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RUSH: Here’s Chris, San Francisco, as we head to the phones. Greetings, sir. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing today, Rush?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: All righty. Well, just thought I’d let you know that evidently the FBI is doing a little raid here this morning on Democrat Leland Yee’s office. One has evidently been conducted in Sacramento as well as throughout offices in California.

RUSH: Yeah, I’m holding here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers that very story. “State Sen. Leland Yee was taken into San Francisco’s Federal Building wearing handcuffs after he was detained Wednesday morning in connection with a political corruption probe. A spokeswoman for the FBI would not elaborate because the raids were ongoing…”

You’re right. They’re raiding every one of his offices. “The report of Yee’s arrest comes just one month after Los Angeles-area Democrat Ron Calderon pleaded not guilty to charges that he accepted $100,000 in bribes…” Now, folks, you may be wondering, “Chris, why did you call?
What’s the big deal? Okay, Leland Yee shackled and frog-marched out of his office. What’s the big deal?”

CALLER: Well, just the fact that it is an elected politician. You obviously expect higher from these people than being marched out.

RUSH: No, we don’t.

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah, exactly. It’s what things have become nowadays. Well, it’s just gonna be interesting to see what this all leads to, and what is involved with him and how far this really goes in the Democrat Party here in California.

RUSH: Well, it probably goes all the way to the top. I mean, this is why nobody’s surprised. It’s what Democrats do, how you enrich yourself.

CALLER: Yeah. That’s true.

RUSH: Now, you might be right. Okay, Chris, you’re in San Francisco. You call here in the midst of a discussion about Obamacare and that fiasco, and the Democrats reelection effort. And all of a sudden, I’ve stopped everything to take a call from you on Leland Yee. Why would I do that, do you think?

CALLER: Well, I think it just probably highlights the party itself in general and what the heck these characters are up to, obviously.

RUSH: Well, it’s clearly a factor, but it might not have been enough for me to stop everything and take your call. The reason that I stopped everything to take your call — and clearly, folks, he didn’t call for this reason — is Leland Yee is the California politician who attempted to get me fired and disbarred and dismembered and dis-whatever else’d after I impersonated the ChiCom premier. The ChiCom premier was here and having a joint press conference with Obama.

I did an interpretation of the ChiCom premier speaking Chinese. (interruption) Yeah, it was one of my best shows. Leland Yee and these people had an absolute fit! They thought, “This is exactly the kind of racism and the bigotry and the insensitivity and what else” that I, El Rushbo, am known for. And that’s why I took the call. So here this guy who wanted me thrown off the air for racism and bigotry is now having his offices raided by the “feebs” because of possible corruption while in office. I just love it!

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: These guys, they sit up there all majestically in their royalty, and they try to eliminate their opposition. All the while their hands are in the till and they’re engaging in corruption I couldn’t even dream of. So I’m actually glad, Chris, that you called, and I’m actually glad that you got through. ‘Cause otherwise Leland Yee’s name probably would not have come up today.

CALLER: Right. Exactly.

RUSH: Do you remember that now that I’ve reminded you?

CALLER: I certainly do here. His name certainly has been around for a long time in this state, and it’s just kind of interesting that he’s gotten himself in this kind of predicament here.

RUSH: Yeah, he’s a candidate for secretary of state out there.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: He’s not some insignificant paper pusher.

CALLER: He obviously had an operation to go buy votes, and it didn’t work out.

RUSH: Well, it remains to be seen. Remember, his buddies are the judges.

CALLER: (chuckles) Yeah.

RUSH: Well, hey. In California, his buddies are the judges. I mean, the Democrats own that state. Anyway, Chris, I appreciate the call. I’m glad you got through. I appreciate the heads up on this. I don’t even remember. There was something specific that I said while impersonating the ChiCom prime minister. (interruption) Oh, yeah, of course it was hysterical ’cause everything we do here is hysterical.

It just sent this guy, Leland Yee, into orbit, and they were denouncing me, demanding that I be censored, thrown off the air, FCC investigation, whatever else they demanded. I’m not even sure. It was January 2011 that it happened. I remembered that. Yeah, I JIPped it. I JIPped it like we always JIP whenever there’s a foreign-language guest at the White House, especially the ChiComs.

We’ll find it in the archives. It’s back in the archives. We’ll find it. I think it had to do with women, good-looking women, but I forget. Just the top of my… (interruption) No, no. I didn’t say, “Everybody’s gonna be hungry a half hour after the state dinner for the guy.” (interruption) I did not say that! That’s not it! (interruption) No, no, no! It was not that. Cookie, it’s January 2011. Find the actual tape of the program rather than sit here trying to remember what it was.


RUSH: All right, here it is. We found the 30-second little excerpt of my program, January 19th, 2011. We had Hu Jintao in town, and he was speaking, and he was not being translated. It was just out there. And you know me, I’m a mimic. I’m an amateur impressionist. Sometimes I’m spot on, and sometimes I don’t get quite close enough, but this is what irritated Leland Yee, California, whatever he is. He was state senator, yeah, running for secretary of state, but he’s in handcuffs, raid taking place in his office. This sent the left into orbit when this happened in January 2011. They just collectively had a cow over this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I wanted to JIP it because, well, Hu Jintao, he was speaking and they weren’t translating. They normally translate every couple words, but Hu Jintao was just going (imitating Chinese language). Nobody was translating. But that’s as close as I can get to it.

RUSH: That’s it, that’s all it was, and they just went into orbit that it was mocking, it was insulting, it was making fun of it. It was racist, sexist, bigoted, probably even homophobic. A week later in San Francisco Leland Yee had a press conference to talk about death threats that had been made against him after he had demanded that I be dispatched and apologize and all that.

YEE: All I did was to say, you ought to just simply apologize. Just do that, just to say that what you did was not right and that you’re sorry about that. And instead what we are getting now are these rather offensive, racist, horrible threats against myself. And I have to say, I’m not gonna sit idly by and allow these things to happen without letting the general public know this is going on.

RUSH: (laughing) Media Matters went nuts. They thought they had me again, folks. They thought I had just moved right into the middle of the crosshairs. This was gonna be it. This was gonna get rid of me once and for all. (interruption) You want to hear it again? On the other side of the glass they want to hear it again. They’re the ones who are always quaking in fear that I might go over the line and get in trouble. And you want to hear this again? Okay. Friday, grab audio sound bite number 20 again. Since Leland Yee is in handcuffs, what can he do about it?

RUSH ARCHIVE: I wanted to JIP it because, well, Hu Jintao, he was speaking and they weren’t translating. They normally translate every couple words, but Hu Jintao was just going (imitating Chinese language). Nobody was translating. But that’s as close as I can get to it.

RUSH: I was performing a public service. Do you remember all the trouble that John Belushi got into when he was mimicking a Japanese — well, no, he didn’t get into any trouble. That’s the point. Everybody laughed themselves. He’s out there imitating a samurai warrior, they thought it was one of the funniest things they’d ever seen. Anyway, let’s see if history repeats itself. Let’s see if they gin this back all over again, just like they did the first time.

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