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RUSH: I mentioned this, too, at the top of the program and I want to spend just a little bit more time on it. “Before the Obama administration gave an inaccurate narrative on national television that the Benghazi attacks grew from an anti-American protest –” Before, this is the key. Before anybody from the Regime went on TV. It could be Obama, could be Hillary, Susan Rice, doesn’t matter, whoever, before anybody in the Regime went on TV and blamed what happened in Benghazi on a videotape that caused protests and riots, before anybody said that, “the CIAÂ’s station chief in Libya pointedly told his superiors in Washington that no such demonstration occurred.

So the Regime purposely lied. They knew that what they were saying was untrue. When Obama, when Hillary, when Susan Rice, whoever went out and advanced the idea that there were protests at these embassies because of that videotape they were told before they went out there and said that that there were no protests, there were no demonstrations. The only demonstrations that occurred happened after the Regime let everybody know there was a video. Nobody knew there was a video until Obama and Hillary and Susan Rice and whoever went out there and blamed it. Up ’til that time, a total of 10 people had seen it.

When Obama and Hillary and Susan Rice blamed that video is when the world said, “What video?” and went and found it, and then the protests began. Obama and Hillary and Susan Rice essentially caused additional protests, but they were told long before they went out and said that by the CIA station chief in Libya that no such demonstrations occurred. This was the result of testimony, documents, and interviews with current and former intelligence officials.

“The attack was ‘not an escalation of protests,’ the station chief wrote to then-Deputy CIA Director Michael J. Morell in an email dated Sept. 15, 2012 — a full day before the White House sent Susan E. Rice to several Sunday talk shows.” A full day, they sent her out there with a lie knowingly. And of course the Republicans did not want to make a big deal out of this during the presidential campaign because of why? Well, it might irritate the independents and all of that.

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