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RUSH: I forgot to mention when I was touting, “Have you got the book yet? Have you been out, have you bought the book? Have you bought Rush Revere and the First Patriots? Have you got it yet, is it coming, have you ordered it yet?” You need to do this. Do not doubt me. One of the best things you could do for your child you could think of. But there’s something else. We have really added to Adventures of Rush Revere page at TwoIfByTea.com, and Rush Revere and Liberty welcome everybody there.

We created this magical interactive land. Young people can go click on tabs that do cool things. Kids will love what they can do interactively at the Adventures of Rush Revere portal there at TwoIfByTea.com. There’s a social center where you can see pictures of other readers, you can learn facts, share jokes, learn more about Rush Revere’s travel crew. You can drop Revere and Liberty e-mails, fan letters, all kinds of things. Check it out today. It’s all part of the upgrade for the arrival of Rush Revere and the First Patriots. There’s an academy, by the way, filled with facts and quotes from America’s patriots. It’s a learning thing, it’s a fun thing, and it’s just for you and your kids.

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