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RUSH: Larry in Indianapolis, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir! Any time.

CALLER: I have a suggestion. On your website, I suggest you add a new Web page titled, “See, I Told You So — Volume II.” That page would list audio clips of your predictions, and after each prediction, it would list audio clips that confirm that prediction.

RUSH: You know, that’s actually a good idea. It might be a lot of work, and my staff’s very underpaid and might balk at having this added workload.

CALLER: Yes, I know. (snickers)

RUSH: So I’ll have to consider that. But it’s a great idea, ’cause just this week we’ve had —

SNERDLEY: (interruption)

RUSH: What, I can’t let that stand?

CALLER: Yeah. Well, there’s things in the past that I’d like to have access to —

RUSH: Well, I understand, ’cause we’ve had three of ’em just this week. We’ve had three of these See, I Told You So’s with audio proof and the predictions and all that. It’s actually a great idea.

CALLER: Now, you might also call it EIB’s Freshman Orientation. It would be a good intro to somebody starting to listen to you.

RUSH: Yeah, EIB Freshman Orientation.


RUSH: I kind of like that. I like the thought behind that.


RUSH: A new arrival hears, “Here’s the truth, contrary to what you’ve heard, da-da-da-da-da-da.” Snerdley says, “You can’t let that stand that the staff is underpaid!” He doesn’t care if they would balk at the additional work, but says, “You can’t let that stand that they’re underpaid!” (laughing) Normally, you can’t let it stand if I woulda said they’re overpaid. Wait a minute. What did I say? (interruption)

I said underpaid?

Yeah, they think they’re underpaid.

No, it is a good idea.

I’m just teasing the highly overrated staff. The staff went out, and they’ve even had some of their own shirts printed, “Highly Overrated Staff: Excellence in Broadcasting Network.” They’re having fun with it. But I like that idea. It does have potential, especially to help the new arrivals wade through all the falsehoods. You know, “Here’s proof that what you’re hearing about this program is wrong and here’s proof that what you will hear on this program is true and accurate and right.”

Larry, I appreciate the call.

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