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RUSH: To Indianapolis and Lillian. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, thanks, Rush. Mega dittos. I’ve been listening since I was a toddler in my child care years. I just wanted to say, I know you’re making the point that we might take a really big victory in the House and the Senate in the midterm elections, which would be great. But if Obama keeps bypassing everyone and basically doing his Emperor Palpatine imitation, what’s the point?

RUSH: You know, this is an excellent question, and I’m glad you called. I saw you up there on the board, and I said to Snerdley, “I don’t care who you have demarked as number one. I want Lillian.” I’ll tell you why it’s important, at least for me. The answer to your question lies in why I do this program. I happen to believe ultimately that people get what they want in this country. Ultimately. I mean, there’s always exceptions.

And that means that we want as large of an informed, participating, voting population as we can get. The purpose of this program is to create (in whatever way I can or this program can) part of that population that’s an informed, engaged, actively participating population. So, if there is this wave election that people are talking about, and if it’s a massive landslide that the Democrats lose the Senate and lose even more ground in the House?

What it will mean — which I think is crucial — is that the people of this country will have, in some way, come around. And whether Obama continues to violate the Constitution? He will, as you said. He’ll continue to write his executive orders. But, in the process, people are going to learn more and more about what happens when they elect Democrats. For me it’s about finding whatever positive you can in anything, ’cause there’s always good in things that happen.

They may not reveal themselves instantly, and you may have to dig deep to find them, but Obama being president the next three years is a reality. That isn’t gonna change. There’s nothing to do. I don’t see any impeachment proceedings taking place. Andy McCarthy, a friend of mine, says, “Look, there’s plenty of grounds. I mean, if you wanted to proceed on impeachment right now, you’ve got the case, but you don’t have the political will for it right now.”

The American people do not want it no matter what. So until the political will moves for impeachment, you’re never gonna be able to pull it off. Well, I tell you, if we get this kind of an election, Lillian, we’re gonna have the people to whom it’ll be obvious that he’s governing against their will and against their desires. And, for me, that is a great thing to happen for future elections.

I mean, the alternative is to say we shouldn’t even try and it doesn’t matter because Obama’s gonna pretend to be dictator, anyway. So why should we even try to win? But let me tell you something else, Lillian. It’s not automatic that it’s a good thing, either, because what kind of Republicans are gonna win? Establishment types or conservatives?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: It’s a long battle. We’re in it. We’re in it ’til we die. That’s my answer.


RUSH: I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn down the road that some Republicans fear a wave election as much as the Democrats do, for different reasons. Don’t be surprised.

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