, “Okay, let’s save that for the newsletter.” “Well, now, wait a minute. What about the radio audience? We owe it to them to mention that.” It’s a real tight, tough balancing act here. The Limbaugh Letter was always mailed. It was always a printed publication. We just recently, in the past year, took it digital.

You can get the Limbaugh Letter app to go along with the Rush Limbaugh Show app. You get the Rush Limbaugh Show app and you get the Dittocam if you’re a subscriber to the website. You can get the Dittocam right directly from the app. You don’t have to go to the website. Get it right from the app. Just go to the iTunes store and search it.

Now, the interview that is current in the at-present issue of the Limbaugh Letter is Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin. You know, if you’re regular listener, I think that what he’s done in Wisconsin is the blueprint for what the Republican Party could do to come back and triumph all over this country. I think it’s the story. Scott Walker has stuck to every pledge. Look what he did.

In the bluest of blue states, he took on the public teachers unions. He has created — via policy, not economic gimmicks — a $1 billion budget surplus, in this day and age. The unemployment number in Wisconsin is far below the national unemployment rate. You know how the Democrats and the left three times tried to destroy this guy. Not just his political career. They tried to end his professional career in politics in toto.

There were physical threats.

There were physical threats against his family.

It was brutal.

He had his legislature leave the state a couple of times, in cowardly fashion, to avoid votes, and he hung in there. I was always amazed that what happened with Scott Walker and his success there did not become more of a template, and actually not become more of a news story for the Republican Party. It’s profound. It is the blueprint, and it’s Reaganesque. It shows that it can be done.

It shows that the Democrats can be beat and the media can be beat, with ideas and with stick-to-itiveness, with commitment, with passion, with inspiration. Simply be optimistic. It can happen because it did. If it happens once, it can happen several times — and when I saw this John Bolton quote from CPAC today in which he said, “Under Barack Obama, with Barack Obama, you can get away scot-free killing his personal representative,” that’s simple. It cuts to the quick.

So does the comparison, “KGB vs. ACORN” to typify what’s going on with Ukraine.

Here’s a pull quote from the Scott Walker interview: “The pathway to win…” The whole interview, by the way, you really should see it. “The pathway to win the center isn’t to move to the center; it’s to lead. Because most people who are undecided or persuadable voters aren’t necessarily looking for a candidate they agree with on every issue. They want people willing to do what they say they’re gonna do and boldly lead.”

Do you realize that may sound simple? “What’s so hot about that, Rush? That’s kind of a ho-hummer.” No, it’s not, because the current thinking in the Republican Party is that to win the center you’ve gotta move left. That’s the current thinking of the Republican Party. “To win the center, we’ve gotta be pro-amnesty. To win the center, we’ve gotta somehow back off on the social issues!

“To win the center, we can’t be worried about the budget because Americans want a Big Government. We have to, instead, position ourselves as better stewards of it.” Scott Walker didn’t do any of that in vanquishing the left in Wisconsin. He didn’t do any of that. The pathway to win the center isn’t to move to the center; it’s to lead. Stand for things.

Because he correctly has identified who these undecideds are and what it takes to reach them, and he’s proven he knows how to do it. I’ve had a couple people who have read the interview tell me they haven’t been this excited about a Republican in a long time. After this interview in the Limbaugh Letter, I got a note from a friend.

“Rush, that interview should be read by everybody. It’s absolutely inspiring, and there are no platitudes in it. This guy’s accomplished, achieved. The accomplishments and the achievements are on record. They’re a matter of record, not a matter of opinion. He presents a clear vision of what works and what doesn’t work, both politically and economically.”

It’s really, really good.

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