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RUSH: I looked it up last night. Back in July of 2013, I wanted to find the earliest I had made reference to something. So I searched my own archives, and I found the first mention of it was July 30th of 2013. It was a program featuring a segment that we highlighted at RushLimbaugh.com with the headline, “Don’t Buy the Inevitability of Mrs. Clinton.” The point is, I actually uttered the following:

“I think the contest in 2016 on the Democrat side is gonna be between Rahm Emanuel and Andrew Cuomo.” And then I jokingly said, “Chris Christie,” meaning he may have to defeat one of those two for the nomination. “What? What are you saying, that Christie would have to enter the Democrat primary?” Yeah. That’s it. I was joking around with that last part, but you know, everybody says it’s Mrs. Clinton.

Here we go again. The conventional wisdom is it’s Hillary and she’s unbeatable, and I said way back in July: Don’t be surprised if the contest, if the Democrat primary in 2016, features others. I’m not saying Hillary isn’t gonna run, but the idea that she’s the only one in the primary? My point was, look out for Rahm Emanuel and Andrew Cuomo. Well, the story yesterday that I held over to today because I didn’t get to it, was from TheHill.com.

“Cuomo Quietly Prepares for 2016.” Oh, yes. Your beloved host, El Rushbo. I’m telling you, I know what these people are going to do oftentimes before they do it. “New York governor Andrew Cuomo,” The Hill says, “is quietly positioning himself as a social liberal and fiscal centrist as he awaits Hillary Clinton’s decision on whether to run for president,” and the other half of my prediction would be Rahm Emanuel, and that may be a little bit of a long shot.

I just have this built-in resistance to the notion of the inevitability of Mrs. Clinton waltzing to the nomination and waltzing to the White House, because that was supposed to happen in 2008. It was supposed to be greased skids all they way. It was supposed to be everybody out of the way. It’s time for us to thank Hillary, time for us to pay Hillary back for all that she’s put up with and keeping our party propped up, keeping Clinton in office and looking the other way at all the bimbos that Clinton messed with.

So now it’s time to pay her back, and how long did that last? It lasted until the black guy came along and said, “I want to be president,” and that was it, and the skids were no longer greased, and the path was no longer exclusively hers, and what happened? She ended up getting skunked, with him having to pay off her campaign debt. That’s why she took the secretary of state gig. So now it’s history repeating itself, I tell you.

The skids are greased again.

It’s Mrs. Clinton waltzing to the nomination and the Democrats clearing the decks. Nobody else is gonna get in. It’s finally time to pay Hillary back for all of her sacrifices, including moving and living in Arkansas for all of those years — “My God, who would do that?” — when she could have owned the Northeast. (interruption) Biden? Will he get in? I just… He might, but I don’t think anybody on the Democrat side’s gonna take him seriously. I don’t think they do now.

I actually think everybody looks at Biden the way he is. He’s a walking reality show and a potential problem, but I don’t think anybody really takes Plugs seriously. Not to say he won’t get in, and there probably will be others — you know, after these midterms and this disaster that everybody thinks is gonna happen. If that disaster does happen, it’s gonna open floodgates, I think, for a number of people.

You know, the problem for the Democrats is when you anoint Hillary and anybody else they have — I can’t think of any names, by the way. I mean, I’m sure there are. When you anoint Hillary, you automatically keep your bench on the bench, ’cause they also believe she can’t be beat. So there… (interruption) No, I… (interruption) Martin O’Malley? (interruption) Okay, fine, O’Malley’s… (interruption) He’s chomping the bit?

Well, if he’s chomping the bit, he might get in, but if the Democrats make it look like it’s hers in a cakewalk, then a bunch of people on the bench are gonna stay in the bench and not waste a cycle losing, if they think Hillary is anointed. But nobody can convince me that the attack on Christie and Bridgegate and traffic wasn’t to clear the Democrat decks for Hillary. (laughing) I’m just kidding. Ha-ha-ha.

But I did tell you.

I did tell you way back in July, Andrew Cuomo and Rahm Emanuel. Oh, there was another element, by the way, in the campaign, the Jolly/Alex Sink campaign. It’s that Sink tried to overcome the automatic loser status she had because of Obamacare. She tried to tag Jolly as a “global warming denier” and a guy who wanted to destroy the planet, the typical Democrat rigmarole, and that didn’t work.

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