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RUSH: I told you this was gonna happen. A woman in the UK has married her dog. I told you. I told you it was gonna happen. A woman marries her dog and confesses: “IÂ’m totally her b-i-itch.” I told you, ladies and gentlemen, this was going to happen.


RUSH: A British woman, “Amanda Rodgers, 47, and her dog/wife Sheba married in a beautiful ceremony attended by 200 guests in Croatia.” Amanda Rodgers “wife” is a four-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. I have the picture right here. It’s in the New York Daily News today. Yeah, people laughed. You know, once we start changing the definition of marriage, where does it stop?

It doesn’t just stop at a man and a woman or two women or two men. It’s wide open at that point, when it’s based on who you love, when it’s based on (sobbing), “Who are we to stand in the way when people love one another? You can’t do that, Mr. Limbaugh! If they love, we love.” So there you have it. I just, “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.”


RUSH: In the meantime, Rick in Cleveland, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Happy conservative Tuesday from a father of four kids under eight years old. (laughing)

RUSH: Wait a minute.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Did you say father of eight?

CALLER: Four kids under eight years old.

RUSH: Oh, man.


RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: Yeah. I am ferociously protecting them so that they have moral clarity for the future, and driving into school today — I’m driving my eight-year-old boy, seven-year-old girl, six-year-old girl, and four-year-old boy — they heard on the radio of a girl marrying her dog.

RUSH: I wonder where they heard that.

CALLER: My daughter said, “Daddy, are you allowed to do that? We did not learn that in school.” I said, “Well, Lauren, I don’t know.” And then Andrew, my eight-year-old boy, says, “Well, if she can marry a dog, I want to marry your race car, because I love it.” That got me thinking. If a boy married a car, instead of health insurance, it would need car insurance, so you could have your maintenance paid for. How am I supposed to provide a safe future and teach right and wrong when all of this is happening and it seems to be okay?

RUSH: Now, your daughter, you said, wanted to marry the dog?

CALLER: She loves our Rottweiler. They’re the same age, and she absolutely loves it, so —

RUSH: She wasn’t…? She was serious?

CALLER: Yes. She said, “If love is marriage, I love a Rottweiler. If that girl can do it, why can’t I?”

RUSH: I would love to be in your house when you tell her that people don’t marry animals.

CALLER: Well, you know what? I’m telling her… Well, they learn that from school. You know, I pay them money to go to Catholic school, and we fight to protect them and teach right and wrong, and then I had to look up to the Internet to make sure that a girl really did marry a dog, and it’s all over the place. (laughing) But I’m trying to teach them right and wrong. You know, in this day and age of people, it’s only gonna be a matter of time when people can marry anything they want, if that’s the way we’re going.

RUSH: Well, be very careful. Be very careful when you say that, Rick, because you could attract attention you don’t want. It was actually Justice Scalia after a specific case, a George sodomy case, who wrote in his opinion that this opens the doors. He predicted gay marriage and other arrangements. He said, “Once we…” These are my words here; he didn’t write this way.

“Once we blow the definition of marriage, once we say that it is not a union a man and a woman, then there’s no end to what it can be,” and that was my point. There’s a woman in Croatia who has married her dog. There was a real ceremony. But I think you have a chance with your daughter. You can head this one off at the pass. Just simply tell her she’s not the Rottweiler’s type.

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