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RUSH: Brad in Orlando, Florida. Hello, sir, and welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, longtime listener and conservative student of yours, and first-time caller.

RUSH: Great to have you here. Thank you.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. I’ve been screaming at my radio and TV for couple years as politicians who try to debate with liberals can’t seem to explain a conservative message clearly and simply. So I have an idea that I think would resonate with any voter in the United States regardless of where they are, and a little history. This is under two assumptions. One: There are still more people in this country who want to work and support themselves rather than just get a gift.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Two: Liberalism, after six years liberalism, has been exposed for what it is.

RUSH: Ah. Well, now, wait just a sec. See… Boy, do I wish that were true. I am not sure it is because I am not sure, Brad, that anybody has called what’s happening liberalism. I mean from the Republicans.


RUSH: You know it is and I know it is. People in this audience know it is. But let’s face it. We’re talking about the low-information crowd, and nobody’s calling it liberalism. It’s just what Obama’s doing. Nobody’s calling it liberal. The liberals don’t even admit that they are liberal. They don’t even admit they have a liberal bias! They don’t even have the courage to admit what they are. They tell you they’re not that.

CALLER: Okay. I agree. But let’s say… Let’s take a little history and go back to 2008 where the liberal media convinced the United States voter that “change” was needed. Change, change, change! Obama added “hope and change,” with no explanation; people bought it. Fast-forward to the 2012 election, and I think the result was people voted for who could give ’em more.

So the reason I’ve been screaming at my TV and radio is, if a conservative were to stand up — as a way to invite people to listen to the conservative message and explain it correctly — and just say, “We can give you more,” he’d turn it upside down on them. That’s what people, I think, are looking for. It’s the top two reasons. Number one: Jobs. Number two: Health care. And if they say, “We can give you more. We can give you more jobs and we can give you more health care,” and explain what that really means from the conservative message standpoint —

RUSH: Got anybody in mind? (laughing)


RUSH: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. There’s always somebody throwing a wench in the works like me here. Anybody in mind that could do this? I like the thinking. You’re just taking their language and throwing it back on ’em: “We can give you more.”

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: You’re not saying, “It’ll require you to go out and work.” (laughing)

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: “We can give you more. We can give you more jobs. We can give you more!” I like it, ’cause we’re basically acknowledging that that’s the language that they understand and appreciate and are looking for.

CALLER: Well, and think back, too. What I’ve been hearing is how Republicans or the GOP say, “We need to cast a bigger net. We need to be more inclusive.”

RUSH: Yeah, that’s a crock. That admits all of these defects the Democrats say they’ve got!

CALLER: The reason is because the Democrats try to give ’em more. I think the reason it’s been exposed now is people who have been relying on the government only get to a certain point. I don’t know what the number is per month or per week, but that’s all you’re gonna get.

RUSH: Yeah, but it’s enough to eat and drive and chat on the phone and have a big-screen TV.

CALLER: So if someone were to say, “We can give you more,” and then explain how that works… I haven’t heard anybody, or very few, invite people to come to the conservative way of thinking. I think there are… That’s why my theory has two assumptions. One is there are still more people who want to go out and do it and get ahead.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah.

CALLER: So anyway, I just wanted to bounce that off you, because, in addition to jobs and health care, give more freedom, more liberty, more honor. Give all that back.

RUSH: Look, I like your thinking. You know, you’re saying, “We can give you more.”

CALLER: Of whatever!

RUSH: “We want you to have more.”

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That is the overall alternative. “You like your 32-inch big screen? We want you to have a 65-inch big screen.”

CALLER: Exactly, and, “Here’s how.”

RUSH: No. Not yet. (laughing)

CALLER: No, no. I mean, “Here’s how,” and explain how. Explain how you’re only gonna get so much but, “We can give you more if…”

RUSH: It’s not, “We can give.” I know what you’re saying is, “You can get more.”

CALLER: Yeah, right.

RUSH: “You can get more from us. We can give you more.” No, I like your approach. I like the way that you are thinking about this, because compared to what we’re hearing from pick your Republican (I don’t care which), like, “We need to be more inclusive.” Okay, why don’t we admit we’re bigots, then? We need to do that. Let’s admit we don’t like certain people by saying, “We need to be more inclusive.”

We’re plenty inclusive! We want the best for everybody. The Republicans are hammering nails in their own coffin is what they’re doing with their own language. They want to be “more inclusive”? Did you hear Jeb Bush? What do you think of this? Jeb Bush said that illegal immigration — people coming here and breaking the law — is “an act of love.” What do you think of that?

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