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RUSH: The situation with Matt Drudge and the Obama Media harping all over him and calling him a liar. The Regime itself, the Obama administration, has been calling him a liar. The IRS forms we talked about yesterday, the IRS Form 1040-ES actually has a blank space for people that file quarterly estimates to start making payments on their Obamacare penalty if they don’t pay.

Now, here’s what’s happening. The media, the Obama Media has begrudgingly had to admit that Drudge was not lying. There’s a blog site out there called Talking Points Memo, and one of the writers has concluded that Drudge was not lying. He was probably not lying. He was probably was doing the right thing, in fact, by getting a head start on paying his penalty for not buying insurance. However, ladies and gentlemen, the rage at Matt Drudge has not abated.

The Obama Media and the Drive-By Media are still just as ticked off at Drudge as they were when they thought he was lying about all this to embarrass Lord Obama. Now they begrudgingly admit he wasn’t. You know why? I’ll tell you why — and it is really gets to the nub of it. What they’re really ticked about is that Drudge is opting out. It’s not that he’s not contributing. Because if you pay the fine, you’re obviously sending money to Obamacare.

But if you don’t buy an Obamacare policy, then you are not joining. You are not becoming a member of the group. The rage at Drudge is actually about the fact that he chose to pay the fine in the first place, not so much whether he had to pay it now or next year, although that was a real reason for their anger. But now that they have concluded that they were wrong and that he was right…

Well, they don’t conclude that they’re wrong. They just conclude that he might be right now, that he might not be lying. But they’re still angry, and it’s all about the fact that he didn’t opt in. (interruption) Because it means he’s not a team player! It means he’s not helping Obama. It means he’s not promoting Obamacare. It means he’s not one of us. It means he is positioning himself as an opponent, as a member of the enemy.

Anybody that pays the fine — anybody that can afford Obamacare and chooses to pay the fine — is a traitor, essentially.

A traitor to the cause.

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