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RUSH: This is Dee in Thousand Oaks, California. Welcome. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thanks very much.

CALLER: I wanted to share with you something about my son, who is 10 years old and in fifth grade. He goes to public school here in California. Last month, his class put on a play called “The 13 Colonies.” My husband and I went to watch the play, and we were horrified by some of the songs they were singing in the play. It was supposed to be about the 13 colonies, but it was actually bashing white Europeans.

Just an example. One of the songs they sang in the play was called, “The Europeans are Moving In.” One of the lines was from the perspective of the Iroquois Indians, and it was, “They’re shaking our hands and taking our lands. Our patience is now wearing thin. They unload their ships. They back in their vans. We give them some corn; they give us the mumps. The Europeans are moving in.”

RUSH: Now, wait a second. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who do not have young crumb crunchers going to school and have heard me talking about the Rush Revere book series, this is exactly the kind of stuff that I have been referencing that these kids are taught. The multiculturalists have gotten hold of the curriculum, and they’re teaching that the Indians, the Native Americans, were one with nature.

They were peaceful, and it was their land, and here came these white Europeans, and they brought all of this disease. They brought syphilis, they brought smallpox, and they took the land from the Indians, and then they killed the Indians! And then the Indians, nevertheless, helped them and taught them how to eat and taught them how to grow corn. They had Thanksgiving, and they still killed the Indians. This is the crap that’s taught, and this is exactly why we decided to do these books.

CALLER: Right. Luckily —

RUSH: Is this the first evidence of this curriculum that you had seen?

CALLER: No. My son comes home every day and he tells me, “Listen to this liberal stuff my teacher said today.” So all you can do to combat this is to teach your children at home; teach them the truth. Luckily, for Christmas we bought him the Rush Revere audio book, and he’s getting the sequel for his birthday. My brother’s buying it for him. But it was disturbing to me that none of the other parents watching the program seemed alarmed at all. Everyone’s just smiling and, you know, watching their kids sing these disturbing songs, and my husband and I were just horrified. We’re sitting there shaking our heads. We just can’t believe it. It’s just —

RUSH: Well, you know, the parents, they’re just so proud of Little Johnny. He’s actually up there on stage singing, and he’s overcoming stage fright, and he’s with his schoolmates and he’s in a play and, “Isn’t it cute?” What’s being taught? Hell, the parents may not even know. Depending on their age, they could have been taught the same stuff, particularly in California. You don’t know. Thank God for people like you and your husband. You must be doing great job. Your son is 10 and is already able to recognize the BS.

CALLER: Oh, definitely. He hears an earful every night at home. So we’re teaching him the truth.

RUSH: Well, now, are you gonna do anything about it with the school?

CALLER: I just feel like it’s pointless. You know?

RUSH: See? So you say the parents there didn’t seem upset. The parents are afraid that anything they do, any objection they raise is gonna end up with punitive action taken against their kids. Bad grades, their life made difficult in the classroom, especially if you complain about a particular teacher. I’ve heard horror stories that made this one seem like powder puff, and the parents are outraged.

But they’re afraid to do anything about it ’cause they don’t want the school mad at their kid. So they do what they can to counter it at home. Ergo, again, look, I’m just saying: This is exactly why I’m writing these books. It’s exactly why. It’s to counter this kind of multicultural crap with the truth, nothing more. And it’s not presented in an overtly partisan, political way.

It’s just an entertaining way for kids in that age group, 10 to 13, to learn the truth. I’m really glad you called, Dee. Thanks very much. Well, I’ll tell you what. Snerdley, get her name and address. Don’t hang up ’cause I want to send you an audio version of the second book — and, heck, I’ll send you the real book, too. We’ll send you the book and the audio version when Snerdley gets your address. Thanks, Dee, for the call from Thousand Oaks, California.

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