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RUSH: We go to southeast Oklahoma. This is Wenham. Great to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you very much.

RUSH: You’re welcome.

CALLER: And it’s northeast Oklahoma.

RUSH: Northeast Oklahoma.

CALLER: Out in a forest.

RUSH: And I said southeast Oklahoma. Well, that’s because I was wrong. Anyway, what’s up?

CALLER: Well, as I was telling Mr. Snerdley there —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — I believe it was an epiphany during — oh, it was a commercial, 30-second spot for Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

RUSH: That did what?

CALLER: Well, at the conclusion of the commercial, after touting their product, they said, “And remember, you have until March 31st to purchase this product.” I don’t know how uninformed I have been, or just plain stupid. I was not aware that we have taken over the private industry.

RUSH: You mean Obamacare. You’re talking about Obamacare?


RUSH: So I take it you voted for Obama?

CALLER: Twice.

RUSH: Twice. Okay. And so you thought that Obamacare was gonna be a positive change in the health care system?

CALLER: Yes. I didn’t have many good experiences with the private sector.

RUSH: Right, but had you heard people warn you that, “No, no, no, Obamacare is not that great and so forth,” and you just didn’t believe them and then you saw the —

CALLER: Yes, that’s exactly right.

RUSH: Then you saw the Blue Cross commercial, the March 31st deadline, wait, what the hell is that?

CALLER: So what we have here, as far as I can tell, and listening to your earlier comments on Venezuela, we’ve nationalized health care?

RUSH: That’s exactly right. We’re in the process of doing it. Exactly. You got it. Now, this, folks, this is what is scaring the Democrats to death. There’s no ad that’s gonna change Wenham’s mind. He’s living it. It’s no longer theory. He doesn’t have to believe critics. He’s encountered it. This is what has these Democrats running away from Obama left and right.

These are Obama voters who are discovering exactly what happened, and it’s not what they voted for, and not what Obama told them was going to happen. They are living it and it sounds like Wenham’s kind of locked in now to what he thinks about it because it’s happened to him. He didn’t think the health care system was so bad it needed to be taken over, and he didn’t think that’s what’s gonna happen. Now he’s living it being taken over.

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