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RUSH: In this segment I want to demonstrate, yet again, that you should not doubt me when I am predictive of what liberal Democrats are going to do. I know them. I know them like every square inch of my glorious naked body. I know what they’re gonna do before they do it. I just know them. Take you back, March 6th, one week ago on this program, me.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Obama doesn’t think that the United States is any different than any other nation. And if Putin wants Ukraine, then it’s not for us to stop him. But he knows that he’s president, and he knows that some Americans believe that the US should have and should play the role of outpost for freedom and defender of liberty. So he’ll go through the motions of drawing the red line and trying to, you know, intimidate these other — “You better not do that or else you’re gonna deal with me.” Of course then nobody ever has to deal with him.

RUSH: But the point was that all of this bluster and these warnings to Putin, “You better leave ’em alone. You better not do that or you have us to deal with,” are just warnings. He’s just saying it, ’cause he really doesn’t care, it really doesn’t matter. He doesn’t think we have any moral authority to stop Putin. Who are we? If Putin wants Crimea and we don’t, who are we to say no? If the Iranians want a nuclear bomb and we’ve got some, who are we to say no? That’s how he looks at it. That’s how a lot of young people look at it.

This is how a lot of young people are taught to look at it. We’re no different. We’re no better. This business about the United States defending freedom around the world, that’s bunk. Who gives us the right to even say that freedom is the way to go? Some people are taught that when Berlin Wall fell, Soviet communism was defeated, “Some people are just not cut out for freedom,” it was said about the Russian people when they had freedom. They had been enslaved for so long that they really had to relearn self-reliance. They had to relearn providing for themselves.

They had been conditioned like any living organism — you’ve heard about these stories that tour groups go out on the ocean and you watch dolphins or whatever being fed. And it doesn’t take long, the dolphins will stop trying to feed themselves, they’ll just wait for the American shipping boat to arrive. Well, human beings are no different. And after 75 years of being conditioned to being taken care of in whatever state, whatever condition, if the provider goes away and you haven’t been raised to take care of yourself and it doesn’t kick in, there’s gonna be some confusion, and there was.

So we dispatched all kinds — I remember Paul Weyrich was one. We dispatched all kinds of people to go over and help Yeltsin to implement the concepts of freedom. There were a lot of really great Americans that went over to help this, but the left had plenty of people, “Hey, see? See? Freedom’s not for everybody.” Which is an outright denial of the preamble of our own Declaration of Independence. It’s an outright rejection of our whole existence. And it’s taught, and there are a bunch of people, “Hey, who says freedom’s the best anyway? With freedom and capitalism, look at all the unfairness that you have, and look at all the inequality that you have.” And that manifests itself, “If Putin wants Crimea, let him have it.” Mario Cuomo said of Saddam Hussein, “The way to deal with this, give him a couple of islands and he’ll go away.”

But the whole idea of the United States as the outpost, the bastion, the beacon of freedom is rejected by many on the left, for a host of reasons. A, they look at freedom as being imposed on people, and I do not think you can impose freedom. That’s contradictory to me. Freedom is not an imposition. Freedom is a grant. Freedom is the nature of our creation, and that is in the preamble of our own Declaration of Independence.


RUSH: Now, let me go back to this Ukraine business, because I played for you what I said a week ago. Obama doesn’t care. He’s just gonna say he cares because he knows a lot of Americans think that the US should, in fact, be the beacon of hope for the world; freedom, liberty, so forth and so on. But he’s not gonna stop Putin, ’cause if Putin wants it, who are we to say he can’t have it?

I mean, who are we to say that any nation can’t do what they want to do? What gives us the right? That’s what people like Obama believe, and that’s why it was easy to predict that Putin is not gonna face any serious opposition from Obama. So now let’s go to the audio sound bites where this is proven. First up, Ed Henry, the Fox News Channel on The O’Reilly Factor last night, and O’Reilly said to Ed Henry, “So what’s the headline today? Is there anything over there that’s gonna happen?”

HENRY: No. It doesn’t really look like there’s gonna be much US action. Officials were telling us privately in recent days that, look, as long as Putin doesn’t extend beyond Crimea, then fine, he’s not escalating the situation. That was a direct signal that they’re not gonna do anything to stop him from keeping Crimea. The US has already sent a tacit signal that Putin can have Crimea. They don’t want him to have it, but they’re not gonna do anything to take it back as long as he doesn’t escalate beyond that.

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute, didn’t we say at first, “Hey, get outta Ukraine. You can’t have Crimea.” Then Putin took it. “Well, okay, but if he goes any further, we’re gonna really get mad.” It’s just history repeating itself. This happened in Syria, drew the red line, then denied drawing the red line, blamed it on Congress. There hasn’t been any punitive action on Bashar al-Assad or whoever has been doing the evil doings over there. It’s just a bunch of huffing and puffing.

So here you have it, “Well, direct signal, they’re not gonna do anything to stop him from keeping Crimea.” So we’ve given Putin Crimea. He said he wants it, and who are we to stop him? Then late yesterday afternoon, the White House, after meeting with Ukraine prime minister, Obama and the prime minister spoke with reporters about the meeting.

OBAMA: Mr. Prime Minister, I would ask that you deliver a message on behalf of the American people to all the Ukrainian people, and that is that we admire their courage. We appreciate their aspirations. You can rest assured that you will have our strong support as you move forward during these difficult times.

RUSH: Well, big whoop. Mr. Prime Minister, you tell your people we’re thinking about ’em. And we really are thinking about ’em. And we’re really thinking good things when we think about ’em. You’re on your own, you’re on your own, but we want you to know that as you’re on your own, we support whatever you’re doing while you’re on your own. And while you’re on your own doing whatever, just know that, my God, we’re thinking of you. And the prime minister: Well, that’s worth a lot. I appreciate that. Here is the prime minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk speaking with reporters after his meeting with Obama.

YATSENYUK: My message to President Putin: Mr. Putin, tear down this wall, the wall of war, intimidation and military aggression.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute now. So Obama says (imitating Obama), “Mr. Prime Minister, I want you to go tell your people we’re really thinking about you, and we admire your aspirations.” What are their aspirations? Well, they aspire to be free. “We admire that, and you tell ’em we really admire it,” while they’re getting their butts kicked. “We admire it. We admire they want to be free. You tell ’em we’re thinking about ’em.” And this guy says, “Well, my message to Putin is ‘tear down this wall.'” Obama says, “Well, go ahead, we’ll be thinking about you,” as you tear down this wall. So easy to predict. What else Putin wants, whatever it is, he’s gonna get it.

Here’s the Ukraine — stop and think about this. Here’s the Ukrainian prime minister quoting Ronald Reagan in front of Obama. “Mr. Putin, tear down this wall.” Obama’s thinking, “You SOB, how dare you come here to the White House and quote that right-wing fanatic in my face. All right, all we’re gonna do is think about you, and to hell with what I said about your aspirations. Screw you! You quote Reagan to me? How dare you.” You imagine Obama goes back to the Oval Office, throws down a piece of paper, “Did you hear what that guy did? That stupid little guy quoting Reagan? ‘Mr. Putin, tear down this wall of intimidation, war, military aggression.'” Obama won’t say it. The prime minister of Ukraine, somebody’s gotta say it. Not us, though, anymore.

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