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RUSH: Here’s Tim in Nina, Wisconsin, not far from Appleton, right?

CALLER: Yes, that’s correct.

RUSH: How are you, sir? Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi. I’m good. Thanks. I wanted to talk about this election in Florida. There are really encouraging aspects when you look at the campaign financing. Last year it was reported that the RNC out-raised the DNC, and yet Obama for America or Organizing for Action or whatever you want to call it is outraising the Democrats on top of the Democrats trying to fund these campaigns.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. I’ve lost you. Obama’s Organizing for America outraised the DNC?


RUSH: Okay. How’s that good?

CALLER: Well, that’s not good for the Democrats if they’re gonna go into this midterm election thinking that they’re gonna spend their way out of their problems here. They’re gonna have to go to Obama for money, and how do you not become a toxic candidate, if you’re getting money from Obama to fund your campaign, and then running against health care?

RUSH: I understand that, but this is one election, nip and tuck time. Organizing for America is Obama’s group, and Obama’s notoriously cheap and selfish. He doesn’t help other Democrats.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: That’s your point, right?


RUSH: But the Democrats, they’ve got an opening to also run against Obamacare now, if they want to try it. It’d be much more difficult for them than if the Republicans do it, but they can do it whether they’ve got any money or not. And they’re gonna have money. And look, in this race — is your point also the RNC didn’t spend a whole lot of money here?

CALLER: Right. They’re sitting back on a bunch of cash.

RUSH: Yeah, well, that hasn’t usually meant anything good. I tell you what this is shaping up to. This is shaping up to be a 2010 election where the RNC, they were not a factor. Now, the 2010 election, the midterms were Tea Party, and the Tea Party was not a big presence here, although they were demonized, but they are not a big presence in this district. But it’s similar in the sense that this was a bunch of people that got together, Republican conservatives opposed to everything Obama was doing, and they stood up and stopped it, and that’s what happened here.

The Republicans, remember, Chris Christie just went to CPAC and said, “We’ve gotta change the way we’re doing things. We’ve got to say what we’re for. We just can’t keep getting along with what we’re against.” Well, what happened here? What happened here was this is totally a victory by somebody saying what he’s against. And in the process he also identified what he was for. The two things do go together. But your point about money, you think the Democrats are not gonna have enough money because if the DNC can’t even compete with Obama’s money and Obama doesn’t share then they’re up a creek. Is that it?

CALLER: No, I think they’re really panicking. And, like, when they had this all-night get-together at the Senate the other night, that just — you know, they’re trying to weasel other donors to get more money for them.

RUSH: Well, that’s true. That global warming thing was — the global warming guys, there was a multibillionaire, one of these Hollywood, let’s face it, hedge fund leftists in Hollywood. He threatened the Democrats, said, “Look, you guys are not doing enough on the environment. You’re not doing enough on global warming.” He threatened to withhold. This guy gives ’em hundreds of millions of dollars in election cycles. He threatened to it, so they did this talk-athon. So Tim may have a point here.

I think the problem most everybody has is — and it’s unavoidable. The media is what it is, and there’s not much escape from it. You got Fox and talk radio. Everywhere else that you look, if you want to find out what happened on the Malaysian airliner, you’re also gonna hear about the latest, greatest thing Obama’s doing, the latest, greatest thing Harry Reid’s doing, and the latest, greatest thing the Democrats are doing, and you’re gonna get the idea that they are swimming in fat city. And the truth is, I think, just the opposite. But the media obviously is not gonna give any indication of that. So an election like this comes along and reality trumpets everything that the media has been saying and creates an entirely different reality for people, and everybody’s shocked.

I think there is so much disfavor against the Democrats right now, among people that are not even particularly political. This Obamacare is bigger than anybody, particularly in the media, will acknowledge. This is a total disaster. The Democrats made this, health care, for all these years of talking about it, they’ve convinced people it is the most important thing in their lives. It’s the one thing separating them from bankruptcy. It’s the one thing separating them from death. It’s the one thing separating them from misery and happiness and so forth, and here comes this big fix, and it’s nothing but cancellation after cancellation after cancellation. People are scared to death. And those who haven’t been canceled can’t afford what it costs.

I’m telling you, the national sentiment against this and the Democrats is twice or more what you are going to believe if your only source is the media. And that is everybody’s source. The media’s what it is. I mean, there are alternative places, but they’re by no means the penetration or size, other than this program, of course, which is why they single-handedly target it for destruction, but it failed because of you. Anyway, Tim appreciate it the call. It’s a good point.

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