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RUSH: I was just asked if I think it’s a coincidence that they announced this delay on the day of oral arguments for the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case. No way do I think it’s coincidental. There are no coincidences in politics. We learned that with the Clintons. Now, as far as this Hobby Lobby thing goes, it doesn’t matter, folks.

It doesn’t matter, because it’s all gonna come down to however Anthony Kennedy feels on the day they vote on it. It’s up to him once again. Stephen Breyer and the three liberal women just went on a holy tear yesterday about this. If you had any doubts about what feminazis are made of and what the left is made of, all you had to do was pay attention to what Sotomayor and Kagan and Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg said.

As far as they’re concerned, Hobby Lobby’s got no business denying anybody anything. (paraphrased) “Religious freedom doesn’t count, doesn’t matter. When you’re pursuing a profit, you cannot rely on your religious freedom. It doesn’t matter. If you’ve got female employees who want you to buy their abortion pills and their contraception pills, by God, you’re gonna do it!” Then you got four conservatives saying, “Wait a minute. The Constitution matters. You can’t just trample it that way.”

In the middle is Anthony Kennedy, and in his oral arguments he asked questions that would give you an indication that he’s gonna vote either way. It’s kind of like what Obama’s gonna do on the NSA spying. Let me tell you what Obama’s gonna do on the NSA spying. As you know, Millennials — young people that voted for Obama and the Democrats — don’t care about anything else. Well, they care about their jobs.

But they are really ticked off about the NSA and the government spying on ’em, and this massive vacuuming, if you will, of the telephone metadata. They just hate it. They can’t believe Obama would do it. They can’t believe the Democrats would spy on ’em. They can’t believe the Democrats would monitor ’em smoking weed and this kind of thing. They just can’t believe it, and they’re ticked off.

So Obama announced he’s gonna just do away with the whole program. He’s just gonna tell the NSA, “You gotta stop collecting this metadata. You’re gonna need warrants for everything that you want. You just can’t go and massively collect it all.” But he’s not gonna do it via an executive order this time. Here’s what’s gonna happen. He’s gonna announce it and the Millennials and the Democrats and the kids are gonna say, “Yeah, man!

“All right! We’re back! That’s our guy.” Democrats in the Senate will agree with Obama and it will get to the Republicans in the House, and the Republicans in the House will say, “This is irresponsible. We cannot just broom this whole program. This is important for national security,” and guess how it’s gonna end up being perceived? “Republicans want to continue spying on you.”

That’s how this is gonna shake down. If my middle name is Hudson, this is how this is gonna shake down. Before too long, it’s gonna be the Republicans in the House who are portrayed as wanting to spy on you. While Anthony Kennedy asked questions both ways, making you think he could decide either way on this Hobby Lobby thing. And it’s gonna depend how he feels on that day.

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