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RUSH: Larry King, ladies and gentlemen — who was bumped from CNN a few years ago and replaced by Piers Morgan — appeared on the Rubin Report. It’s an Internet show, and it’s hosted by David Rubin. I have no idea who Dave Rubin is. I don’t know what his Internet website is. But Larry King will apparently go anywhere in order to be interviewed, and they were talking about the state of CNN today.

Now, you gotta keep in mind here as you listen to this that King was canned. I don’t care how they dressed it up as he resigned/retired after years and years of service and, “Here’s the gold watch and five free stitches for the wound of your choice for all the great work you did.” He was fired. Contract wasn’t renewed… They said, “Lar, we’re moving on.” So now Lar is out there. He’s talking about CNN and their coverage of the Malaysian jet and just in general.

KING: They’ve advanced nothing in that story but conjecture. It was breaking supposition, breaking speculation. The other day while CNN and some other cable news networks, I’m sure, were doing airplane coast to coast, wire to wire, 10 people in Washington were killed in a mudslide. The president of the United States is in the Netherlands. He’s talking to China about trying to get China to at least stay neutral in the Russian situation. No coverage. That is abysmal.

RUSH: And no coverage of the Democrat crime wave! By the way, the Christie story (just to put it in perspective) that was the first seven minutes of ABC’s World News Tonight, is five months old. The Chris Christie Bridgegate story is five months old. So here’s Larry King ripping into CNN. It’s nothing new. In fact, he’s late to the game on this, because others have preceded him.

However, from an unfazed Washington Post: “New Analysis Shifts Search for Missing Malaysian Jetliner Nearly 700 Miles Away From Thought-To-Be Target Area.” They don’t know the first thing about where it is. They still don’t know what’s going on. The Malaysian prime minister comes out and says (summarized), “Hey, it landed out there. It crashed out there; there’s a total loss of life.

“It’s over with, and it’s the end of it,” and so they started looking where this guy is said it went down. All of a sudden now, “The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 shifted to another section of the southern Indian Ocean on Friday after new analysis by investigators indicated that the aircraft was traveling faster than previously thought — and therefore ran out of fuel much sooner” than previously thought.

But wait! But wait!

Wasn’t there scientific consensus that the plane went down in the earlier place?

But that doesn’t get to the point. CNN must be overjoyed at the news. You know what this is? I know some of you are saying, “What are you talking about it for?” I’ll tell you why. It’s a textbook example of how the Drive-By Media and their “experts” can be so certain one day — and then the next day, the previous take never happened! So certain on one day, so decisive. “This is where it is! This is what happened,” and the next day?

“Uh-oh. What we told you yesterday, forget it. It’s no longer operable.”

They just switch on a dime. Meaning, they don’t know anything. They still haven’t any idea, and they’re all over the ballpark. So the debris search now moves 700 miles. CNN is just orgasmic. It’s just keeping the story alive. It keeps being reborn. It was only a week ago that we were told Malaysian authorities and their experts knew exactly where the plane must have gone, remember, ’cause of that ping.

This Inmarsat, Instarmat, Insatmar, whatever, satellite firm in the UK had tracked that final ping and then they had compared it with Doppler reflections, and then they compared that with the astral plane configuration on the backside, and that told them where it went down four hours from Perth, Australia. And that’s where it was. Now all of a sudden, “Forget that.” You say, “Well, wait a minute. What about the debris there?”

“Well, forget that ’cause we found a whole bunch more debris at the other place.” There was scientific consensus, folks — just like global warming — about where this plane went down. Now, “Forget it. It’s now 700 miles away.” So the anchors at CNN and the directors, the producers all have to just be ecstatic because the story is reborn. Meanwhile, all this other news continues to happen.

Is it about time that we start searching for America instead of this airplane? I frankly, folks, am more interested in where our country has gone, and I wish we would have just as intense a focus on what has happened and where our country went down as there has been on this airplane. I will develop this as the program unfolds. We’ll come back and explore the dilemma that we all have over who to believe about what happened when Obama, The Messiah, met Il Papa.

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