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RUSH: Jeff in Albuquerque, New Mexico, great to have you, sir. Welcome to the program. Glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, great show. I’ve been defending you for years against everybody that says that you’re wrong, but I truly respect you and —

RUSH: You know, you sound like Matthew McConaughey. To me, you sound just like Matthew McConaughey.


RUSH: No, you do. You do.

CALLER: I’ve been up since three o’clock yesterday, and so —

RUSH: So has he.

CALLER: — I don’t mean to make Snerdley mad, but I’m on the same page with you about global warming. Who’s to say what’s normal, right?

RUSH: Yeah, in terms of what is the normal temperature. Yeah, what is normal? How do we know what normal is on the planet? Exactly right. Good question.

CALLER: Yeah. But what I’m saying, how do we get back to normal in America? How do we get there? I may have worded it wrong with Snerdley, but I’m just wondering ’cause everything’s spinning out of control, so how do you think we should get America back to normal and what is normal?

RUSH: Wait a minute. Who’s saying that we need to get America back to normal?

CALLER: Well, you hear Cruz and some of the politicians say “Let’s take America back,” and a couple callers, “I remember the Reagan era” and, you know, but —

RUSH: Yeah, but they’re not saying take America back to normal. They’re not saying that. They want to return it to the principles of the founding. They want to take it back to the era of individuality and self-reliance, not Big Government taking care of — the country was never founded with the idea of 92 million Americans not working being supported by the rest of ’em.


RUSH: That’s not what this country was designed for or how it was put together.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s right, I’m paying a big load myself, but I’m asking how do we get everything kind of calmed down and, you know, back to normal again.

RUSH: Well, what is normal to you?

CALLER: Well, normal is, you know, like I respect you, you seem to hold a wife for all these years and haven’t steered away, and, you know, you go to work every day. I live at nighttime, I’m amongst the walking dead on the street. You know, strong guys holding signs up bumming money when they can do back flips on an off-ramp, then they want my money. It’s not horrible, you know. If you can do a back flip on an off-ramp to get money, you could certainly go do what I’m doing for a living.

RUSH: Well, we’ve always had beggars.


RUSH: We’ve always had welfare cheats. I mean, wherever you go on the earth there’s always been all kinds of people and humanity. Just because you got welfare recipients on interstate off-ramps doesn’t mean anything.


RUSH: Now, when they bug you at a stoplight that’s when it bothers me. On an on-ramp, you can just speed right by ’em.

CALLER: Yeah. So you just see normal as just kind of —

RUSH: This whole notion of normal, I’m using “normal” in a scientific sense because that is the way this global warming stuff is presented. My only point is I’m trying to persuade people that the people trying to tell us there is massive climate change going on had better tell us what the norm is. You have the average temperature, the average high, the average low, what’s the norm? If we don’t know what the norm is, we can’t tell if we’ve got excessive warming or cooling.

My only point is, who are we to say that in whatever numbers of thousands of years, that what it is when we happen to be alive is what is normal. Maybe the ice ages are what’s normal. Maybe the Dust Bowl is what’s normal. How do we know what the hell normal is? Aren’t we being extremely vain to claim that the climate as it is right now is normal and that any variation is a crisis caused by us? It’s absurd! It’s illogical. It makes no sense whatsoever, which means it’s a perfect Democrat cause.

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