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RUSH: Kathy in Connecticut, welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for having me.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m just calling about your comment earlier saying that Obama’s vacation plans may be disrupted because of the Ukraine situation.

RUSH: That’s what it says here in The Politico, yeah.

CALLER: But I can tell you that that’s not happening. He is planning on going to a very exclusive community in Florida this weekend. The members have been notified that the private airstrip is going to be shut down, that one of the golf course going to be shut down. They’re renting five houses in this community, all for Obama to be able to enjoy a nice long weekend at the 1%’s sandbox, if you will.

RUSH: Where is this?

CALLER: Well, I don’t know if I should say the name of the place.

RUSH: Just give us the city, the nearby city.

CALLER: It’s in the Florida Keys.

RUSH: It’s in the Keys.

CALLER: It’s in the Florida Keys.

RUSH: Obama’s going to the Keys.


RUSH: They’ve shut down five houses and an airstrip.

CALLER: Well, yes, they’re renting five houses in this community. They are going to shut down of course the private airstrip in this community, and they’re also shutting down the golf course Sunday. And it’s just so ironic that he’s always excoriating the 1% and they don’t give enough, but he enjoys their toys and he enjoys their things that they have worked so hard to achieve and to buy, like a Cadillac and a Tesla or a yacht.

RUSH: Yeah, I’m just looking at weather forecast. Darn it, 77 and sunny on Sunday. They’re saying 75 and sunny on Saturday, and 80 degrees and sunny on Monday. I had no idea he was coming here. We’re not in the Keys, but I still had no idea he was coming. But that it doesn’t matter. He still gets his vacation. Politico said vacation plans are in jeopardy. I understand what you’re saying about people being displaced and all that, but he doesn’t care about that, either, really. Come on.

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