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RUSH: Folks, you know, this Brendan Eich situation, Mozilla and the militant gay fascists and so forth? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this over the weekend, because one of the things that, as you know, may even be a near obsession with me, is to constantly devise ways to inform, teach, instruct, whatever, people about liberalism and how it works.

For some reason, I really think that that matters.

For some reason, my instincts are telling me to follow this trail in addition to talking about all the absolute dire consequences of liberalism. So much of the damage being incurred on the country is resulting — even before liberals do anything — from their discrediting of us and how they’ve done that.

I’ll tell you what it involves. Over the course of the many years of this program, I’ve often — almost as a casual throwaway — made fun of or joked about or made a serious point about the left, and that is that they do not want to be judged on the results of any of their initiatives. I don’t care what it is, Social Security, Obamacare, the entire New Deal. That is not permitted.

The only thing that matters is their intentions, right? And if their intentions are good, then their mistakes are forgiven, and their absolute destruction is forgiven, because their intentions are good. They’re good people. They’re trying to help. On the other hand, one of the direct methods that they use to discredit any opponent is to constantly assault and challenge the intentions of, say, us Republicans or conservatives.

I devised the Limbaugh Theorem as a way of trying to explain to myself and to people why Obama was escaping any blame, any accountability for the literal destruction of his policies. I will admit to you that, in the process, I’ve got constant pressure on me. “Rush, even so, so what? That’s not the point. You need to keep focusing on what Obama’s doing, not how or why and all that.”

I do both. I think the “how” and the “why” are key. For some reason, my instincts tell me there’s ground to be gained here by having people understand how the left does what they do. How do they escape accountability? How do they get away with this kind of damage? How do they get away with actually doing what they accuse us of doing? How do they get away with lying about us?

How do they get away with convincing people that we are what we are not? How have they managed to convince low-information people that “conservative” equals racism, bigotry, and all? How have they done that? There is a specific strategy behind this. They employ it every day with the help of the media. How do they do it? I think it’s important to uncover that.

I think it’s important to unmask it and have people understand it. Because until it does get unmasked and uncovered and people understand it, right and wrong aren’t gonna matter. The only thing that’s gonna matter is people’s intentions. Take a look at Brendan Eich just for illustration here. It may take me awhile to walk through this ’cause I haven’t even written anything down. This is all a combination of mind and heart.

Well, I got a couple things I printed out that back up the theory that I have here. What got me started on all this was an e-mail I got from a friend of mine, by the way, explaining how people were gonna wise up to Obama and it was gonna be soon over and so forth. I wrote him, “No, no, no. You don’t understand how this stuff all works.” But look at Brendan Eich.

Brendan Eich, Mozilla CEO, gave $1,000 to Prop 8 back in 2008. He had the same point of view on it, at the time, that President Obama did. What did Brendan Eich in was not that he gave $1,000 to support Prop 8 and stand for heterosexual marriage. They couldn’t have done that unless standing for heterosexual marriage — this is the key — equals hatred for homosexuals. Brendan Eich doesn’t hate gays.

By definition, it’s not possible for him to have accomplished what he’s accomplished. But that’s what he became as a man of hatred. So how were they able to pull that off? Because for years they have been equating opposition to them with hatred. I’m talking about motives. They are assigning motives and intentions to us. It happened just the other day with Obama.

He goes out on one of his campaign appearances, and he says to his audience, “I don’t know why a bunch of Republicans want to take health insurance away from people.” They don’t. Nobody wants to take health insurance away from people. Why does he say it? How does he get away with it? Because long ago they succeeded in creating the idea that the Republicans’ intention is to harm people, that Republicans’ real motives are rooted in hatred.

Why does David Koch, who donates $100 million to a New York Hospital — and that $100 million is probably part of a grand total of near $1 billion that he’s donated over the course of his life to hospitals and other health institutions in New York. Why does he get protested? Why did the nurses and a bunch of leftist operators show up and protest? Harry Reid gave us the answer.

He said the Koch brothers didn’t really mean it. They just did that to camouflage their hatred. They just did that to try to convince people they’re not who they really are. Well, if that’s the way it works, then every Republican or conservative charitable endeavor is a fraud, is a hoax designed to camouflage who they really are (which is bigots, racists, homophobes, what have you).

Do not — folks, do not — discount this. It’s gonna take me some time, and I hope I don’t bore you with this, but I’m gonna dig into this in little more detail and with some more examples and some unassailable logic, by the way. Because it is a major problem. This is the root of the fascism that exists in this country. This is how the liberal fascists get away with it.

Let me, as another little tease, share with you this mail that I got from a friend of mine in Kansas City. He sends me notes all the time and he reacts to things in the news. He’s got kids, and he tries to stay optimistic. He was reacting to the idea that Obama appearing on Between Two Ferns is what turned everybody around and made ’em love Obamacare. Well, folks, the facts are nobody loves Obamacare.

There aren’t anywhere near seven million people who have signed up. Everything we’re being told about that — and there’s polling and other support data for this — is a lie. In fact, the only person that is taking health insurance away from people is Barack Obama. He’s out there, he’s got his audience of liberal Democrats, and he starts talking about, “I really don’t know why these Republicans want to take health insurance away from folks.

“I don’t know they wouldn’t want people to have health insurance.” That’s not what this is about, but he says that because it furthers the idea that the Republicans really don’t like you. Republicans really don’t like people. Republicans really don’t want anybody to be happy, and the Republicans are mean and they’ll happily take away from you and give to themselves. That’s how the rich get rich and the poor stay poor.

That’s the circumstance, the scenario they’ve set up. When in reality the only guy taking health insurance away from people is Barack Obama and his Democrat Party, not us. We don’t even want to! We want the best for everybody, but somehow they’re the ones that have all the good intentions. They’re the ones that, while destroying everything, escape any accountability for it because they have good intentions.

“Brendan Eich hates gays.” That’s what that $1,000 donation meant. He’s filled with hatred, and that’s why he can’t be CEO. But he’s not. How do they know? How do they know what’s in Brendan Eich’s heart? Maybe Brendan Eich believes something as simple as marriage is how a society propagates itself in the organized nuclear family. The one thing that will never happen in a gay marriage is reproduction.

The heteros have to do it. Maybe he simply believes that. Is that something that is “filled with hatred”? Yes! The Gay Mafia (as described by Bill Maher, no less), the leftist fascists equate any opposition to them as motivated by hatred or bigotry or what have you. They’ve succeeded in convincing people of that; this is why Republicans are so defensive.

This is why Republicans — and, by the way, this is why it is hopeless for Republicans to go halfway on immigration “reform” or halfway on any Democrat issue. The evidence that that’s not gonna work is what happened to David Koch and his $100 million, and Harry Reid. By the way, he’s not the only one.

They all believe that Koch really doesn’t mean to give $100 million to help people. He’s given $100 million so people don’t misunderstand who he really is. He’s given $100 million ’cause he’s guilty. He’s feeling guilty over what a mean person he is and he doesn’t want people to find out, so that’s why he gives the $100 million. That’s what they believe; that’s what they tell people.


RUSH: So I got this note from a friend of mine over the weekend, and the subject line of his e-mail is, “As a reminder: The man who brought fraud, misery, and part-time jobs to Millennials was the overwhelming choice of late-night comics and actors.”

His e-mail is all about how people are eventually gonna see through Obama and correctly identify him as the agent of this destruction. But his note is telling me how frustrating it is to watch late-night comics and comedians totally support Obama, totally give Obama a pass, never make fun of him, never tell jokes about him.

They just tell jokes about us, the Republicans, and everybody else. His belief is because he has his kids. He knows from young people. He thinks the kids are starting to see through all this. He thinks that the Lettermans and the Fallons, the Jon Stewarts and all this and their constant support of Obama is not gonna hold up. It’s gonna crack ’cause people, these Millennials, are gonna finally realize that it’s been Obama all along sealing their doom.

I wrote him back, ’cause I had already been thinking of this whole explanation that I wanted try to get in today about how the left insulates itself and makes itself angelic and us demonic. I wrote him back. I said, “You remember all the times I have chided the left for demanding to be judged on their intentions and not their results?

“Well, my friend, I’m convinced that doing nothing but continuing to point out this bad economic statistic and that bad health care statistic and then claiming that it’s Obama who brought it to us is never gonna work. It is never gonna change anybody’s mind. Nor will exposing genuine hypocrisy on the part of Obama or any leftist.” I said, “Don’t confuse Obama’s plummeting disapproval numbers with people blaming Obama for what’s gone wrong.

“That’s not what his plummeting approval numbers mean.” I said, “The simple reason that none of this is ever gonna get linked to Obama — none of this destruction, none of what he’s done is ever going to matter in terms of impacting Obama negatively — is that no one believes he intended to do this. He gets a total pass on all accountability and blame because he’s not a bad guy.

“He’s a likable guy. He didn’t intend to do this! He doesn’t have any hatred for anybody. He’s actually trying to help people, all the while identifying the real enemy: The Republicans.” Like he said last week, he just can’t understand why the Republicans would want to take health care away from people. He just can’t understand why these Republicans want to take people’s health insurance away from ’em.

All the while he’s the only guy doing it. The Koch brothers, as I just mentioned to you, not only get no credit for their genuine good works, they’re protested when they donate millions to causes the left loves. Because the left doesn’t think they really mean to do good works. “They’re just covering their honest and real selves — which is mean, uncaring, self-interested, bad intentions for everyone.”

That’s the image that’s been created via class warfare, via personal attack. The Democrats, the liberals constantly need a demon; we are the demon. And it’s our intentions that we try to hide but that they have uncovered. So we are at heart haters, we are at heart bigots, and everything we do publicly is nothing more than attempt to camouflage that and make people think that’s not what we really are.

So, in other words, everything we can do, every bit of good works — by the Koch brothers, me, you name it, whoever, anybody in public who does good works — the only reason we’re doing is because they made us self-conscious. Their criticism has been so right on the mark, they have so correctly identified us as the hateful bigots that we are, that we have to do something to try to convince people they’re wrong.

So we donate to charity, when we really don’t intend to — and they succeed. That’s how you get rid of a guy like Brendan Eich. That’s how you get rid of and marginalize a Sarah Palin or whatever. This is how they do it. It is how they’re doing it, and they’re doing it with the full support and compliance of their buddies in the media who carry that message each and every day.


RUSH: Now, I mentioned earlier that Obama’s plummeting numbers do not equal people blaming him for what’s going wrong. That’s sad. What it means is sad. I mentioned this before, too. This is the real, to me, damaging aspect of this. Well, there are many damaging aspects, but this is one of them. When you see Obama, he is given every benefit of the doubt. Obama couldn’t possibly want to hurt anybody!

See, he didn’t intend to do that. He didn’t intend to harm the economy. But Republicans do, you see? The Washington soap opera always needs a villain, many of them. The Republicans are the villains every day in the news media, and they’re the haters. So while Obama is actually engaging in things making jobs worse, the economy worse, and health care worse, it’s the Republicans who get the blame.

While Obama’s doing the damage, Obama doesn’t get the blame because he’s “a good person.” He’s not responsible. “Yeah, all this is happening, but he didn’t intend it to. Look, the Republicans aren’t helping him, man! Look what he could do. Maybe if the Republicans would work with him, he could fix it. He doesn’t want people lose their jobs! He doesn’t want health care to be blown up like this.”

This is what they think.

So when his approval numbers fall, it’s not because they’re attaching him to the failure; it’s they’re losing faith in the country, and that is the real damaging thing, particularly among young people, Millennials. They think the American dream has died, and it hasn’t. The American dream is alive and well. It’s being suppressed right now by the Democrat Party.

But they don’t see that. I’ll give you another example. How does it work on the other side? Okay, the other day, Stephen Colbert sent out a tweet — just a total, racist tweet — making fun of Chinese people, while he was intending to make fun of Daniel Snyder, by the way. He totally blew it, but the left rallied to his defense. “Come on, you know Colbert. He wouldn’t intend to make fun of Chinese people.”

And that’s how it works, folks. Harry Reid. I remember I was at a Sunday Night Football game two years ago, and Harry Reid had made some stupidly dumb, racist comment about blacks in general and Obama. I happened to mention it to some leftist NBC employee. “Oh, surely you don’t think Harry Reid means that.” “What do you mean, I don’t think he means it? He said it!” “Yeah, but he doesn’t mean it.”

You know, all this stuff went in one ear and out the other, and I’ve been struggling with this for the longest time trying to understand how this has all worked. Remember when I said to you that before I got this radio show, nobody thought I hated anybody. Before I got this radio show, nobody thought I was a bigot or anti-anybody on a personal, human the basis. Six months after this radio show I’m a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe.

I didn’t know what to do about it, and I’ve got people advising me, “You can’t let that stand. You’ve gotta reply to it,” and I’d reply to it, and it just got bigger. I’d ignore it and it kept happening, but at least it didn’t expand the criticism beyond where it originally came from. I knew instinctively what was going on here. “Okay, I’m a conservative. I equal this because this is what the media template is, what the Democrat Party is.”

But I didn’t realize the depth and the degree to which low-information people believe it. I’m sitting here thinking, “I’m on the radio every day. I don’t hate anybody. I never articulate hate. In fact, I love everybody! I want everybody to do well.” Yet people who do not listen here firmly believe that I hate, that Sarah Palin is stupid, that Ronald Reagan…

Just this weekend I read a piece justifying what happened to Brendan Eich because Reagan actually is the guy who started this because he hated people with AIDS. If you want to blame anybody, this poster said at some blog, blame Reagan. Because when AIDS hit in the eighties, Reagan didn’t care! Reagan didn’t say anything; Reagan didn’t care. So Reagan stayed silent, and people died.

I was alive back then, and doing a radio show, and I remember all of that, and I know this is crazy. It was along the same lines as they actually were accusing Reagan of wanting the homeless to stay homeless. He’d sneak over to Lafayette Park at night and steal their pork and beans and go back to the White House and eat it! This stuff has been happening 25 years and it’s been bouncing off me. Some of it’s gotten in, but I never…

The reason I didn’t totally believe it is ’cause I never really believed that they could make this kind of thing stick with people. But they have, folks. This is one of the things we’re up against. For example, I’ll go back to close the loop on something I mentioned in the previous half hour. The Republicans are desperate here to be liked, are they not? By who? The Democrats. They’re desperate to get some Democrat voters.

So they’re talking about their own amnesty policy.

Drudge and the AP seem to be trying to make this… There’s a story here, the AP story, “GOP Seeks Coverage Choices in Health Law They Hate.” Look at the headline! “GOP Seeks Coverage Choices in Health Law They Hate.” Okay, so there we are: The Republicans “hate” health care reform. A, it’s in the headline. B, what the story is about is how the Republicans — even though they hate it — are doing something that’s going to help small business.

It’s right in line with my theory today. “They hate this, but they’re doing it to mask their hatred and to help their buddies in small business!” Now, when Drudge reported this — and AP people did, too — they’re almost trying to make it look like it’s a cave from the GOP. Boehner reacted to this today by saying (paraphrased), “We’re not caving to anybody. We’re trying to limit the damage of this damn thing to some small-business people.”

But the AP reports that the Republicans hate it and that they’re trying to limit the damage only to their friends in small business. Drudge reports it as Republicans caving. I don’t care how it gets reported. Here’s the upshot of this. The news of the day features the Republicans not repealing Obamacare. No, no. They hate it, but they’re trying to modify it for their buddies. But at the end of the day, do you know what the story is gonna be?

“They hate Obamacare. They’re just doing this to mask their hatred and trying to help their rich friends,” and it’s gonna be the same thing on amnesty. “They don’t really like Hispanic people. They don’t really want more of them here! They’re just doing this to mask the fact that they hate Hispanic people.” Do not doubt me on this! Brendan Eich is canned, forced out, ’cause his $1,000 donation four years ago equal hatred for gay people!

Not opposition to gay marriage.

Not support for heterosexual marriage for whatever reason.

“No, he hates gay people!”

People who didn’t even know him just automatically attach demonic intentions to him. He had to go. This is exactly how it is done. But the left is given a total pass when they engage in their own bigotry, when they engage in their own hatred, when they engage in what this is. This is Stalinism. This is statism. This is totalitarian fascism, whatever you want to call it.

This is not diversity.

This is not tolerance.

This is no one of what they say it is.

It is the exact opposite of what they say it is. So their targets, what they gonna do? “No, I don’t hate anybody!” “Well, what do you mean you don’t hate anybody? Why are you saying this?” “Well, you say I hate people. I don’t.” Is that how you get around this? No, it isn’t. It isn’t gonna get you anywhere to say you don’t hate. You accept the premise in denying it. No, they have to be characterized.

We don’t owe anybody a defense because it’s phony and fallacious. They are the ones who have to be characterized correctly. They’re the ones who we have to defeat, not get along with. They’re not interested in getting along with us. They have no desire to have us cross the aisle or for them cross the aisle. They have no desire to work together. They have no desire to make Washington work by everybody getting together.

The only thing they want is for us to not exist or shut up. And if we don’t shut up, they’ll find a way to get rid of us, one by one if they have to. You’ve seen it. And when it happens, what do the Republicans do? They beat the Democrats to the punch and they throw their own people overboard! “We’re not people of hatred. We can’t have that kind of person in our party. We can’t have that kind of stupidity in our part. We can’t!”

They denounce their own. They throw ’em overboard. The left never does that. Have you ever seen the left throw any of theirs overboard, ever? All they do is circle the wagons! “They can’t intend that.” Do you think anybody ever said of a Republican? Is there any Republican that’s popped up and said, “Come on, David Koch hates? Do you really believe that? Does anybody really want to try to make the case here?

“Does anybody really want think David Koch is giving $100 million to cover the fact that he’s a bigot?” Does any Republican stand up and say that? Does anybody stand up and defend Koch or say anything like that and refute any of it? No. It’s just left out there to dangle, and the low-information doesn’t see any reaction to it, and they say, “Well, it must be true.” But it’s been going on for so long, it’s not even a conscious belief anymore; it’s just the assumption of what is.

This is why being a liberal is the most gutless choice you can make. It’s the easiest thing in the world you can do. Being a liberal allows you to do and be and say anything with no recrimination. You can even go out and lie and make up a story about the president and the National Guard. You may lose your job but you won’t lose your reputation. The left will circle the wagons and give you an award for it.

And then some other liberal will hire you on his cable network so you can continue to do quote/unquote “the news.” I’m still not through with this. Just couple more things that I want to run by. I read again the statement from the babe at Mozilla. Listen to this paragraph. I read this to you last week. “Mozilla believes both in equality and free speech.” No, you don’t! You do not believe in equality and freedom of speech!

You can’t! “Equality…” Listen to this next bit: “Equality is necessary for meaningful speech.” What in the world does that even mean? Equality is not “necessary for meaningful speech.” Some of the most meaningful speech has come from people in prison! Natan Sharansky, for one. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago. What is this, “Equality is necessary for meaningful speech”?

Listen to Limbaugh. He sounds so filled with hatred!

No, I’m not filled with hatred. I’m filled with incredulity. Somebody’s gotta stand up and say something and call this what this is. This is not inclusiveness, this is not tolerance, this is not diversity. This is pure, unadulterated fascism! “Equality is necessary for meaningful speech.” Meaningful speech? What the hell is “meaningful speech” anyway? Who gets to decide that?

“[A]nd you need free speech to fight for equality.” No, you don’t. Solzhenitsyn was in jail when he was fighting for equality, when he wrote a book. Any number of people have been in shackles one way or the other because it’s been the history of human beings, actually. Free speech didn’t come along and was not even officially codified in human history until 1776.

What do you mean, you “need free speech to fight for equality”? And then “Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.” No, it isn’t! No, it’s not! How to stand for free speech and equality same time is hard? Only if you actually oppose free speech is that hard. Anyway, it’s mind-boggling, and these people think they’re the smartest people in the room. These are the ones shutting everybody up ’cause they don’t make any sense to ’em. This is just…

It’s just fascism, folks.

That’s what it is.


RUSH: Examples of this are many. Remember Lawrence Summers, who was the president of Harvard? They sent him packing. Do you remember why they sent him packing? He gave a speech in 2005, and he suggested that the reason that there were fewer women in science and engineering was due to a different availability of aptitude at the high end, and he had the data to prove it.

But because the data was unacceptable — even though it was factual, even though it was grades, it was performance, it was unassailable — he was gone. “Math class is hard.” Barbie even said it one day, the doll. Anyway, he had to go, because he had evil in his heart and hatred. I remember I appeared at the Sacramento Business Conference three months after he got sacked, and he was a speaker. He spoke at it.

He was in shellshock still, and he was trying to explain why what he really meant. I said, “You don’t have to tell me. I know exactly what. You got chopped off by the fascists.” He was up for Obama cabinet post and that was it. You know, that was, “No way. Not after that one comment that you made which happened to be rooted in truth.” But Larry Summers doesn’t hate women.

He’s a card-carrying leftist. He’s pro-choice and he doesn’t hate women. But that one comment allowed them to say he hated women. How about Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A? Do you remember that? I mean, he likes the Bible. He was CEO, Dan Cathy. He opposed same-sex marriage, and remember what happened?

Now, there was a rally for him, because Christians came to his defense. Not Republicans, but there was a huge rally for him. The IRS scandal of the Tea Party? It’s all about keeping hatred out of politics, people, Tea Party. Is fascism. Pure and simple. Brendan Eich is not the CEO now of Mozilla for anything to do with gay marriage. That had nothing to do with it. He’s not the CEO of Mozilla because fascists won.

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