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RUSH: We’re doomed with idiocy all around us, dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! It’s time for a Gay Community Update Theme, folks! It’s the vocal portrayal here by the late and great Klaus Nomi, a takeoff of the Lesley Gore tune.

(The Nomi Song)

RUSH: It’s the EIB Network and the Rush Limbaugh program. (song continues) No way, Klaus! No way. (song continues) And our update today is kind of a gay community update. Not entirely, but it’s close enough. (song continues throughout) “Authorities in Washington State believe that a series of murders of prostitutes in 1990 were committed by Washington resident Douglas Perry.

Now Perry has been captured and charged with the murders, but Douglas has become ‘Donna,’ a transgender woman who claims that she is not responsible for the murders because Douglas,” who she used to be before the chopadickoffamy, “no longer exists.” So she couldn’t be guilty of killing the people because she was a he then, and it was the he that did it, and he’s a she now. It’s not possible; she’s not guilty. (song continues)

What would you do if you’re the judge? Okay, get ready here ’cause it’s Klaus’s big finish. (song continues) Klaus Nomi, everybody, Klaus Nomi. It’s our LGBT Transexual Update Theme. “You Don’t Own Me.” That’s right. So Douglas Perry committed the murders, but Douglas Perry doesn’t exist anymore. Douglas Perry is Donna Perry. Donna’s novel defense is that as a male she was prone to violence…” I’m telling you, you laugh at this, and we all do, but let me tell you where this is headed.

The “novel defense” that this character is putting forth “is that as a male she was prone to violence,” in her former life as a man. She couldn’t help herself. She was a natural predator. And because of that, she wanted to become kind and gentle. He. “[S]o she had gender reassignment surgery in Thailand a few years ago in order to purge herself of those violent tendencies. Further, since she is now a woman, she is a wholly different person…” It doesn’t really say that, does it? Yes, it does.

“[S]he is a wholly different person, and therefore she isn’t responsible for what her former male self did. Donna was arrested for the murders in 2012 after being apprehended on an unrelated weapons charge. Police found that her fingerprints matched what had become a cold case in the murders of the three prostitutes decades ago. If DonnaÂ’s defense were to be accepted by the courts, it could lead to unintended consequences for the transgender community as their former selves could possibly be universally considered mentally ill.

“This is a diagnosis that people with alternate lifestyles have been working hard to defeat for decades,” but this babe — well, this person — the defense is (paraphrased), “I used to be a man. I was naturally prone to violent predatory behavior, as a man. I was naturally prone to violence. I had to switch and became the kind, loving, gentle, woman — and I wouldn’t harm a soul now.”

That’s why I said, the judge, if the courts accept this, it could lead to the transexual community being universally considered mentally ill — and that mental illness is the reason for the gender reassignment (or “sex change,” for those of you in Rio Linda), and at the end of the day what are we talk about here? Not only can you reassign your gender, you can reassign your crimes. If Donna gets away with what Douglas did, can you imagine the business sex change doctors are going to have?


RUSH: Does the name Bradley Manning ring a bell? Bradley Manning is the Army — what was he, a private? — that stole all those documents, classified documents and gave them to WikiLeaks, the guy named Julian Assange. And now Bradley Manning is demanding that the United States government give him a sex-change operation. He wants gender assignment surgery, probably for the same reason that Donna Douglas here does. Manning can then claim, “Hey, you know, a different person stole those documents.” I’m not Bradley Manning. Bradley Manning stole those documents. I am now Brangelina Manning,” or whatever name he’s gonna give himself, “and I didn’t do it.”

While all of this is going on, the Soviet Union is reconstituting itself, as we discussed yesterday. While all of this is going, people who are not friendly to us are ramping up, in our hemisphere and elsewhere. It’s a legitimate, serious concern now that Vladimir Putin — he’s even mentioned himself — may make a move on Estonia. What’s to stop him from trying to reunite with Cuba? He could take advantage of what’s happening in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, this is the kind of thing John Kerry, secretary of state, is worried about. He is sending homosexual experts to Uganda. The president of Uganda said some really, really politically incorrect things about homosexuals, and this we can’t tolerate. Putin can do whatever he wants. He can take over Ukraine, annex Crimea, make a move on Estonia, and we’ll make sanctions.

But you have president of a foreign country say bad things about homosexuals, and we’re gonna send our secretary of state and experts over there to get your mind right. That’s what Kerry announced yesterday, and he wanted a bunch of gold stars for it. This is what he called good foreign policy. This is direct engagement. This is exactly what we’re trying to do here. Now, Uganda is probably the lone Christian country in the world that still has its antiquated attitudes about homosexuality.

But every Muslim country is worse than Uganda, and is John Kerry sending any experts there? Is John Kerry gonna send any experts to Saudi Arabia to talk to the Wahhabis? Is he gonna send anybody to Syria? Is Kerry going to go to Chechnya? Is Kerry gonna go, say, anywhere where there’s a Muslim government that is even worse when it comes to gays and women? Nope. He’s just gonna get that Ugandan president’s mind right


RUSH: Mark in Bowling Green, Ohio. It’s great to have you. I really glad you waited. You’re next on the program, and hello, sir.

CALLER: Well, hi, Rush. In your monologue today you talked about the man who had a sex change, and she claims she was not responsible for her actions she did as a man. My question to you is: Can’t she claim credit for her accomplishments she did as a man — for example, her education — or does she need to go back to school? What about work history? Does she need re-interview for her job? What about that? Is she responsible for any financial debt she had as a man?

RUSH: Well, you see, I don’t know if you’re being facetious, but these are questions. It’s like “Chelsea” Manning, the former Bradley Manning. “Hey, I didn’t do that. Bradley Manning did that. I didn’t go into debt. Bradley Manning did.” For this babe, the defense here is, “Yeah, because I was a man, I was violent and mean. Yeah, I might have murdered some people, prostitutes. But I’m now Donna not Douglas Perry, the woman. I didn’t do it.” Now, does this erase everything that this person did as a man, in the eyes of the law? Well, if this defense works, where does it stop? So you actually have a good point here. But the story I have does not detail any of her other, ahem, accomplishments.

CALLER: Well, I guess my follow-up question would be: Do I need a sex change to be a different person? You know, could I just claim I’m just different because I’m different?

RUSH: Well, now, this is another interesting question. Let’s see. Let’s take it further. Uh, who recently…? Jim Irsay of the Indianapolis Colts was caught for DWI. He came out of jail after 14 hours and immediately went into a rehab center and is gonna come out and say he’s changed and got his life in order. He’ll say he has changed. So your question is, “Can he do that without coming out as Janet Irsay?”

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Can you actually change your life? Can you come to grips with your shortcomings and make amends, address them, and then become a new person — behavioral, morally, what have you — without a sex change?

CALLER: Well, and not be responsible legally for what you did.

RUSH: No. No, no, no, no. Okay. No, no. No way you can do that. In other words, he’s got four felony charges. They’re four felonies. Going into rehab and coming out of there “changed and cured” is not gonna make the felony charges go away. That’s your point, right?

CALLER: Well, I guess from your monologue it sounded like that was the defense that woman was using, that she’s not responsible legally for her actions that she did as a man.

RUSH: That’s what she’s trying. That’s exactly what she’s attempting to get the court to agree with. We don’t know yet whether it’s gonna work.


RUSH: Let me ask a serious question that people on the left will no doubt be very appreciative of my asking. Should this freedom to choose who we are be a civil right? Should we have the freedom to choose whether we are the same person we were whenever we want to make that choice? Should that be a civil right? Interesting notion. Should we have the freedom to choose whether we are or are not the same person as we were, say, yesterday?

I mean, when did you choose who you were? You probably have not consciously chosen who you are. Why shouldn’t you have the freedom to choose who you are? And then if you… (interruption) And then tomorrow if you don’t want to be who you are, you change, and then you announce you aren’t who you were. Because it’s a civil right. Because we all have a civil right to be who we are, right?

I guarantee you there are some people on the left thinking, “You know, this guy, he’s coming around. He’s onto something here.”

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