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RUSH: From the Washington Post: “The pace at which Americans signed up for health plans slowed last month in the fledgling federal and state insurance marketplaces, according to new government figures showing that slightly fewer than 1 million people enrolled in February,” and even with that, they don’t know how many of the people who have enrolled have actually paid, and they don’t know how many who have paid have had their payments credited.

Now, you remember we were constantly assured by the media and the rest of the Democrat Party that enrollment would snowball as time went by? In any case, the White House still refuses to say how many people have actually bought Obamacare. So the number has to be really bad. Grab sound bites 14 and 15. Now, I want to go back. Snerdley thinks that I am crazy when I say that the Democrats running for reelection in the Senate might also see what happened in Florida and run against Obamacare.

They’ve got a built-in way to do it.

This law’s been changed 30 times.

This law is not what they voted for.

They could very easily say that — and, in fact, if they do it right, they could credibly go in a campaign and say, “It’s not what we voted for.” It wouldn’t be brazen, is my point. Look, if you look at polling data, one of the things that… I hate to throw cold water on things, but if you look at polling data, the majority of people do not want this repealed. They want it “fixed,” and, sadly, Democrats can see that.

All they’ve gotta do is say, “This is not what it was intended to be.” They don’t have to throw Obama under the bus. They might want to, but they can simply say, “This law has been changed 30 times. It’s been changed so many times that it bears no resemblance to what we voted for, and we want to fix it. We know it’s not working right.” They can take this lesson. They can run for reelection against it if they do it right.

They’ve got a built-in way, ’cause the law is not what anybody voted for. Obama has made how many, 20 or 30 changes if you count the waivers and the delays and all that? This law’s nowhere close to the original bill. The Republican retort to this is, of course, is because no Democrat would ever win again if they fully implemented this. What these guys voted for, they would never stand behind anyway.

What these guys voted for, they don’t dare implement or they would never win another election. Why is it being changed? Why is it being delayed? To protect Democrats, because it is so bad. There’s any number of ways for the Republicans to counter whatever the Democrats do. I’m just saying, the Democrats would also learn a lesson from this, and don’t think they won’t.

Here’s Sebelius. This is about the pace of enrollment. She was on Capitol Hill today, House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the budget requests for health and human resources, and Jim Renacci (R-OH), said, “Madam Secretary, in an interview on September 30th last year, you said, ‘I think success looks like the seven million signed up by the end of March 2014.’ Well, open enrollment ends this month, and you’re well short of that seven million. Based on your own standards, Obamacare will not be successful at the end of March. What do you now call success?”

SEBELIUS: Success looks like millions of people with affordable health coverage, which we will have by the end of March in the private marketplace, in Medicaid, young adults on their family plan. So we will have, I think, a successful program.

RENACCI: So you are changing your standard of seven million by the end of March 31st?

SEBELIUS: I said success looks like millions of people having affordable health care.

RENACCI: Well, actually you said SEVEN million.

RUSH: So the seven million’s gone. They did say seven million. Let’s go back and listen. This is Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Sebelius, Nightly News, September 30th, 2013.

SNYDERMAN: What does success look like?

SEBELIUS: Well, I think success looks like at least seven million people having signed up by the end of March 2014.

RUSH: Whoa, look at that! Last September: “I think success looks like at least seven million people…” So today Jim Renacci says, “Well, you said seven million,” and Sebelius says, “No, I said millions of people.” They’re catching these people in open lies and prevarications.

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